Exodus / Exhibit B: The Human Condition

Exhibit B: The Human ConditionExhibit B: The Human Condition is the ninth studio album by thrash metal band Exodus. The album picks up after The Atrocity Exhibition… Exhibit A, continuing with long, epic songs (averaging around 6 minutes) with darker themes centered around war, death, society, politics and religion. It was released on 7 May 2010 in Europe and was released on 18 May 2010 in the United States. It debuted at number 114 on the Billboard 200 and is the first Exodus album to chart since Force of Habit in 1992.

The Analysis:

The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles—-Beginning in a surprisingly acoustic manner, you can feel something happening around the edges of the song…and you are soon rewarded with that intense Exodus sound. This is even fuller and more developed than anything on exhibit A…the force of the music almost knocks me back in my chair. The deep bass sound of the band begins the song in a proper way and the speed and dexterity of the band is on full display. The vocal is a bit rough…sounding like this could have been a live take…with no room or time for studio manipulaltion…the result is nothing less than incredible…this is fantastic!

Beyond The Pale—-No time for interludes or pretense, this song begins on the first note and delivers an unceasingly brutal attack around your ears and brain. The gang style vocals on many of the songs on this release really reminds me that these guys are right up there with Testament…I hate to keep making comparisons, but these two bands are almost one and the same. This is brilliant…brutal, aggressive with lyrics that actually make you think and ponder…who could ask for more?

Hammer And Life—-From the onset, this track has a melody that runs through the underbelly of the whole damn thing that automatically clicks in my brain and finds a place to live for a while. This is classic thrash style Metal….bringing you to the edge of your seat with a slight agitation and anxiety, but warming you with the melody that allows you to enjoy the guitar attack. The drums on this are phenomenal…they never let up for a second and the leads take the song to incredible heights…this is still a band to be reckoned with.

Class Dismissed [A Hate Primer]—-Although this is full of nice aggression and energy, the song falls into that abyss of everything sounds like everything else. I love the intensity and the vocal…where you can actually catch almost every word…but this sounds to much like the last song…that sounded like the last song. Still, this is classic stuff.

Downfall—-Delivering an incredibly melodic lead line to set off the pace of the song, the guitar attack comes at you with an incredibly dedicated pace that sounds so damn much like Testament I wonder what the hell. Only the vocal set things off a bit more differently for me. When the whole band joins in the song with little shouts and exclamations does the song truly become its own. This is incredibly aggressive, but brilliantly melodic. this is incredible!!!!!

March Of The Sycophants—-Brilliant drums serve as the introduction to this track that rapidly tears the skin right off of your face. This is aggressive and wonderfully deep in sound…far exceeding the first Exhibit CD. This is delivered with a nice sense of melody and a remarkable clear vocal that allows you to really fall into the groove of the song. This is incredible!!!

Nanking—-Beginning rather aggressive, the song takes a sudden turn and features some slight clear acoustic guitar as the bass elements of the band builds it self up around it. This is nice…the pace is funeral at the onset, slowly building up speed and becoming something that you really never expected. This is slayer in sund…you wonder who the hell is singing! this is political and ranting in nature…just what we need in this time and age….this is what music is supposed to be for. Thanks guys!!!

Burn, Hollywood, Burn—-Leaving you no time to prepare, this is right out of the gate classic aggressive exodus. This release far exceeds Exhibit A….this is brutal, aggressive and full of biting vocal commentary on the state of the world we live in today. This is a lesson set to the most aggressive music you can imagine…sit up and take notice people!!!

Democide—-Again, beginning rather sedate but with the promise of the oncoming onslaught…the drums lead the song to become something rather fantastic. This is nice…full of a melodic guitar delivery and some rather phenomenal bass playing this is masterful. This is full of a melody that matches the vocal delivery in a remarkable way…you catch almost every word of the lyric as it is delivered…this is music that means something…delivered with many underlying messagres….you just have to make yourself available to listen!

The Sun Is My Destroyer—-With little pretense or time to catch your breath, this comes at you with that remarkable Exodus deepness that is driven by guitar and drums and takes over your entire being. The drums pick up and are delivered at such a pace that you begin to question you ability to hang in for the entire thing. The vocal is much deeper and delivered with an urgency that makes you shake you head a few times to clear the cobwebs…this is driving and message ridden…mneant to tell you something…you better listen damn it!

A Perpetual State Of Indifference/Good Riddance—-Delivering a nice sedate lead guitar with a combined drum and bass delivery that keeps he whole song rather aggressive, this is a bit of a surprise for me. This is melodic and brutal at the same time…allowing your brain time to wraps itself around all of the different chords before the song becomes too heavy. When the whole damn thing finally blows up in your face, you are in for a ride…so put on the seat belts…this is a nice throwback to early 80’s thrash…where the vocals are so damn fast you catch every 4th word…just proving that these guys have lost none of their purity or obsession for the genre….my favorite track on this release.

****3/4 out of 5


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