Halford / Made Of Metal

Made of MetalRobert John Arthur “Rob” Halford (born 25 August 1951) is an English singer-songwriter, who is best known as the lead vocalist for the Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band Judas Priest. He is nicknamed “Metal God”[1][2] as a tribute to his influence on metal, after the Judas Priest song of the same name from 1980’s British Steel.[3] He is considered one of the most consistently powerful singers in rock.

The Analysis:

The Undisputed—-From the onset, you are wrapped in a comfortable blanket of familiar sounds as Rob & Co. return with release #4. The remarkable galloping beat on this track is better than anything Maiden has come up with in years. The vocal is a bit restrained…but classic Rob all the way. This is energetic and rauccous..lots of fun and full of some great lyrics…indeed…Rob is the undisputed champion!!

Fire And Ice—-Coming out of the silence and erupting into a huge blistering guitar delivery, Halford delivers so many words in one sentence you wonder how the hell he manages to keep track of where he is…many people have negatively received this track…I find it to be rather incredible myself. This is energetic but delivered with a damn acceptable melody line running through the belly of the song. The chorus is brilliant…filled with melody and vocal overlays that add a bit of balls to the sound…this is just fantastic.

Made Of Metal—-Wow…this is damn interesting…featuring some vocoded vocals at the onset of the song, Halford quickly enters with his vocal…delivered in a deeper and more menacing tone than you have heard in quite some time…this could have come from Nostradamus at times. The chorus is so damn catchy….I still wonder in the back of my mind where the screams are…but Halford has a pretty damn good  ‘regular’ vocal as well. This is nice…something I will listen to over and over.

Speed Of Sound—-Blasting from the first opening notes of the song, Halford enters with a vocal that is a bit more of a familiar pitch…still not really reaching deep down to grab you by the balls though. This is nice, but I miss the real brutal vocal delivery from past Halford releases. This track has an oddly familiar sound to it, but this is still stellar….regardless of the familiarity and the ‘safe’ factor of it.

Like There’s No Tomorrow—-This has a much more aggressive guitar line from the onset…Halford still delivers a fairly safe vocal…displaying few of the histrionics that he is famous for. There are times when you think that he is really going to bust loose with some screams, but they are nowhere to be found. Still, Halford delivers a voice that is still far and above anything Dickinson has attempted in years…the scream is still there…but lying dormant for a bit…this is a favorite track of mine.

Till The Day I Die—-Delivering the requisite ballad style song, this has some guitars that make me think of [GASP] Bon Jovi!!!! Halford enters with his most accessible and melodic vocals I have ever heard…Rob has a damn pleasant voice when delivered in its normal tone…this is not a favorite…but it still kicks my ass when it finally kicks into high gear. Magically, Halford explodes with more of an upper range that he seems most comfortable with. This is not what i expected, but it is damn nice none the less.

We Own The Night—-The standout on this track for me is the layered and fantastically delivered music…this has a huge and epic feel to it. The guitars seem to come at you from all directions while the drums seem to keep everything together. Halford delivers line after line of words that are designed to make you think and ponder…while the vocal itself is delivered in a fairly predictable and accessible manner. Perhaps the screaming and screeching days are over…if they are, this is a Halford I could live with anyways.

Heartless—-Coming right out of the gate with a nice guitar line, the drums are again heavily featured on this song. Halford delivers a fantastic vocal…singing in that upper register that is far from the norm but not quite what you expect…although there are times when Halford finally satisfies you with a sound that is close to the familiar. This is fantastic…I really have no complaints…another favorite track.

Hell Razor—-Well….this is freakin’ brilliant!!! Halford delivers his vocal with the same intensity that he has delivered in the past and sounds literally driven….although the vocal seems pushed back a bit, the tone is literally magnificent. This is sharp and delivered with such a force that I have to catch my breath. This is a triumph of a song…just fantastic….long live the Metal God!!!!

Thunder and Lightning—-Beginning with rather typical Metal sounds, the song becomes this slight Blues driven boogie that seems to fit the new Halford direction on this go around. This has a huge sing along chorus that will please arena and club crowds as Halford tours with this release. This has a slight and oddly familiar sound to it…but after all of these years, how can you not repeat yourself.

Twenty-Five Years—-Delivering a rather intense ballad, Halford sings in the lowest register I have heard in quite sometime. This is poignant and delivered with a flourish of emotion. Not really sure what this song is about, this almost sounds like an ode to sobriety??!! The chorus is incredible…delivered with a classic Halford tone and full of remarkable emotion…this is a keeper…..just fantastic!!

Matador—-well, this release has just been a plethora of different sounds…the onset of this song has a slight Spanish musical flair…full of vocals that speak of Mexican culture and origins. Halford delivers a pretty aggressive vocal…the band behind him is solid and deliver enough power to match the man and the voice. This is incredible…I love this….the chorus is HUGE and the melody is so damn infectious…this is fantastic….a winner!!!

I Know We Stand A Chance—-Beginning a bit slow, you just know that the band is going to open up and indeed it does…even though it settles again just as quickly. this is a nice ode to love and sensuality…delivered with the trademark Halford sadism. This is just fantastic…full of lyrics that at times are damn touching and introspective. The drums on this tracks are pretty damn incredible…they lead the whole direction of the song…this is just fantastic…powerful and full of octane while still holding a nice tender edge….brilliant.

The Mower—-Peppered with some rather demonic vocals at the onset of the song, there is tons of atmosphere and some damn aggressive guitars to boot. this takes a bit to get going, but once it does you are floored…Halford is in pure scream mood…this is the song I have been waiting for…this is far more brutal than Resurrection….Halford sings in a tone that must hurt him if he pushes things to far. This is freakin; amazing…hard to believe that this guy can still sing like this and does it in a more than acceptable manner…..this is just WOW!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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