Dashboard Confessional / Alter The Ending

Alter the EndingDashboard Confessional are an American indie emo band from Boca Raton, Florida, led by singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba.

The Analysis:

Get Me Right—-Starting off with a very nice acoustic guitar sound and the lone vocal from Chris, you have a feeling that this song may very well explode and become something much bigger….the song does open up very nicely…loaded with a huge bass drum and some more aggressive guitar. When the song reaches its full potential, you are rewarded for the wait with a huge emo style track that is wrought with introspective lyrics and a pretty damn feel good instrumentation…off to a nice start.

Until Morning—-With no time for introductions, this begins right out of the gate with nice aggressive guitars and a classic but predictable vocal from Chris. this has one of those chorus’ that will stay in your brain for days though….the hook in practised and delivered with mastery…this is one of my favorite tracks from this release…after not listening to this for a bit, it still sounds fantastic and reminds me of my infatuation with the band.

Everybody Learns From Disaster—-This is so typical of the music that so-called Alternative Bands are making today…that is perhaps my only complaint with this disc…it reamains pretty predictable. the power chords from the guitars are huge and the song allows for some pretty nice piano at the same time…this is an ode for Adolescents sung by Adults…?? I’m just sayin’….

Belle Of The Boulevard—-Delivering a pretty predictable sound with this track, I believe that this was released as a single and did really well for the band…this only serves as a pretty predictable continuation of the last release and really offers nothing new, but does remain consistent. The instrumentation is nice…much of the song delivered in an acoustic manner…but I really have no complaints. The simple fact is that the band sounds like dozens of others…pick your poison…right?

I Know About You—-Finally, this is a bit more aggressive and is delivered in that huge Springsteen Americana style that sits really well with me. The chorus of the song is a nice sing-a-long affair that the whole band takes part in and delivers a hook that stays in your brain for a bit. This is nuce…I love the driving guitars and the powerful drums…much more pleasing for me.

Alter The Ending—-Again, delivering a track that is much more aggressive and guitar based, this set right with me right from the first listen. Chris sings in such a way that requires the guitars to take a bit of a back seat once it starts, but when the chorus kicks in, you are again flooded with a remarkable melody that sticks in your brain and offers up some pretty great guitar playing. This is stellar…really one of my favorite tracks on this release!

Blame It On The Changes—-Returning to the more mellow delivery that really does not set to well with me these days, the saving grace is the huge chorus that opens up and allows a bit more focused guitar playing. All in all, this is one of those sappy songs that really has no merit for me….next….

Even Now—-Ugh….this really does nothing for me. This is loaded with about every lyrical cliché that you can imagine. the guitars are very gentle and delivered in an almost Alt-country style that really does not fit in well with the rest of the release. I know a band needs variety, but this is almost to extreme to be cohesive.

The Motions—-Ahhhh….a nice return to form, this has a really stellar guitar intro that delivers a much more aggressive element to the song. The vocal even seems a bit more driven…the chorus is freakin’ fantastic…I love this track…really my favorite on this CD. This is stellar…allowing Chris to deliver his vocal is a higher range that seems out of his elemnt…but the whole damn thing works and comes together magically!

No News Is Bad News—-Returning to the tried and true acoustic element of the band, this is a pretty nice song…it begins in a very sedate way, but opens up very nicely by the end of the first bar. The vocal is again, delivered in a higher than normal tone that seems to fit Chris much better than the predictable lower register. This has one of those huge chorus’ that leaves you feeling energized and with vigor. Nice….!!!

Water And Bridges—-This is almost too predictable for me to even give the song a chance…a nice slow intro that opens up into a huge chorus. The saving grace is how huge the chorus actually is…but the downfall is the sudden shift back to mediocrity…make up my mind guys…this is a bit too schizophrenic for me.

Hell On The Throat—-Ugh….not what I needed to leave a good taste in my mouth.

*** 3/4 out of 5


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