Jorn / Dio

DioJørn Lande is a Norwegian rock singer who has sold over 2 million records world wide.

Dio is the seventh studio album by Norwegian rock singer Jørn Lande, (released under his stagename Jorn) released in July 2010. The album was recorded as a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio and consists of covers of songs from Dio, Black Sabbath and Rainbow, with one original composition written for Ronnie James Dio. Lande describes the album as a “fine collection of songs that present the music of the Man and the Artist, with a unique twist” and a “sincere and heartfelt “thank you” to a great and influential Artist” who “has affected my life and career in such a way that without his presence, I would not have become the artist I am today”.[1] A music video for the song “Song for Ronnie James” was released on Youtube. [2] The announcement of the album didn’t pass off without critique however, as some fans accused Lande of exploiting the death of Dio. [3] Frontiers Records President released a statement in which he denies those accusations and explains that the albums has been in the works since spring of 2009.

The Analysis:

Song For Ronnie James—-Coming from the quiet with an ominous hum, the song comes to further fruition in a nice quiet acoustic manner as the introduction further develops. The voice enters…sounding rather sedate and remarkably American. The track is not one spawned of joy or energy, but rather a true sadness seems to pervade through the entire composition. When the electricity does enter the song, it is overblown and delivered with almost trademark Dio guitar chords and energy. Jorn makes numerous references to song titles and lyrics…but through the entire 8 minutes of this tribute, I become convinced that this guy just adored Ronnie…this is nice, heartfelt and feels real to me.

Invisible—-Between the remarkable similarities in voice and the great musicianship, this song is pretty much true to form. I think I could almost play this for my friends and they would not really realize who this was singing. There are times when the voice does not quite reach the effortless apex, but for the most part, it is obvious, that this man has studied the music of Ronnie and truly appreciates it. This is pretty great.

Shame On The Night—-Long one of my favorite Dio tracks, I was very interested to hear this. I was not disappointed…this is true to form and the uncanny resemblance is remarkable. The music is spot on…even at times appearing to me almost more powerful than Ronnie’s own band. This is orchestrated and overblown…just the way I like my Metal. Superb.

Push—-The beginning of this track is so muscular and mighty that I was blown away. I feel the need to investigate this guys music some more…just based on this release alone. The vocal is great…the range is nice..although the histrionics are kept to a minimum, the range and the tone are outstanding. I remain very impressed by this release. A fitting tribute to a giant.

Stand Up And Shout—-This even retains that older 80’s Metal mentality without a fault. The vocal is so energetic and pumped up that you question at times whether this is Ronnie. This is tremendous….the energy of the music takes over your entire being as you relive your favorite Ronnie live moment in your mind’s eye. This is just fantastic….as good as the original.

Don’t Talk To Strangers—-Another very favorite song of mine, this is again heavily steeped in that classic 80’s Metal sound. The intro is fantastic although the vocal falters a bit for me. The wind sounds and the swirling guitars are fantastic…when Jorn finally lets loose with his best Dio shout it is pretty impressive….as the song opens up you are impressed once again. This band of his is pretty damn tight…the precision is pretty impressive. I have yet to be disappointed by this release. Let the naysayers state what they will….I love this.

Lord Of The Last Day—-Fantastic…that deep sludge is reproduced masterfully…the bass is fantastic and the drawn out words on the vocal fits that Sabbath sound remarkably well. This is impressive all the way around…the drums are stellar on this track as are the soaring leads that rise up above the heavy bass delivery. This is great!

Night People—-Again,  I am impressed by the love and the care that was taken in reproducing most of these songs. I truly believe that Jorn idolized this little giant. This is heartfelt and delivered with every ounce of integrity that I feel this man has in his body. This is fantastic…the music is even a bit more aggressive than the original, taking you back to the time when you played air guitar in your bedroom with abandon to your heroes. This is a huge and heartfelt tribute.

Sacred Heart—-Another favorite song of mine that never got the appreciation or adulation that it deserved. This is tremendous…bringing back all sorts of memories for me. The rendition is true to form on almost every note…only allowing you to remember and appreciate. This is wonderful…causing me to go in search of this release so I can hear the original again and again throughout the afternoon. Great!!!

Sunset Superman—-Yet another of those songs that never got the attention that is deserved all those years ago when it was released. This song, for me, is huge. The guitar intro is just classic Dio style music…the shout that comes from Jorn is spot on and the ensuing song is a nice reminder of how much I loved this song. This is classic stuff…reminding me of all of the quality stuff Dio produced that people never paid attention to….shame on you!!!

Lonely Is The Word/Letters From Earth—-Electric and full of that classic Dio way of writing music, this is deep and ponderous. I love the true to form delivery of the vocal…the mood carries a nice air of mysticism and mood…this is wonderful. The chorus is magnificent…te added keyboards that add the synth sounds of space are nice and I truly feel that Ronnie would nod his approval at this release. We miss you so much Ronnie!!!

Kill the King—-Coming through your speakers with a remarkable sense of mood, it is only seconds before the music kicks in and knocks you on your ass. the drums on this track are absolute and fantastic. This song is even larger than the original…traveling at a speed that is pretty impressive. I am just blown away by the truism that makes up this release…this is superb…I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Straight Through The Heart—-Delivered in a live setting, this song suffers a bit because of that. The sound and the production lacks a bit in clarity and timbre. but overall, this only goes to show you that this guy is well versed in Dio-ism and truly considered him to be a personal hero. This is fantastic…depite the deep recording sound. Overall…this is a pretty damn good release.

**** 3/4 out of 5


2 Responses to “Jorn / Dio”

  1. this is great but i wish he’d have done Rainbow in the Dark too. i just went to go see Iron Maiden and Dream Theater and they did “Blood Brothers” together as a tribute to Dio.

    • I sooo wish I could have seen maiden this tour…I missed it due to circumstances….would have been my 15th time!!! Thanks for reading and thanks tons for the comment!!!!

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