KMFDM / Greatest Shit [Disc One]

Greatest Shit

KMFDM is an industrial metal band led by founding member Sascha Konietzko, who started the group as a performance art project. There have been a number of line-up changes over the years, including a temporary disbandment from 1999–2002, with Konietzko being the only constant.

Since their founding in 1984, they have released sixteen studio albums. They had sold approximately 2 million records in the United States alone as of September 2003,[1] with multiple albums selling more than 100,000 copies and a number of singles becoming club hits.

They have been mentioned in connection with two separate school shooting controversies, but have repeatedly distanced themselves from any incitements to violence.

Greatest Shit is compilation album by KMFDM, released on September 28, 2010.[1] This special edition version of Würst has the same track listing as that album on its first disc, and comes with a second disc of additional mixes and edits of new and classic KMFDM tracks.

The Analysis:

D.I.Y [Edit]—-Delivered in typical fan-fare fashion, this single has a grand build-up…full of orchestrated flair before the familiar machine generated sounds emerge and are peppered with the chorus of manipulated vocals. This is done with the grandest measures….the vocals are so comfortable for me at this point that the overblown style now brings an immediate smile to my face. this is energetic, sometimes noisy and always grand!!

Don’t Blow Your Top [Edit]—-This has an irresistible bass beat to start off the song…reminding you of countless 80’s tracks. The vocal enters the fray and makes you think of Al Jorgensen in the very early days of Ministry. The back drop of female vocals are here, but not nearly as pronounced as in later tracks. The gruff vocals that come later in the song give the song a nice level of credibility…but for the most part, this delivers just what we have come to expect from this band.

Looking For Strange [Edit]—-Although a bit aggressive, the one thing that KMFDM has always been is very danceable. This track is no exception…the intro to the track heavily laden with female vocals and nice machine synths. the song kicks up a notch by the second bar and the more Industrial moments take shape and converge on you eardrums. this is machine generated music at its finest and still a very favorite track of mine…if only for the sentiment.

Juke Joint Jezebel [Single Mix]—-Still and always one of my favorite tracks from this band, many would argue that this is not really Industrial Music in the proper sense. To me, the appeal is the fantastic melody that runs through the track….the irrisistable female vocals and the huge chorus that threatens to overtake your brain. There are some pure Industrial sounds on this track…but once the chorus enters you are swept up in a huge urge to dance and just allow the song to repeat over and over in your soul…for me…a highpoint!

Itchy Bitchy—-Although I am not really familiar with this song….not sure why…I have every single KMFDM release, I fell in love with this the moment I heard this. This has some really nice huge machine generated sounds to it. A huge propulsive beat drives the song…but also allows for some nice dance floor friendly sounds as well. I think this is just fantastic…amazing…where the hell did this come from?

Dogma—-This starts out a bit sedate….entering in and allowing some nice spoken word bites that are played over a rather distorted Industrial beat…for me this is a rant…plain and simple. The male vocals on the track are so distorted it is hard to catch all of it…but mostly is a cursing of the American way and our fascination with popular culture, as well as our failing to pay close enough attention to the way our Government is being run. Fantastic!!!

Hau Rock [Edit]—-Delivered in a dark and menacing tone, this is layered in a deep and more aggressive manner than most everything you have heard thus far on this release. This has a really biting edge to it…allowing you to feel the real German influences from the band. This is danceable, but really causes you to pump your fist and knock down the person standing next to you…fantastic!

Kickin’ Ass [Edit]—-This track surprises me…delivered in an almost seductive way, Sascha has constructed a track that could have been performed by Falco if he were given the chance. This is full of dark and menacing whispers at times and at other explodes with aggression…always keeping you guessing, the band lives up to its reputation.

Free Your Hate [Edit]—-Right out of the gate, you notice the change in the level of aggression. this is full of machine driven anger and the vocal that seems pushed to the back of the mix and run through a 1000 processors. This is damn brilliant…keeping you on the edge of your seat with all of the quick changes in the level of intensity of the song. This is another favorite of mine…full of anger, ire and demands.

Megalomaniac [Single Mix Edit]—-Another favorite track of mine and another that almost falls out of the realm of true Industrial madness, the saving grace is the manipulated vocal and the progressive and insanely addictive synth lines. this is a huge track…delivered with all of the trademark sounds that this band has perfected in 25 plus years of recording. Touching on many subjects that are current and alarming, the band manages to make a statement while being damn entertaining at the same time….could you ever ask for more?

Adios—-Recorded and released just before the band took a sabbatical in the early to mid 90’s, this is really bass heavy and incredibly fast. Perhaps the band needed a bit of time to recharge and regenerate….because indeed, they came back better and harder than ever. This track is so fast…there is little time for melody, but it does manage to make an appearance with the swirling synths that run in the underbelly of the song. This is very aggressive at times, and damn catchy at others…a true swan song that was just momentary!!! Thank God!!!

Light [Cellulite Radio Mix]—-KMFDM allows for a huge intro from their ever-present female backdrop singer as well as the male vocals that are much more straight forward and clear than anything else on this release thus far. This is aggressive…in musical form, but also damn accessible vocally. again, this threatens to step away from the Industrial moniker almost completely, but the aggressive guitars and manipulations keep it centered and genuine.

Anarchy [Edit]—-Nice…..I had almost forgotten about this song!!! This is brilliant…delivered with a huge processed vocal that still manages to create a melody despite the sound, this is pure and simple one of the best tracks ever. This is actually sung!!! Rather than being a hollered sort of vocal delivery. The music is nice…although there are real instruments on the track, the star of the show are the processors and machines….just what I needed….this is a masterpiece!!!

Attack-Reload [Edit]—-This is, from the onset, a bit under-produced….perhaps this was done on purpose…designed to give the track a more organic sound. This almost sounds hollow to me and lacks a lot of the energy that is found on most of this bands singles. This is nice, but still sounds very hollow to me.

Glory [Edit]—-Returning to full throttle Industrial German Rock, the vocal follows shortly after the beginning of the song and is classic and typical KMFDM…sometimes, you need nothing more than what is expected. the vocal has a nice German bite to it…the anger and ire is delivered with a nice slant of disgust. I love this…just classic stuff.

Sturm & Drang [Edit]—-For me, this was a fairly lackluster single! Although the noise level on the track is fairly high and the aggression is pretty good, this is still delivered with a half heart…sometimes leaving me a bit empty after it was delivered. It was almost as if the band was trying too hard to deliver something that was up to par with the burgeoning Industrial scene at that time…the band is best at doing what they do best not conforming to what other expect or demand. this is pretty intense though…and it does have its moments!!!

Godlike [12″ Mix Edit]—-This is a classic KMFDM single that has been mixed and remixed so many times I have lost track. This version still allows for the aggression of the original, although it seems to be a bit more bass centered. The chorus is magnificent…with all of the synth spikes and soundbites adding to the flair of the track. This is fantastic…classic KMFDM that spoke of its passion to raise social awareness and deliver its own commentary. Stellar!!!

A Drug Against War [Single Edit]—-Another of my very favorite tracks from this band, I NEVER get tired of listening to this track. This is full of more aggression than KMFDM had managed to conjure up in years. This track is so speedy that you will beat yourself bloody trying to keep up with the pace of this song. This is literally a masterpiece…the synth programming is something of superhuman ideas….and the end result is something that will live on forever…this is fantastic!!!!

Power [Single Mix Edit]—-Faltering a bit, this track finds the band comfortably ensconced in their Industrial dance element that has pervaded many years of its content. The female back tracking gives the song a dance floor friendly sound…almost allowing you to forget that this is German Industrial. Still, at worst…this is one of the best.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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