Lamb Of God / Hourglass [Disc One: The Underground Years]

Hourglass: The CD Anthology

Lamb of God is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 1994. Lamb of God consists of vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell, and drummer Chris Adler. The band is considered to be a member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.[1][2][3]

Since its formation, Lamb of God has released six studio albums, one live album, and three DVDs. The band’s cumulative sales equal almost two million in the United States. In 2007 the band received a Grammy nomination for their 2006 album Sacrament. Lamb of God has toured with the Ozzfest twice and appeared on Slayer‘s The Unholy Alliance Tour in 2006. They have also played at many other major festivals around the world including Download Festival and Sonisphere Festival in the UK, Soundwave Festival and Gigantour. Recently, (2008–2009) they have toured with Metallica (World Magnetic Tour). Lamb of God will be on the main stage of Rockstar Mayhem Festival in 2010.

The Analysis:

Black Label—-Perhaps belieing the time of this recording, the heavy cow bell at the onset of this song strikes me as humorous. The bell manages to last through much of the song, but there is no cheese on this song. The guitars are deep as fuck and the vocal is maniacal and raging. This is aggressive and delivers a bit of sludge, but overall this will kick your ass pretty good.

Ruin—-This surprised me on first listen…the sound is much clearer and concise than the previous track. the leads are incredibly well controlled and the vocal seems moved even further into the front of the mix. This is classic Metal with a much harder and aggressive edge. This is where Slayer should be….the vocal is amazing…going from a screech to deep guttural growl in a moments notice. Fantastic!

Bloodletting—-WOW!!! This begins from the very first second…full of mania and forehead busting vocals that will leave you drenched and exhausted. This is pure aggression…leaving you gasping for breath before the first minute is over. The vocal at times rivals a Dani Filth screech. Where does this guy get this from. This is fantastic…and did I mention the drums…pounding invisible nails right between your eyes. Awesome!

Pariah—-Taking a bit to get started, this track returns to the deep sludge of the first track. the leads come out at you from way back in the mix. The vocal sounds too removed to me…this is just bad production…but what do you expect from this real early stuff. This still shines and shows promise…

Resurrection 9—-Coming back with renewed clarity and a ferocious lead guitar, this shines for me. The deep bass progression is incredible…the drums are monstrous and the vocal is manic and possessed. Just what the Dr. ordered. The fluctuation between the deeper voice and the higher still fills me with awe. And when Randy really lets loose you just shake your head…wondering how he has done this year after year. Really great!

11th Hour—-This is freakin’ brilliant from the very onset. The drums..although pushed to the back of the mix are still very pleasant and the leads are crisp and clear. The vocal enters and you actually find yourself able to understand what the words actually are! This is dark and full of a wonderful mysticism….I love this…really a favorite song right now.

The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persuasion—-Coming out of the darkness with a great lead in guitar line, the drums ride over top of the electricity and slowly begin to create a wall of sound that this band is so good at. The drums are masterful…with all kinds of breaks and fluctuations. The vocal enters sounding a lot like early Fear Factory or Chimiera.The best thing about this track for me id the music…a nice fluctuation between lead clarity and dirty bass sludge. This is intense.

As The Palaces Burn—-Wow, this is so raw it sounds like a demo rather than an actual recording. The vocal is way in the front of the song, but the drums sound all muted and pushed away from everything. This is a bit disappointing to me…this is a great song, with better production this could have been so much more.

Terror And Hubris In The House Of Frank Pollard—-This begins with that sabbath style sludge…the song moving so slow you wonder how they can contain all of that noise at such a pace. This is deep and languid…almost giving you a swimming kind of mood. The track does open up a bit, but the sound is so much deeper than everything else on this disc that it is glaringly obvious. The vocal is almost unlistenable…pushed way to the back of the mix and almost completely drowned out by the overpowering deepness of the song. This does have its high point…the ‘chorus’ kicks my ass…but overall this is just weak production. Still…a piece of evolution.

Lies Of Autumn—-Much more crisp and clear, the bass guitar is still pretty damn magnificent on this track. the slow and grinding nature of the song is true to form…and the drums as usual are stellar. It takes a bit for this to really get going…the song is pretty heavy on moodiness. The vocal enters with a growl that is almost shocking…sounding driven and possessed…not much different from Phil Anselmo. This is brilliant…the band moves in slow motion, but it does nothing to deter the driven voice from Randy.

O.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.—-This is so 70’s inspired Smoker Metal….well, except for the vocal. This is deep, dark and driven entirely by the bass delivery of the instrumentation. The vocal is almost a blur…you can barely catch a single word, but the music serves as a huge and wonderful distraction. this is brilliant…the cow bell re-emerges and you truly feel like you are listening to the Son of Sabbath. This is superb!

Suffering Bastard—-Brutal and manic from the very first seconds of the song, this is brilliant Metalcore. The vocal comes at you so fast and furious that it seems as if the lead guitars have a problem keeping up with the onslaught. This is incredible…powerful and full of really muscular bass and drums, the vocal is still the star here. You can’t deny the promise that these early songs had…it is no wonder that this band is still around and thriving!

Vigil—- Well, I was not expecting this. The intro to the song really borders on beautiful. the lead guitar delivers a nice song for the weary…but have no fear…this does not last. The song opens up nicely…giving you a nice inclination as to where the band was going with the sound that was emerging. This is much more accessible to the masses…while still maintaining the true energy and vision of the band. This is incredible…another favorite.

**** out of 5


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