Malevolent Creation / Invidious Dominion

Invidious DominionMalevolent Creation is a death metal band originally hailing from Buffalo, New York. Moving to Florida in 1987, they became a part of the emergent local death metal scene, landing a deal with Roadrunner Records. Their debut album, The Ten Commandments, became something of a landmark in the death metal underground, expanding on the early work of Slayer and fellow Floridians Death.

Malevolent Creation recently signed a management deal with Extreme Management Group (Suffocation, Origin)[2]. They also have confirmed April 5, 2010 as the starting date for recording their new album with Erik Rutan at Mana Recording Studios (Cannibal Corpse, Vital Remains, Goatwhore, etc.)[2] The band released the following statement:

“After over 20 years in existence, and now having the most solid line up in years, we really wanted to make sure that with this new album we elevated the band in every way. Getting good management was crucial and EMG has a great track record. Erik has been talking to us since Doomsday X to record us, and with Gus Rios (Drums) being in the band full-time now, we didn’t want him to have the responsibility of producing the album as well as writing and playing. Erik really understands what we are about, and has all of the same thoughts about recording as us. It really couldn’t be a better working situation. We’ve said it before but this album really is without a doubt is the most relentless, focused and brutal MALEVOLENT CREATION album ever! We really went back to our roots, not only as a band, but as fans of metal. We wrote an album of songs that we as fans of brutal music would want to hear.”

The Analysis:

Intro—-A quick 30 second dark hum that allows you a brief moment to catch your breath before the masterful mayhem ensues….

United Hate—-This track begins with a barrage of every brutal sound that is known to mankind!!! The vocal enters and elevates the song to an even higher level. The voice is surprisingly accessible…you are actually able to catch words..unusual in this genre of music. The amazing thing about this band is the level of noise that they are able to produce while still maintaining a sence of melody and structure…this is brutal..accessible and very real.

Conflict Finalized—-With less than a second to catch your breath, you are again immersed in a boiling cauldron of manic Metal. The guitars are like buzz saws in your brain, the drums so fast you wonder over and over how they can play like that. The vocal that is delivered is leveled with an air of mania and driven anger….allowing you to catch whole sentences and also allowing you to catch a full glimpse of the anger and the tirade that is delivered. This is practised, polished and well produced Death Metal…a step above most of the other Floridian Metal bands around these days.

Slaughter House—-With a classic Death Metal beginning, this is pretty textbook in delivery. The vocal is a bit more garbled on this track…perhaps because of the speed of the delivery….this is not a pretty picture if you take the time to read the lyric sheet…this is Cannibal type lyrical content…as the title would suggest. The musicianship is impeccable as always..leaving your brain in a bloody mass upon completion. Fantastic!!!

Compulsive Face Breaker—-Again, from the onset you are faced with a barrage of pure noise…with some nice drum breaks in the process. The vocal is delivered in a constant vomit..word after word delivered with an aggression and malice that is not to be mistaken. The guitar solo is incredible on this track…allowing it to rise above the bass driven sludge that lies in the backdrop of every song. This is stellar…one of my favorites from this release.

Lead Spitter—-At the onset, this track, although just as aggressive as everything else on this release, seems a bit more accessible to me. the vocal is incredible…you can tell this was produced by an experienced knob twister…this is clear, concise and delivered with practised perfection. The drums on this release are just incredible…unrelenting and never-ceasing. This is stellar!!

Target Rich Environment—-Delivered with a nice down shift to the musical sound, this is progressive without ever going anywhere…a masterful art I think. The music has some nice stops and starts that must be really difficult to pull off when you are playing at such a speed. This entire track is very bass driven…and the outcome is nothing less than genius. I could never expect more…this far exceeds the last release…this is super produced and shiny.

Antagonized—-Again…you barely have time to catch your breath before you are again submerged in aggression and layered noise that somehow magically takes the shape of an actual workable song…complete with melody and a brilliant vocal. The voice is still  amazing to me…just proving that you can still be brutal while still being somewhat legible and understandable. This is fantastic…a favorite CD at the moment!!!

Born Again Hard—-Short, brutal musical bursts begins the track…then the full assault begins and delivers another track that is stellar and well delivered. The vocal is so times the growls are so low that it threatens to cancel out on my headphones…all the while remaining understandable and accessible. This is incredible.

Corrupter—-More accessible and polished Death Metal. This has an incredible lead melody that is matched perfectly by the heavy bass sound and the occasional drum breaks. The vocal at times on this has a nice Mustaine element to it..just remarkable. I have not been able to find one single flaw with this release….ready for the nest one…hurry up already!!!

Invidious Dominion—-Closing out this stellar release far to soon, this is one of those tracks where everything begins all at once. the vocal seems to begin right at the first drum hit and the first guitar chord. There are some really nice guitar solos on this and the vocal seems to fit 1000 words in a single sentence without a single breath. The track is a nice bloody affair that leaves you gasping for breath. This is brutal!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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