Lamb Of God / Hourglass [Disc Three: The Vault]

Hourglass: The CD Anthology

The Analysis:

We Die Alone—-Full of that magical mix of brutality and melody, the band is in fine form on this track. The vocal is as brutal as ever…but incredibly accessible and understandable. This is a triumph…this should be heard by everyone…really falling in love with this every time i listen to it again. Fantastic!

Shoulder Of Your God—-This track, in its demo form, shows where the band was headed in the most raw form available. This is masterful…the doom and the brutality leaves you in a pile on the floor…wondering what the fuck just ran over you. the vocal at times seems so driven and manic that it is hard to buy into this as just being music. This is real and raw emotion. This is Lamb Of God!!!!

Condemn The Hive—-This is huge….was this released? If not, why the hell not. the drums on this track just make you take a step back and say WHOA!!! The vocal added to the drums and the incredible speed of the leads will leave you exhausted. I freakin’ love this shit. this gets no better…Metal is alive and well in America!!!!

Another Nail For Your Coffin—-Starting right out of the gate with an incredible guitar and drum track, the vocal soon follows in the newer style of the band. although this vocal does give you a bit more of that higher pitched vocal that was present in much of the bands earlier music. the bass blasts are incredible and the magnificent melody in incredible…despite the mayhem…it runs underneath the song wonderfully. This is fantastic!

Nippon—-Sounding exactly as the song title would suggest, this is heavy with bass and drums. The vocal is a bit removed for my taste, and the leads are not nearly as sharp. but put this whole damn think together and you have a song that will literally leave your head shredded. I still wonder how the hell this guy can sing like this. This is fucking brutal!!!!

Now You’ve Got Something To Die For [Demo]—-This so-called ‘demo’ version only lacks in clarity and clear sounds. The brutality that became the original is well intact, perhaps even more so in this raw version. this differs little than the original….only smacking you in the forehead even harder than you thought possible.

Hourglass [Demo]—-Much like the previous track, this only seems to lack in clarity and that magical melodic line that ran through the original. the vocal is pretty damn spotty…making me wonder if his mike was shorting or something. This is still pretty brutal, but you only catch about every other word…WTF!!!

More Time To Kill [Demo]—-For a demo, this is pretty clear and driven. The drums are just incredible! The vocal is spot on…delivering line after line of blistering style Metal that only could come from the underbelly of the US. This is fantastic…I love the drum high hats…this is great!

Dead Seeds [Demo]—-All  I can say is WOW…this is driven and delivered with a tension that I can only say reminds me again and again of Pantera. This is where that band should have gone with their sound. Can you imagine if they were still around what they would sound like in today’s climate? This is fantastic…the drums are masterful as always…the bass is deep and provides the backbone and the leads are so clear you have to wipe your eyes. This is fantastic.

In Your Words [Demo]—-Wow…this is american thrash delivered at it’s best. for a demo. this is pretty damn brilliant…the vocal is just as magnificent as the final cut and the energy from the band seems even more amped up than the final output. This is brilliant! I am hooked!!!!

Leech [Version]—-With a much more underproduced sound, the guitars are tuned just a bit too high…the drums are the star of the show and the vocal is so far removed you wonder what the point of the whole damn thing is. This is lackluster at best, but the heavy bass sound is enough to give you a great idea of the mastery of the final product.

Salvation [Version]—-This sounds almost like an exact replication of the previous song. You have to strain every bit of your hearing to catch even a bit of the vocal…the band overrides the voice so much that this might as well as been an instrumental track. None the less, this is a piece of the process so I am glad to have it.

Lame [Version]—-Again, this serves as a much more melodic track than a full example of the band. the vocal is almost un-readable as it is pushed so far to the back. like this was a rehearsal version and we are saving the voice for the show. The music is magnificent though…delivering blisterfing line after blistering line of fantastic Metal.

Duane [Demo]—-Although it is difficult to really catch the words of this track, there is a renewed clarity that pleases me a great deal. this is monstrous Metal that seems to come at you from every single corner known to man. i have no complaints…compare to some of the stuff I choose to listen to, this is almost pop!!!

Ruiner—-Finally returning to a more clarity driven sound, the vocal is still a bit buried under the machine sounding barrage of music that makes up this track. This lacks a bit of enthusiasm for me…as if the band was just going through the motion on this one…give me something more inspired.

Ballad Of Kansas City—-For me, this is lackluster and uninspired.

Suffering Bastard—-Although the music on this track is a bit more brutal, the sound quality just sucks. You don;t catch any of the melody and even the vocals are almost impossible to really hear. this is just filler and I think they could have put so much other stuff on this release in its place.

Preaching To The Converted—-The intro soundbite  is the best part of this song….get my point! This is lackluster and lacks all of the energy that the band is capable of…this is just disapponting filler except for the end of the track which holds some pretty damn great vocals!

***3/4 out of 5


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