Pete Yorn / Pete Yorn

Pete YornPeter Joseph Yorn (born July 27, 1974, Montville, New Jersey, United States) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist who first gained international recognition after his debut record, Musicforthemorningafter, was released to critical acclaim in 2001.

The Analysis:

Precious Stone—-From the opening notes of this track, the influence of Frank Black is pretty obvious on the singer/songwriter. This is much ‘noisier’ and electric than I expected. Yorn delivers his trademark vocal though…full of that slight drawl that reminds you of a more coherent Petty….placed in front of a bit more aggressive musical landscape. This is pretty nice!

Rock Crowd—-This is the Yorn that manages to make me smile and feel warm all over. this has just enough of a folk delivery to fit my mood today…and just enough of a huge chorus to keep you from sinking to low in the depths of the everyday news that makes you wonder what is wrong with the world. This is brilliant….no complaints here!

Velcro Shoes—-Returning to a more electric sound, Yorn delivers a song that lyrically makes not a lot of sense to me….this song rocks though. This is much more electric than I ever anticiapted…obviously Frank has been an influence on Pete. this is nice, but I much prefer the more introspective and insightful…but that is just me.

Paradise Cove I—-With a pretty fantastic drum lead in and a bass guitar that drives the pace of the song, Yorn enters and delivers a vocal that is full of pained sounds and a remarkable level of emotion. This is fantastic….the words are vivid as hell and the energy is as good as three cups of coffee….

Badman—-Beginning just as electric as most of the other cuts on this release, I must admit this is not my favorite Yorn disc…I perfer him much more mellow and introspective. The vocal is way in the front of the mix and the song has a slight blues slant to it. This is acceptable, but I miss the quieter times.

The Chase—-This begins with a much more moderate pace and a damn pleasant vocal…this is much more to my liking. I love the lyrics…Yorn can weave a tale and fit it into a three-minute song masterfully well. This has a slight Alt-Country feel that really appeals to me…fantastic!

Sans Fear—-giving in and delivering another very consistent track, Yorn sounds much more comfortable and real on this type of song…all of the pretention is really not necessary. this again, has a nice alt-Country feel to it while almost bordering on a Doo-Wop vocal style as well…this is really great!

Always—-Returning to the more obnoxious tone of earlier songs, this has short and erratic guitar blasts and drums that deliver high hat hits after hits. this is much more in the Neil Young vein of rock…which makes it pretty accessible. The vocal is pretty stellar, the music just rubs the voice the wrong way for me is all.

Stronger Than—-Ahhhh……just what the Dr. ordered. This is the Pete that i have really grown fond of. the guitar that accompanies this track is slower and more organic..allowing for the true mastery of Yorn’s voice to shine through. The lyrics are heartfelt and full of accuracy…I could not ask for more!

Future Life—-Continuing in the same vein as the previous track, this has such a damn melodic line that runs through it you have to listen to this more than just once. Yorn sounds literally tortured on this track…this is mellow and dusted with a dark cloud that manages to make smile through the whole damn thing…wonderful!

Wheels—-Rounding out the release with an almost trademark Yorn sound, this is brilliant. Leaning heavily on the Alt-Country fence, Pete weaves a yarn that is heartbreaking and only made more so by the lonely feel of his voice and the steel guitar that accompanies the song. This is fantastic…the 2nd half of this release far exceeds the first.

**** out of 5


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