The Disco Box [Disc Four]

Disco Box

The Analysis:

Heart Of Glass [Blondie]—-Not at all what I would consider a Disco song, this finds a post-punk band breaking from the norm and producing a dance hit that resonated across the heartland of America. This is pure pop music that plays so well today…as wella as it did 20 years ago….this is not Disco….this is pure pop mastery!!!

Lost In Music [Sister Sledge]—-This Sister Act continues the dominance that they had on the underground dance floors of America in the late 70’s and early 80’s. This is a continuation of inspiring and self-appreciation songs that the family managed to produce. Heavy on bass and studio produced synths, this song still manages to contain the magic that it originally had.

I’m Caught Up [In A One Night Love Affair] [Inner Life]—-This is one of those studio produced bands that provides nothing new or groundbreaking. relying mainly on everything that had worked before, this is a lackluster event that should have never been included on anyone’s retrospective…I’m just say in’.

Got To Love Somebody [Sister Sledge]—-Again…already…..are you kiddin’ me!!!! This is much the same as anything else that you have experienced from this Sister Act. This is post Disco Funk that manages to skim on the bottom of everything else that was being released…100% for consistency!!!

Funkytown [Lipps Inc.]—-I have never considered this song to be a Disco Song! This came wayyyy after the introduction of the Genre and was much more progressive in the synth rhythms that made up the song. The vocoder vocals were way before the time and the deep bass sounds of the song made this a worldwide smash. I have such fond memories of listening week after week to Casey Kasam….just to hear that this song landed at #1 or #2 depending on the week with Pink Floyd for about 6 months straight…..the memories are worth the song alone!!!!

Celebration [Kool & The Gang]—-Another of those songs that really so not fit into the Disco genre what so ever….this was such a huge crossover hit that you cannot even consider this Dance Music….this is the emerging Urban Music that would define the underlying current of the 80’s scene as well as the almost total consumption of the pop charts in the 90’s…this started it all.

A Lover’s Holiday [Change]—-A true Disco outfit, I spent some time researching this group as it seems they pop up a lot among Disco compilations….yes…I have more!!!! This seems to be a Studio Produced group that released two releases and never contained any member of significance. The group made happy-go-lucky Disco sounds that are really  sound and border on House Music with a heavier bass sound.

I Like What You’re Doin’ To Me [Young & Co.]—-GOD!!!!  This is laden with that disco Cow Bell…tiumed to chime at just the right intervals…set to a diva style vocal that is Gang style on the Chorus…..SHIT…you could not ask for more…..this is fabulous….I love this group!!!! This is nice post Disco let down…energetic, reminiscent, but current!!!!

The Glow Of Love [Change]—-Why so much of this generic, produced crap? Why not more Donna or including some of the quality post-Disco stuff like Laura Branigan…to me this is just a waste of time.

Crusin’ The Streets [Boystown Gang]—-I think that the first time I ever really heard the full version of this song was at Traxx in Cleveland when I was attending Kent State University. Traxx was the place to go to pick up a guy or for the struggling college kid to trade his wares for a few dollars. This was so alive and vibrant…the first bar I ever heard It’s Raining Men or Gloria…truly a home to me.

On The Beat [The B.B. & Q Band]—-Ridiculous and unnecessary!!!! What………………….?

Forget Me Nots [Patrice Rushen]—-This is another of those post-Disco songs that really helped to bring the Urban sound much more to the mind of the Pop Music listener. Although much of the 80’s seem to be concentrated on New Wave, remember the Hair Metal movement that carried over into the 90′. and beyond and how the R n B scene became much more present in the White culture. The burgeoning R N B climate in the mid 80’s to the early 80’s helped to introduce Rap…which would soon take over the World!!!! This all figures in…I think…..

Get Down On It [Kool & The Gang]—-This is one of those songs that you have always loved even of you did not remember who sang it. This is a nice blend of early 80’s Soul with the post-disco instrumentation that makes it Urban yet danceable as hell. This is magnificent…the funk is low and dirty…the synths nice and bright…you decide…..

It’s Raining Men [The Weather Girls]—-Just like You Make Me Feel by Sylvester,,,,just like I feel Love by Donna Summer….just like I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross…..just like Gloria by Laura Branigan….there are certain songs that are Gay Anthems….this is one of those songs. Performed by the two remaining members of Sylvester’s posse, Two Tons Of Fun, this came out of nowhere and dominated the crossover charts for weeks and weeks in 1983. This was played everywhere, this was sung everywhere and this was a favorite for a young guy coming out in college,,,,,a huge memory and still lots of fun

Last Night A  DJ Saved My Life [NDeep]—-This is true to the genre…including some really great deep funk beats and for the first time in my memory including some rap vocals on a dance track, this has long been a favorite of mine. The beat is delicious and the rap line is so melodic and syncopated that it is almost a natural part of the song…I love this!!!!!

I.O.U. [Freez]—-This is so steeped in 80’s synth pop and the growing R N B Dance craze brought about by the opening lens of MTV, this was much more a recognizable group in the video realm than the recording realm. This was made up od lots of handsome boys and pretty girls performing a song the never sang in their lives for miscellaneous cameras… goes the video age and manufactured music…a perfect example of music from the mid 90’s.

Give It Up [KC & The Sunshine Band]—-Seriously….this is the one KC song that I would just die to have on a deserted island. KC manages to deliver a really nice relaxed vocal that plays so well over the Island influenced  music…this is fantastic…I rarely gush over a single track….this is quality stuff….this sounds so great at this moment.

Change Of Heart [Change]—-This is NOT Disco…this is pre-New Wave synth sounds that only serve to tell you that there was a producer who really understood where music was going in the next 5 years. Perhaps this was a bit premature…waiting six months might have made all the difference for this band. This was timely but a bit premature…souding too much like the Rockwell and Jackson beats…the batter needed to rest a bit.

Fresh [Kool & The Gang]—-I don’t really care at this point how you classify this song…this is an all time favorite for me. I love the phrasing in this song as well as the heavy bass sound that is provided by by a nice synth beat as well as a nice funk guitar. The vocal is so comfortable…the phrasing is incredible and the feeling is sexy and fun..who could ever ask for more…this is a masterpiece of a song!

**** 1/2 out of 5


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