Blonde Redhead / Penny Sparkle

Penny SparkleBlonde Redhead is an American rock trio comprising Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace.

The Analysis:

Here Sometimes—-Beginning with some really nice drums, they usher in a delicate and wonderful vocal that is sweet and serene. This is nicely ambient although a bit downbeat at times. when the rest of the instruments join in on the tracks you are wrapped in a nice warm blanket of sound that leaves you only wanting more.

Not Getting There—-Starting with a nice dose of fuzz, the vocal enters rather quickly and smooths things out a bit, although the fuzzy sound runs through the entire track. The song has a nice syrupy sweet element to it…flooding you with nice memories of British Shoe Gaze music from the 90’s…a truly superb track.

Will There Be Stars—-Introducing a nice mellow and expressive male vocal, this track has a nice trip hop element to it that makes me smile from ear to ear. This is ambient, chill and almost too sedate…only the heavy bass and the synth tweaks keep it alive. This is a wonderfully layered landscape of a song. Nice!

My Plants Are Dead—-Kazu comes back on vocals and the result is nothing less than beautiful. The music that tropes underneath the velvet voice is as shimmering as a lake on a sunny day…wrapping you in a gentle warmth that allows you fall into a nice 3 minute daydream.

Love Or Prison—-This song is so full of odd little noises at the onset, that it almost distracts from the down-tempo beauty that slowly surfaces right before your eyes. the vocal is slow…low and almost whispered at times…giving you a nice floating feeling that allows you to totally lose yourself in the gentle waves of bliss that wash over you. This is magnificent.

Oslo—-This is so Portishead for me…full of that lazy, ambient style of music that makes you think back to the days when this chill out stuff was really much bigger than it is now. this is so mellow that at this point in the release it runs the chance of sounding like one long song…anfd then the chorus comes and provides the saving grace. the music becomes louder and more in the forefront and actually gives the track some much-needed respite.

Penny Sparkle—-Returning to full throttle mellowness, this is so sedate that you might just nod off. The vocal is almost whispered and full of beauty…I can only imagine what it would be like to see this band live. The song is accented a bit by the recurring male vocal, but for the most part this is too much of the same.

Everything Is Wrong—-This is nice…delivered with a slight Asian edge to the music..lots of little chimes and such. the track opens up more than most of the other songs on here…allowing you to groove a bit more to the music and pushing the vocal to the back so it sounds even more ghostly than ever. This is nice…keeping a fresh feel to a release that comes to close to sounding like on very long song.

Black Guitar—-Although this song, musically, is as sedate as almost everything else on this CD, there is a nice mix between male and female vocals that gives it a nice layer of variance. the music is a bit more electric..adding layers and layers upon the bass beat…you can hear the guitar chords for once and you are actually able to sway to this without feeling stupid!

Spain—-Ending the release with a slight enigma style sounding musical delivery, the vocal is as ghostly and serene as ever. The gentle synth swirls are magnificent and the guitar at times actually becomes a bit pronounced. This is nice…a bit of the same old same old, but a nice end to a release that is perfect for those 3 AM sessions when you are partied out.

***3/4 out of 5


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