Dimmu Borgir / For All Tid [For All Time] Remastered

For All Tid

For all tid (“Forever”, or, literally, “For All Time” in English) is the first studio album by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir. It was remastered and re-released in 1997 with their new label Nuclear Blast with the front cover art in full color and the entire “Inn i Evighetens Mørke” 7 minutes added.

The artwork displayed on the front cover of the album is inspired by Gustave Doré‘s illustration of Camelot from Idylls of the King.

The Analysis:

Det Nye Riket [The New Kingdom]—-To some fans of the band, this first release may be a bit difficult to take. the lyrics are all in the bands native language but the granduer is fully intact. This opening sequence is full of mood and atmosphere….the build-up is excruciating…proving to everyone that the original vision of the band is still intact and was determined before they ever started. Shagrath enters the song with a spoken word that is his native language sounds even more demented and scary…this is a masterful mood setter for the mayhem that is about to occur…..

Under Korpens Vinger [Under the Wings Of The Raven]—-I am amazed at the rough sound of the band on this debut release….but it also allows fans to know where the band started and the masterful way that they have perfected their craft. This is a magnificent and moody track…the vocal is fantastic…Shagrath literally pukes his words into your ears…I am amazed at how far he has come. there are sounds in this track that can still be heard in Dimmu songs to this day…just proving the band had a vision and have perfected this. This is demonic and scary, but it is also beautiful in all of its roughness….I am still amazed!!!!

Over Blecknede Blaner Cid Dommedag [ Over Faded Blue Horizon Unto Judgement Day]—-Still sounding incredibly muted and lacking the finesse of expert production, the song is ushered in by the surprising clean vocal of Shagrath….this is pretty damn incredible. the dark and moody sounds of the music are the same as we have come to love from this band….there are layers and layers to the music as always…just not as pronounced. This is stellar and remains one of my favorite tracks from this release. the keyboards add swirling atmosphere…you have to love this stuff.

Stein [The Path]—-Giving little time to catch your breath, Shag return with a guttural vocal that will tear your larynx to shreds…there is this charming little flute noise that plays throughout the song…giving a nice contrast to the rough and assaulting aspects of the song. This is huge, dark and gloomy…just what the Doctor ordered!!!

Glittertind—-This delivers an overwhelming melody that rides underneath the song and leaves me almost breathless. The drums are damn near perfect and Shagrath enters with a puke that will leave you staggering. This is really an aggressive track…full of layered guitars and really heavy on the bass…but when the leads kick in with that melody, you know that this band is going somewhere. this is magnificent!!!

For All Cid [For All Time]—-Beginning with a magnificent hum of voices, this song delivers at the onset an almost ballad style guitar. You know that this is probably just an interlude to mayhem, but you sit through the gentleness anyways…..and you are soon rewarded with the sound of all hell breaking loose. the guitars sound a bit fuzzy on this track,,,,but the keyboards elevate you above all of the din. The vocal is much more prominent on this track and delivered in the native language sounds even more demonic and vomited. This is stellar…if you want to trace the bands heritage….this is an incredible place to start!

Hunnerkogens Sorgsvarte Ferd Over Steppene [‘The King Of The Huns’ Sorrow Black Journey Over The Steppes]—-Giving you little time to catch your breath, this track is delivered in a much more Thrash style until the overwhelming keyboards kick in. this is full of mood and atmosphere, but has a really great energy. Shagrath sounds like he is delivering his vocal in a tunnel, but it still shows all of the promise that this band had and still has…I’m so counting the days for the new release….still one of my favorite bands in this genre!!!

Raabjorn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde [Raabjorn Reflects The Mist Of Draugheimens]—-Melding perfectly from the previous track, this is laden with effects and atmosphere. Shagrath delivers a vocal that is full enough of that evil flair to retain credibility, while the music is almost trademark metal of the time.This is a brilliant track that takes you on a magnificent journey of movements and ideas…classic Dimmu even in the beginning.

Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker [The Ruler Of The Hidden Truth]—-Ending the proper release with a dark and layered extravaganza, the band is in fine form as it set a perfect landscape for Shagrath to puke over. this is somber and funeral…as you would expect…laden with masterful keyboard effects and lots of fog, I’m sure. This is fantastic…a nice nightcap for the disenfranchised!!!

Bonus Tracks:

Inn I Evighetens Morke Pt. I [Into The Darkness Of Eternity Pt. I]—-From the start, this is full of nice effects and swirls….the keyboards leading the entire direction of the song. the drums play second…delivering a strong backbone for the true stance of the track. this is moody and full of atmosphere..playing into the dark elements that the band was trying to convey despite the lackluster production. as the song opens up, the guitars are more pronounced, but it is the swirl of atmosphere that remains throughout…this is magnificent….I can only imagine how this would sound with a clearer production.

Inn I Evighetens Morte Pt. II [Into The Darkness Of Eternity Pt. II]—-As the song continues, the guitars and vocals emerge with a brutality that will snap you r neck. Shagrath sounds better on this track than perhaps anywhere else on this release….this is stellar and holds all of the promise of the next chapter…which was damn incredible in the bands history…this is the beginning and is for the serious fan for sure!

**** out of 5


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