Brandon Flowers / Flamingo

FlamingoBrandon Richard Flowers (born June 21, 1981) is an American musician, best known as the frontman, vocalist, and keyboardist of the Las Vegas based rock band The Killers. He announced his solo career on April 29, 2010 on The Killers official website.

The Analysis:

Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas—-This song begins….if a song can begin in that manner…in complete silence. Slowly Flowers emerges in typical fanfare with his remarkably dramatic voice. the instrumentation is pretty magnificent…featuring some nice big guitars and drums but also some hints of slight Country tinged guitar as well. the chorus is wonderful…it has been too long since i have heard new stuff from Flowers and at this moment I am smiling.

Only The Young—-Beginning with a rather somber tone, lots of atmospheric keyboards and a gentle guitar that allows flowers to be the true star of the show. To be honest, this is not that much of a departure from The Killers material. This does have some really nice electronic sounds that really resonate with me. I am in love with this CD already.

Hard Enough—-Flowers enters with his vocal the moment the song begins. Delivering a syrupy sweet lyric that is centered around love and life and how much everything gets better. There has a nice Country tinge to this track that is even heightened more by a female backdrop vocal by Jenny Lewis. This is really nice…typical and a bit predictable, but damn nice to hear after such a long time.

Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts—-If you take the song title into consideration, this begins as you would expect…but the predictability ends there. the song quickly grows into a nice bass heavy track that is almost danceable and remarkably introspective in the process. This is one of those huge flowers tracks that tries to conjure the power of Springsteen. He manages to pull it off pretty damn well…this has Americana lyrics set to a modern-day beat…this could be a next single.

Playing With Fire—-Beginning almost so quiet that you turn up the volume at the onset of the track, this is layered with beautiful guitar sounds that almost take my breath away. Flowers enters with a rather sedate and funeral vocal…at least for him. The lyrics are wonderful…full of vivid imagery and lines like steel. Flowers delivers a falsetto that I have not heard from him in quite sometime…this is magnificent.

Was It Something I Said—-A bit jaunty and full of fun rhythms, this is laden with piano and a slight jazz sound that allows the song to be even bigger. Flowers delivers line after line that you feel the need to dissect and study…this is just wonderful. when the chorus comes around, you are sucked in by the sheer accessibility of the whole damn thing. this is very different from The Killers…and I mean that in only the best way.

Magdalena—-As you would expect from the title of the song, this has a nice spanish flair to the music at the onset…although that seems to fall away as the song develops. this is another of those tracks where flowers sings and tries to cover Bruce territory…delivering huge lines full of Americana imagery. Regardless, in my opinion, Flowers pulls it off with little problem…look for this track to also de well on radio and MTV…this is another triumph!!!

Crossfire—-This is the first proper single from this release and i must say, the video is pretty spectacular. The song itself, might not have been my first choice for a single…it covers too familiar of territory. None the less, my opinion aside….this is pretty awesome of a song. Still treading on that slight Springsteen style lyrical imagery and energy, the vocal itself is fantastic as Flowers varies his voice from plain to nice falsetto at times. I love this…classic stuff.

On The Floor—-This is wonderful!!!! Flowers sings to a musical track that at the onset is just a low hum that you feel slowly growing as the first bar comes to a close. The song gradually opens up more and more…adding instruments as it progresses and allowing you to hear every single word that is uttered by Brandon. This is magnificent…cerebrel and magnificent..full of atmosphere and a sadness that stays in your bones. Just freakin’ wonderful!

Swallow It—-Flowers surprises me as he delivers a intro vocal that reminds me of Bowie circa 1969. This slowly becomes a bigger song and Flowers claims the vocal as his own…even when the gang style chorus enters, you still hear Flowers above every one else. This is a song that is full of line after line of life lessons that we could all take heed of and take seriously. This is fantastic!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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