Robert Plant / Band Of Joy

Band of Joy

Band of Joy is an album by the British rock singer Robert Plant and his band the Band of Joy.[1] [2] It was released on September 13, 2010 in the UK and September 14 in the USA.

The first single released from the album was “Angel Dance”.

The Analysis:

Angel Dance—-The first single to be released from this CD finds Plant delivering a vocal that is almost breathtaking. The natural tone fits the mood of the music perfectly. The music is a nice cross of shuffling folk and a deep sounding contemporary. This is brilliant…even when Plant includes some of his trademark enunciation, you are still firmly rooted in 2010. This has such a contagious melody you will have it in your brain for days! This is fantastic.

House Of Cards—-Although the music on this track is rather sedate, I am still blown away by the clarity and firmness of Plant’s vocal. this has a nice twang to it that is aided by the addition of some back drop singers that turn this into a quasi-bluegrass track that hearkens back to his release with Alison Krause. This is moody and fantastic!!

Central Two-O-Nine—-Again ushered in by some pretty great banjo music, this is superb. Plant delivers a vocal that is slow and drawn out…finding his third wave of his career firmly rooted in Appalachian style music and group sing-a-longs. This is magnificent…not at all what I expected, but pleasantly brilliant. Plant seems to have himself firmly planted in the backwoods of the music industry…the result is our gain…I will be listening to this for a very long time.

Silver Rider—-This is one of two covers from the seminal Slo-core band Low. Somehow Plant just knew that this was one of my favorite bands of all time. Plant gives a vocal performance that is raw and naked and stacks up against the original surprisingly well. This is magnificent…koined in the song by a lone and quiet female voice, this song is so accessible and pleasant I listened to it 4 times in a row. This is marvellous…who knew Plant has been nodding to Low all of this time…..again…this is our gain…thank you for the wonderful gift.

You Can’t Buy My Love—-Becoming a bit more electric, this song has a nice drum track that makes me think of The Stray Cats…this is one of those huge blues-ridden overblown things that gets on my nerves after two long of a time. None the less, this is a nice change of pace and adds some needed variety to the CD.

Falling In Love Again—-Jumping from Rock-A-Billy to a quasi-50’s Doo-Wop type of track, you have to love the diverse kinds of music on this release. Plant sounds a bit muted, but he is joined on the song by an assortment of vocals and a slide guitar that gives the track a wonderful lonely feel. This is superb!

The Only Sound That Matters—-Steeped in that wonderful Country tinge that Plant seems so fond of these days, this song is full of every trademark country sound you could imagine. the remarkable thing is how well the whole damn thing works. Perhaps the Krause influence has really stuck with him…it is hard to believe all of the roads he has travelled to get to this point. That in itself is pretty damn remarkable.

Monkey—-The second of two Low covers finds Plant delivering a vocal that is so uncanny in resemblance that it causes me to have a mini Low listening party. The wonderful thing is how well the band has reproduced that low hum that runs through the backdrop of this original track. This is incredible…I am duly impressed.

Cindy, I’ll Marry You Someday—-Beginning with a gentle heavy drum and quickly joined by a team of remarkable banjos, Plant enters with a low down and dirty kind of lyric that fits the mood of the music wonderfully well. This is sedate, but incredibly powerful…thanks to the vocal and lyrical delivery. I love this next stage of Plant’s career…it has found a definite home with me.

Harm’s Swift Way—-A bit more upbeat, but still wallowing in that wonderful Alt-Country manner. Plant really tells a nice story on this track…the lyrics are crystal clear and the harmonies that come on the chorus are breathtaking. This is just fantastic…I wish everyone could hear this.

Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down—-This is nice…full of quiet banjo and an ethereal vocal delivery that is soaked in a slight blues delivery…perhaps taking Plant right back to where he began. This is nice…but very sedate and quiet…full of minimalism and quiet lyrics…still, this is masterful.

Even This Shall Pass Away—-Ending the release much as it started…with a more upbeat and radio friendly song. Plant almost whispers his vocal at times…but have no doubt…you know this voice and it sounds as good as ever. This is nice, but a bit jaunty and floundering. All in all, this has been a masterful release from one of the most important figures in music EVER!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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