The Disco Box [Disc Two]

Disco Box

[Shake Shake Shake] Shake Your Booty [KC & The Sunshine Band]—-Things seldom change…I like this band no more on this disc than I did on the last. This is just to extended. The lyrics are constantly repeated and the horn section plays with such wild abandon that it gives me a headache.

Get Up And Boogie [The Silver Convention]—-Defying the one hit wonder curse, this group makes the second appearance on this retrospective with a track that was larger and better than the first. This is brilliant…the strings that run through the song march up with the deep bass funk so well. This is a nice romp through excess and wild abandon.

A Fifth Of Beethoven [Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band]—-Perhaps one of the best known disco Instrumentals ever made, this song is still instantly recognizable to people when they hear it. It helped to start a revolution…in my opinion. with out this song you would have never had the cheesy Stars On Long Play. This is masterful…the dance synths are all over the place and you find yourself wanting to jump out of your seat. Magnificent memories.

Play That Funky Music [Wild Cherry]—-Not really what I consider to be a true Disco song, this was more one of the founding funk songs of the 70’s…this helped bring ethnic music more to the forefront. the bass heavy and laid back relaxed feel of the song still sounds remarkable as i listen to it now. This is a true slice of American Pie…this is not Disco!!!

Car Wash [Rose Royce]—-Really one of the true signature songs of this genre’, this helped to move the Disco movement from the dance floor into the Top 40. I believe this was also on the soundtrack from Thank God It’s Friday…this is magnificent. The track has that swirling synth sound and a nice seductive female vocal on the refrain…off set by the gruff sounds of the rest of the band on the chorus. This is magical.

Don’t Leave Me This Way [Thelma Houston]—-A magical piece of music that has survived for almost 40 years without any problem. Walk into any gay bar on a Fri or Sat and you are sure to hear this blaring from the speakers at one point or the other. Houston delivers a strong as hell vocal full of emotion and set to music that you can dance to. this is magnificent…setting up drag queens for success all over the world for years to come.

The Best Disco In Town [The Ritchie Family]—-This is a track that I am really not that familiar with. This seems like one of those huge studio manipulated and created groups that were cashing in on the whole disco movement. This is not bad, nor is it stellar…this is acceptable and danceable as hell.

Disco Inferno [The Trammps]—-Groups like The Trammps fully embraced the disco movement and managed to cash in on them big time. This is a huge anthem that still is played around in clubs today and sampled by huge modern-day artists. This is one of those tracks that defined this genre…swirling synth beats, huge bass, intermittent horns and gang vocals that brought about a loss of composure and made you dance your ass off.

Boogie Nights [Heatwave]—-This is literally full of swirling synths before the masterful funk riffs kick in. this is another of those songs that fall much more into the funk realm than the disco sound. although you can dance to this, this was a big part of the emerging Urban music landscape that would become very popular in the later part of the 70’s decade. This is fantastic!

I Feel Love [Donna Summer]—-Perhaps the one song and the one artist that truly defines the disco movement, Summer along with the mastery of Giorgio Moroder helped to create a movement. this took the funk tinged Disco song and made it into a true dance floor phenomenon. This is a true piece of history. The Moroder synths still play remarkably well today and Summer is still cranking out great music all of these years later. This is historical.

Keep It Comin’ Love [KC & The Sunshine Band]—-Not sure what it is about all of the KC stuff on this boxset…to me it all sounds the same….next……

Dance With Me [Betty Wright/Peter Brown]—-Not really recognizing this track from the title, it was rather familiar once i heard it. this is magnificent…alluding that all of your problems will be forgotten if you just hop on the dance floor and move…perhaps this led to the cocaine decadence of the decade. This has a nice funk element to it, but the swirling synths put it right into the realm of disco without a problem. This is really nice.

Everybody Dance [Chic]—-One of the defining bands that survived the Disco era and still managed to garner hits afterwards, Chic is a landmark and groundbreaking group of the late 70’s and early 80’s. this is a nice combination of guitar oriented dance music that includes programmed synths and a gang style vocal that makes you feel good no matter what is going on in your life. This is magnificent!

Shame [Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King]—-This has always been one of my favorite songs from this time period and I was really amazed back in the early 90’s when the quasi-rap group Kriss Kross sampled this track. This is empowering…fun and full of beats that you can both dance to and relate to. I would love it if this were in the extended version, but this will do for now. This is a great memory for me…combining both Disco sounds as well as cross over Urban sounds…this is still wonderful.

Boogie Oogie Oogie [A Taste Of Honey]—-Another defining track from this genre, this is true Disco to me. the synths sworl…the guitars are bass heavy and the laden beat is all over the song. the vocal is a classic example of studio session players put together in a big room with lyrics and lots of jam time…sometimes you get this as a result. this is delicious…full of every single cliché of the genre that you could hope for. This is just classic!

Gett Off [Foxy]—-I really am not familiar with this track….but let me tell you that it is great fun. Featuring some nice manipulated lyrics and a heavy funk beat, this is wonderful. The chorus and the refrain are composed of a nice set of session singers that sound huge….this ooh,ooh,ooh’s became a trademark in the early pot-disco 80’s dance songs…this is classic. I love this shit.

I Love The Nightlife/Disco ‘Round [Alicia Bridges]—-I just love this chicks voice!!! There is a certain hoarse quality that runs through the entire thing that gives it a level od seductiveness that you cannot ignore. The mucis is organ heavy and the swirls are less obvious…sounding like there are more real instruments on this track. I never, ever get tired of hearing this song. This for me. is a defining moment in the history of this genre…this is pure and less manipulated and studio generated. Truly a favorite….GUSH!!!!

In the Bush [Musique]—-Produced with session singers and a heavily manufactured beat, this is still a favorite of mine. I love the energy and all of the sexual overtones…I’m sure this set the floor on fire at Studio 54 in the late 70’s when people were living with abandon and carefree. This is a pure piece of history…perhaps the Museums should have a room dedicated to this phenomenon….this was a movement.

Hot Shot [Karen Young]—-To me…..for me…..this is crap!!!!

Got To Be Real [Cheryl Lynn]—-Another of those classic songs that still manages to grace the playlist of many DJ’s to this day. I love the way she phrases her words…that is where the magic is for me. Despite the simple fact that she can really belt out a nice note here and there. The way she drags out her words makes this song more seductive than it was meant to be…this is masterful.

**** out of 5


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