Lamb Of God / Hourglass [Disc Two: The Epic Years]

Hourglass: The CD Anthology

The Analysis:

The Passing—-Beginning with a very gentle and pleasant guitar, much as the last disc left off, this builds and open up into a really nice Metal style ballad that is full of swirls and epic guitars….leading into…

In Your Words—-Be rest assured, there is no gentle ness here. this is a faster and even more aggressive Lamb than we visited on the previous track. this is much better produced and the vocal is a bit more toned down at times…making it even more accessible to the music buying public. Rest assured, the band looses none of its intensity or menacing attitude. This is awesome!!!

Hourglass—-Delivered with both menace and clarity, this song for me is monstrous. you can feel the energy and the venom well before the extraordinary vocal enters. When Randy does begin to spew his ire, it is with dedication and ire. This is a magnificent display of American Metal…alive and well. It rarely gets better than this!!!

Walk With Me In Hell—-This is fantastic!!! The intro to this song sounds like it is stamped clearly from the Death Metal bands that are near and dear to my heart. There seemed to be a bit of orchestration there before the guitars take over….once the mayhem begins, you really begin to realize how much this band has finessed it’s craft from the previous disc. This is much more polished, produced and delivered with a menace that is almost accessible by anyone. This is brilliant…I love this song!!!

Contractor—-Wow….this is so speedy and menacing that you question who the hell you are listening to. This is so fast….I am amazed. This music is as good as anything that Cannibal has produced in the past few years and has a much more accessible vocal. I wonder how the hell this guy can sing so fast and fit so many words into one sentence. This track is nice and moody…delivering speedy lines followed up by a bit of a respite before all hell breaks loose again. This is fantastic!!! Shit….Damn!!!!

Now You’ve Got Something To Die For—-With little time to catch you breath, this enters with even more brutality than the previous track. This has a chorus that is irresistible and the refrain is just as brilliant. You rarely hear the squeals from the demos, but the songs never suffer because of it. This is brilliant…this has a nice melody line that sucks you in and really reminds me of classic Arch Enemy. This is huge!!!

Descending—-Sounding much like the previous song from the onset, this is another track that is really huge. The drums are just out of this world…drummers NEVER get the credit that they deserve…often they drive the whole energy of the band. The vocal enters on this strack…clearer and allowing you to actually catch some of the words. The biggest difference in the evolution of this band is the remarkable introduction of melody in every song…despite the mayhem and the aggression. This makes every track much more enjoyable and something that was really missing from the earlier songs from this band. Awesome!

Set To Fail—-Again, from the onset, the drums on this track are huge. the leads kick in and the song is given a really nice groove that you automatically find yourself wanting to mosh to. The brutal vocal style matches the musical intensity perfectly and there is a times the closet thing to a clean vocal you will find from this band….it is damn pleasant. this is huge, monstrous, aggressive and a landmark track!

Blackened The Cursed Sun—-With a nice introduction courtesy of a masterful bass guitar, the drums follow shortly and then the mayhem ensues. this is another of those tracks that has a remarkable melody from the very first notes of the song. Perhaps a better known song from this band, this is still pretty accessible to the casual metal listener. This is magnificent…with a slight orchestration melody running through the very underbelly of the song…giving it a remarkable shelf life. This is fantastic.

The Faded Line—-Much more guitar based and straight forward thrash style delivery, this song is another of my favorites. the melody is there…I hate to keep harping on it, but it is very important in this type of music..otherwise it is a bunch of mish-mash noise. the vocal is nice, although it takes a bit of time to come into its own. This almost sounds like two people are singing…the different styles come so quickly. This is fantastic…I really have no complaints…excuse me while I rock out!!!

Dead Seeds—-This begins with that nice deep sound that has become a trademark for this band and a spoken word intro that quickly gives way to the more maniacal delivery. This song is driving…this really reminds me of classic Pantera. Makes me want to grab Cowboys From Hell and give it a few listens. This is great! No Complaints!

Redneck—-This is perhaps the best known and most embraced song from this band…not saying that it is the best, but it is the most embraced. This is still monstrous in sound and embraces a nice sense of melody that runs through the underbelly of the song. this is fantastic…the vocal is classic stuff…sometimes reminding me of Manson…sometimes making me think of Rob zombie, but overall it is 100% Lamb. This is a landmark recording…one for the books…nuff said!

Laid To Rest—-Following in the previous song’s footsteps, this is further steeped in magical guitar histrionics and a masterful melody that runs through the underbelly of the song. This is huge…I like this as much if not better than Redneck. this is classic stuff…the future of Metal in the US…this is about as heavy as it gets…count in Norway if you want evil or more brutal…this serves it purpose…remarkably well!

****3/4 out of 5


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