Peter Gabriel / Hit [2 Disc Collection] [Disc Two]


The Analysis: Disc Two

San Jacinto—-Continuing to deliver songs with a more world music flavor later in his career, this track is no exception. Perhaps it is a xylophone or some electronic impressario of it that begins this track, but it gives the song a nice Asian sound that carries through most of the song. Gabriel sounds as sedate as ever…even when the song does pick up some steam…this is wonderful.

I Don’t Remember—-Another of my favorite tracks by Gabriel, this track has a huge drum delivery that kicks off the song right from the onset. Gabriel delivers an almost robotic vocal that is lots of fun…although the chorus of the song seems laden with a certain angst to me…this is intense…brimming with a bit of anger and lots of urgency…still love this!

The Rhythm Of The Heat—-Not really familiar with this track, although it plays very well to me. This begins in a very somber Pink Floyd kind of way…the music is minimal as Gabriel enters with an intense vocal that is slowly aided by what appears to be children’s voices. This track is so minimal and naked, that you are really able to enjoy the full glory of this man’s voice. Really nice….

Loved To Be Loved—-Full of nice exotic sounds, Gabriel ushers in his vocal in a rather sedate and quiet way. the piano that supplies the melody for the song is constant throughout and is wonderfully catchy. The lyrics are real and heartfelt…something that we can all relate to..Gabriel has a way of touching that nerve…doesn’t he?

I Grieve—-A brilliant and entirely devastating song. Gabriel delivers lyrics and vocals that will leave your heart beating outside of your body…reach down and pick it up before it becomes any more damaged. This is so full of realness and honesty…touching every single emotional nerve that a human has….this is a triumph of a song. It rarely gets better than this..perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Family Snapshot—-Beginning just as sedate, Gabriel sings line after line that is meant to provoke thought and emotion…he has been more successful than I think he ever intended to be. The lonely horn that plays in the backdrop of this song gives the track an even more funeral sound….this is just incredible.

In Your Eyes—-This is my favorite Gabriel song….EVER! Recorded with African vocalist Y’oussor D’Nour, this really was the true beginning of Gabriel’s fascination with the whole World Music movement. This is both heartbreaking and incredibly exhilarating…a true joy to listen to over and over and over. I love the vocal from D’Nour….it is not the same song without him. This is a true triumph.

The Drop—-Again, this is a piano based track that reeks of a melancholy that is all-encompassing. The mood is set from the very first notes of the song and is only heightened by the vocal that Peter delivers. This is full of mystery and a certain atmosphere that really pervades the majority of later Gabriel material…this is wonderful.

The Tower That Ate People—-A bit lighter of a song…at least a bit more fun. this is full of distorted vocals and hearkens back to the 80’s hits that helped to make Gabriel an even more household name. This is somewhat abrasive, but also fun and a much-needed break from the somber delivery of the past few tracks.

Lovetown—-This is nice….delivered with a slight funky bass guitar beat and a shuffling percussion. Gabriel enters and delivers lyrics that are just as intense as anything else you have heard on this disc though. Remarkable…despite the more upbeat tempo, the song can still devastate you…plus the slight blues lean is pretty awesome as well.

Father, Son—-Again, piano based and delivered with a very funeral tempo, this is another of those songs that forces you to hold back the tears at the very onset of the song. This is a tender ode to children and family…gabriel delivers a fantastic vocal…so emotional and as real as you could ever find from anyone…this is incredible.

Signal To Noise—-For me, this is very Genesis inspired and experimental. Peter delivers some yells and yelp that will startle you….bringing to mind some of the spectacle shows that Genesis used to perform back in the heyday of the band. This is different, but still very Peter.

Downside Up [Live]—-Not sure who the female that is singing with Peter on this song, but the delivery is very nice. This live rendition is remarkably true to the origianl…the two voices come together in perfect harmony and add just enough contrast to keep the song truly interesting. This is just wonderful!

Cloudless—-With a wonderful World Beat spine to the song, this is a rather big song as it develops. This is where gabriel sits very comfortably now and seems like a perfect place to end this compilation. The backdrop singers that add the flavor to the song are remarkable…I could listen to this stuff all day. This is just about perfect!

**** out of 5


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