Decrepit Birth / Polarity

PolarityDecrepit Birth is a death metal band from Santa Cruz, California, USA, signed to Nuclear Blast. They have released three studio albums through Unique Leader Records and a demo independently. All of their studio albums feature artwork by renowned fantasy artist Dan Seagrave. Their latest album, Polarity, was released on July 27, 2010.

The Analysis:

[A Departure From The Sun]/Ignite The Tesla Coil—-The build-up to the onslaught of mayhem is pretty damn melodic and accessible….as you wait for all hell to break loose, you haven’t long to wait. This is just freakin’ brutal…even though the vocal is very difficult to understand, I love it!! This is the best Grind/Death I have heard in quite sometime. The surprising melodic interludes serve to throw your whole brain off kilter, but take my word for it…this is intense as it gets.

Metatron—-With no gentle interludes, this song has a sole purpose…the intent is to rip your head off. The vocal is just brilliant…this is better than Corpsegrinder has done in years. The lyrics are surprisingly positive and delivered with a message in mind….but the true star of this show for me is the music…this will leave you drenched in sweat and with a headache from all of the head pounding it provokes…just incredible!

The Resonance—-Amazing melody lies underneath this track..shining through amidst the mayhem of guitars and a drum delivery that will leave your head echoing. The vocal never lets up for a moment…delivering line after line of guttural puke that makes you wonder how many rocks this guy swallowed to get a voice box like this!! This is superb…very techinical….delivered with precision and produced to a high gloss shine.

Polarity—-Featuring some really sharp and precise lead lines, this is pretty incredible. not as deep as much of the other stuff on this release, the drums again are just polarizing. This is an incredible release…layered with huge power chords and blistering lead lines…not to mention the lurch of the vocal that will leave you devastated.

Solar Impulse—-Just when you though you had a fairly predictable release, the band delivers a track like this designed to totally throw you off course. this begins rather quiet and slowly develops into an atmospheric track that delivers a melodic line that is unforgettable. The song builds and builds until the vocal enters and comes off sounding like another excellent import from Norway…this is beautifully brutal…delivered with finesse and a sense of art.

Mirroring Dimensions—-Returning to full on screaming Death Metal, this song never allows you a moment to catch your breath…the song has some really great chord changes that are remarkable…moving effortlessly from one sonic mood to another without hesitation. This is just fantastic…something I will be listening to for quite sometime.

A Brief Odyssey In Time—-This short one minute track serves as a nice lead up to….

The Quickening Of Time—-Loaded with remarkable drums and a pace that is unrelenting, this track again has a really nice lead line that really forms the base of the song. Although the bass and the drums are heavily figured into everything, it is the soaring lead that strikes me as genius on this song. Of course, the vocal is by now familiar, but none the less amazing. This is just awesome!!

Sea Of Memories—-Delivered with what sounds like a double bass beat, the leads again soar over the darkness of the song to give it some really bright spots. the playing on this track is so fast you feel like your head is spinning on its axis…this is just incredible. Despite all of the ‘noise’ going on, there remains a remarkable melodic line that runs through the song…this alone saves this from just being average run of the mill Death Metal….this is practised and finessed!!!

Symbiosis—-Taking no prisoners and issuing no apologies, this is straight in your face Death Core that will leave you drenched in sweat and wondering how the hell this band can possibly get any better than this. Everything else they have released was just leading up to this…a magna opus of pure brutality and talent.

Darkness Embrace—-At the onset, the pace of the song is slower and delivered with a more menacing bass than ever. The melody line is firmly intact and the lead guitar soars above the plodding bass and pretty normal drum beats….this is fantastic…full of swirling atmosphere and crazy mood changes, I have yet another favorite band to add to my repertoire.

****3/4 out of 5


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