Superchunk / Majesty Shredding

Majesty ShreddingSuperchunk is an American indie rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, consisting of singer/guitarist Mac McCaughan, guitarist Jim Wilbur, bassist Laura Ballance, and drummer Jon Wurster. They were one of the bands that defined the fertile Chapel Hill music scene and culture, and their records received critical acclaim. Their energetic, high-velocity style and do-it-yourself ethics were influenced directly by punk rock, and they are today considered one of indie rock’s definitive bands.

The Analysis:

Digging for Something—-Beginning the song in a wonderfully indie way, the vocal is so smooth and accessible it is hard to believe that this band has been kept a secret since it’s inception in 1989. This is fresh and new, while still maintaining the true sound of the band…the integrity is admirable…as are the vocal harmonies. This is really fantastic!!!

My Gap Feels Weird—-This song has a great huge feel to is resplendent with power punk overtones that bring out an energy in your self that is incredible. The vocal harmonies are just wonderful…and the melody that runs underneath this song makes it one of the most accessible songs i have heard in a long time. this is powerful, fun and damn addictive.

Rosemarie—-Although this a bit slower paced, the lead guitar riff that runs through the song gives it this huge sound that is just hard to deny. The vocal is just wonderful…a nice cross of that long-lost Indie feel and the bright Summer Pop that seems to be emerging everywhere these days, this is a song that should appeal to everyone. This is just brilliant Indie Pop music that has somehow stayed a secret to the mainstream…this is pure and unadulterated!

Crossed Wires—-Aggressive with a sharp guitar lead that inspires a nice pogo dance mood, this is just as fantastic as I expected it to be. The harmonies are firmly intact on the chorus and the energy is damn addictive. This is just about as brilliant as music can get. I am blown away by the energy but also the accessibility of this record. Where the hell have I been?

Slow Drip—-This is power punk defined!!! The melodies on this record are so damn addictive that I will be hearing these songs for weeks to come without ever playing the CD itself. The harmonies are so accessible that i am amazed America is not truly in love with this band….it really does not get better than this. If you look up the definition of Indie Pop, this band should have the first line. This is big and muscular without ever losing the remarkable pop sensibility of mainstream music…I’ll keep this band to myself…thanks anyways!

Fractures In Plaster—-Wow…this is just damn wonderful. This has so many of the elements of the bright Beach Pop that I have been so enamored with during the last few months…while still maintaining a bit of noise and power in the backdrop of the song…i really could never ask for more from one band…this pleases almost every palate that I have…just plain masterful!

Learned To Surf—-Returning to a more straight on post-Punk delivery, this has some pretty sharp and fore front guitar and some really pronounced drums. the vocal is much more snotty on this song than any thing else thus far on this CD. This has a nice air of aggression and attitude. Really a band that I need to investigate…although this is the first new release in nine years.

Winter Games—-With a bombastic drum intro, the vocal follows shortly after and seems to be an ode to the winter sports that we have all tried to be good at but actually suck at…in other words, this song is kind of damn fun. At times the lyrics are a bit intense…leaving you to draw your own conclusions as to what they mean to you. This is a great song…led by the same drum intro that introduced the song. this is grand!!!

Rope Light—-This is pretty damn noisy….but only in the best sense of the word. one of the few bands that don’t actually fall almost silent to allow for the vocal to enter. this vocals are full of the trademark harmonies and pure pop mentality. While the music is in sharp contrast with the pop drenched vocals….I love this band!!!

Hot Tubes—-This is another track that is full of a more mellow musical delivery and bright and shiny vocals that manage to make you feel good all over. this is just damn wonderful…the music, at times really becomes loud and noisy, but never overwhelms the vocal and it’s intent…to make you feel warm and comforted…this is just built to get me through the long cold winter that lies ahead.

Everything At Once—-I really hate to see this release come to an end…it has filled me with such energy and joy. This is just as magical as anything else on this release…that is the great thing about this release…you can pick any song and really get something from each song. This is masterful…a song about nothing…but at the same time about everything. How incredible.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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