Kamelot / Poetry For The Poisoned

Poetry for the Poisoned

Kamelot is an American power metal[1] band from Tampa, Florida. The band was formed by Thomas Youngblood and Richard Warner in 1991. Norwegian vocalist Roy Khan joined for the album Siége Perilous, and has shared song-writing duties with Youngblood since.

As of 2010, Kamelot has released nine studio albums, two live albums, one live DVD, seven music videos and a reissue of Ghost Opera that includes an additional disc with ten live recordings and four bonus tracks. Their most current studio album is Poetry for the Poisoned, which was released in September 2010.

The Analysis:

The Great Pandemonium—-Beginning rather sedate, it is not long before the song erupts into a nice huge track…full of orchestrated pomposity. The vocal is a nice mix…at times delivering a nice deep sound that reminds you of Norway…at other times soaring over the instruments…reminding you that this is progressive and full of power. A bit pretentious, this song is pretty overblown…but we will see what the rest of the release has to offer.

If Tomorrow Came—-Right out of the gate, this is more powerful and full in sound. The vocal is still a bit odd for me…sometimes so overblown I’m not sure whether to take it seriously or not. I keep waiting for these songs to take a full shape, but it never seems to really happen. I like the vocal, but the stop and start of the musical delivery interrupts whatever mood is beginning to take shape. This is a bit too progressive for me?

Dear Editor—-This quick one minute track offers little new…heavy on pretention and short on form, this is just a precursor to…..

The Zodiac—-This track begins huge….the orchestration is huge and audacious but just as quickly disappears and allows for a whispered vocal that is more experimental than the most complicated Queensryche. the chorus is a nice affair, but the band never reaches down for its true metal sidfes…this is so flat for me…I remain very disappointed.

Hunter’s Season—-Again, the song begins with huge promise…delivering some great Power metal chords…but everything falls away for the overblown vocal that is flat all of the way through the track. Where is the emotion and the power. The music is the one bright spot on this track…the drums are fantastic…but the song is just flat all the way through…the band pays way too much attention to the concept and almost ignore the musical aspect of the record. What a disappointment.

House On A Hill—-The vocal begins the track and the range is the same as always…an almost monotone delivery that leaves me empty and without emotion. I love the addition of the female vocal…at least it gives the sound some actual real emotion and range. The harmonies are nice, but this vocalist is so limited in his range…this band could be so much better with someone else delivering the vox.

Necropolis—-Showing great promise at the onset, this is full of huge sweeping Metal orchestration that as usual falls away to allow for the incredibly weak and uninspired vocal. This for me is terrible….the only bright spot is when the voice really tries to reach for some vocal emotion…this is the most aggressive the band has sounded the entire release and this is only sub par at best. Really not a fan at this point.

My Train Of Thoughts—-Ugh….this is the worst of the lot so far…the vocal is delivered in an almost monotone manner that conveys no emotion of drive. The music kicks up a notch, but the voice stays at the same comfortable level…for me, the vocalist of this band is holding them back from greatness…this band could be huge with a more varied vocalist. this is just a waste of a CD!

Seal Of Woven Years—-Pretension is wonderful if it has a purpose….for me, this has no purpose. I fail to grasp any kind of concept. there is no emotion in the vocal…the only bright spot is he well executed music on this release. The words are empty and the vocal is flat and never goes anywhere. The music on this track is huge…the overblown orchestration made me smile for a moment before it all fell away for a vocal that sounds uninspired and directionless.

Poetry For The Poisoned: Incubus—-A nice drum intro and some huge orchestration gives me hope, but it all falls away for the vocal. That would not be a bad thing…if the vocal was any good. This does have a nice melody line…but it stops there.

Poetry For The Poisoned: So Long—-As the suite of songs continue, it gets no better. If you though Geoff Tate could be overblown, this guy holds a whole other candle…this sucks!!! Only the added female vocal saves this song from the trash.

Poetry For The Poisoned: All Is Over/Dissection—-Again, the intro of the song shows this huge promise…but everything is reigned in because of the limited vocal range of the vocalist. The female vocalist that is featured on this is fantastic…and when the two voices come together there is a shining moment of light…but it is fleeting and momentary.

Once Upon A Time—-Delivering some pretty magnificent Power Guitar at the onset of the song, the vocal enters and brings everything down a notch…leaving you so empty it is almost impossible to focus on the stellar musicianship that is on the release. That is too bad…this is a great band….but the vocal ties them to a sound where they can not really shine. The melody that runs through this track is pretty great, but the vocal can’t deliver the power that is required.

** out of 5


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