Moby / Go-The Very Best Of Moby [Deluxe Edition]

Go the Very Best of Moby (Dlx)

Richard Melville Hall (born September 11, 1965),[1] better known by his stage name Moby, is an American DJ, singer-songwriter, and musician.

He sings and plays keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums. Moby became a successful artist on the ambient electronica scene, and achieved eight top 40 singles in the UK during the 1990s. In 1999 he released the album Play, a mix of melancholic chill-out, ambient music, and upbeat electronica, that was critically acclaimed and produced an impressive eight hit singles (including his most popular songs “Porcelain“, “Natural Blues” and “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?“). Play became a commercial and cultural phenomenon, selling over 10 million copies worldwide[2] (the best-selling electronica album ever) and with its eighteen songs receiving an unprecedented licensing in films, television and commercial advertisements.

His follow-up album, 18 (2002) was also successful, receiving positive to mixed response. His next offer, the mostly upbeat Hotel (2005) received lukewarm reviews and poor sales in general. Moby released his most recent albums, Last Night (2008) and Wait for Me (2009), finding good reviews and moderate sales. AllMusic considers Moby “one of the most important dance music figures of the early ’90s, helping bring the music to a mainstream audience both in the UK and in America“.

The Analysis: Disc One

Natural Blues—-Taken from the blockbuster Play release, this features some of the famous sampling from the Alan Lomax recording sessions. This is beautifully layered…allowing the sampled vocal to lie on top of the trademark moby musical delivery. I never get tired of listening to this track…delivered with a slight blues lean, this is still danceable but more beautiful than anything else. Classic stuff.

Go [2006]—-This very early Moby single was perhaps the one song that was responsible for bringing the early techno movement to the United States. This updated version sounds little different from the original still swirls with that trademark hum that most Moby compositions carry…is loaded with a nice bass beat and allows you to actually feel the moods of the music as it takes you through an entire night of dancing in one track. This is historic and still sounds incredibly fresh to me.

Porcelain—-Another of my favorite Moby tracks, I prefer this original version over any kind of remix that I have been able to find…it is hard to remix perfection. This is a complicated and structured track…featuring every Moby song all crammed into one masterpiece of a track. the delivery is decidedly downbeat….the vocal is delivered by Moby himself. The sweet piano that plays in the backdrop of the song is heightened by the synth line that is almost delivered in a shuffling type of manner. The vocal is reedy and thin, but the lyrics are relatable enough to make you feel really bad for the things that you have done to those whom you really love. Music that makes you feel!!!

We Are All Made Of Stars—-Taken from the 18 release, many ‘new’ fans were a bit dismayed by this release…expecting Moby to produce a Play Pt. II…instead, Moby did as he always does…push his personal boundaries and delivered a release that was full of movements and moods. This track…recorded right after 9/11 has a certain element to it that makes you feel happy and united. This is a powerful track…albeit a bit downbeat…but classic all the way if you have been a Moby fan from the beginning.

Dream About Me—-Another of those mellow Moby tracks that features his revolving roster of female vocalist, this has a nice undercurrent to it that still qualifies it as dance music, but you will never hear this played in a club. This is radio friendly…featuring a Moby vocal as well with a nice swirl in the backdrop of the song that allows you to instantly recognize who you are listening to. This is not a favorite track…and hardly a hit…but pleasant as hell none the less.

New York, New York featuring Debbie Harry—-This is a huge song…full of pulsating New York bass and delivered by one of the Queens of New York herself. This falls into the pseudo-techno catagory…full of hyper beats that border on Disco. Harry delivers a classic vocal…better than anything that I have heard from her in ages…like she was still 20 years old and playing clubs in the city. This is fantastic!!

In This World—-Another of those sample heavy tracks from Play, this is inspirational and moving. The swirls of synths provide you with an elated feeling that you can’t escape…and the vocal is from heavy. This is down south heavy blues delivered over classic D.I.Y. beats that moby has made a career out of.

South Side—-This is the original version from Play…not the sloppy re-released version with Gwen Stefani on vocals. Delivered with an almost tropical beat, this reminds me of the Islands at the onset. Moby enters with his vocal…just quiet and weak enough to really allow you to hear every word and fall into the whole mood of the song. This is another of those tracks that elicits this euphoric feel inside of me…conjuring up memories of hanging with friends and going to places we were not supposed to. This also has an actual guitar solo in the middle of everything…remarkable!

Beautiful—-Again featuring Moby on vocals, this is a tender track that stays that way despite the full sound of the track. This is a love song if i ever heard one…delivered with electric sounds…icluding Moby style guitars and a shifting beat that fits the guitar interludes perfectly. This is fantastic…again causing me goosebumps and a huge smile.

Extreme Ways—-I hate to sound so repetitive, but this is another of those songs that is steeped in every classic Moby sound that you can imagine. Moby delivers the vocal…sounding like he was recorded in a small bathroom with the beats added later. The lyrics are vivid and in huge Technicolor. The beats are trademark…and the synth line…keeps repeating over and over making you a bit crazy…but this is Moby all the way.

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?—-Also taken from the Play release and featuring more Lomax samples, this is one of my favorite tracks from that release. This is a huge sweeping track that makes you ask yourself a million questions and allows a certain level of melancholy. Masterfully delivered with a gentle synth line, this is a masterpiece of a song…this would be hard to live up too. Just fantastic!

In My Heart—-With masterful Moby style piano, this is a huge track that again allows you to question everything about life in the matter of about 4 minutes. the vocal is wonderful…the beats are much more inspired and take you back to the more galloping techno that Moby made in the mid-80’s. This is magnificent…never becoming overbearing…allowing you to dance and causing you to question.

Honey—-My favorite track from the Play release, this is again Lomax sample heavy…but delivered in a manner that is completely different from anything else of the CD. This is just beyond words….with huge beats that begin a bit tinny but open up and become huge as the song develops, this is wonderful. The vocal..a mix of samples and Moby is constant and repetitive…but it is the beat of the music that is brilliant. This is wonderful.

Lift Me Up—-This is a classic example of how overblown Moby can sometimes get with his music…this attempts to be so important that it misses the mark for me. The beats are hits and misses and the vocal, supplied by Moby is he weakest I have heard. The entire thing changes when the chorus is introduced though…it becomes this huge elated track that makes you somehow feel happy no matter how deep in the dumps the lyric is. This is the magic of Moby!

Feeling So Real [Live In London]—-Live is the best way to experience Moby…I have had the pleasure 3 times, and it gets better every single time. The music, no matter the song, becomes so much more powerful in a live setting. This is a classic example of that…live, this song is about 300 times faster than the recorded version and the energy is palatable. This is fantastic…a pure deep house rave party… your glow sticks?

God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters—-Taken from the Everything Is Wrong release, this was a favorite of mine for a very long time. This is classic ambient Moby…full of the masterful piano and mellow synth lines that he really is famous for. On any given Moby release, there is a mellow track for every floor stomper that might be on it. This is full of emotion, movement and sadness. This guy is a genius!

Disc Two: The Remixes

Bodyrock [Olav Basoki’s Da Funk Da Freak Funk Mix]—-Now, this is the Moby music that made Club Music a household name in the later part of the 80’s and 90’s. This is fantastic…also taken from the Play release, this is a huge remix…full of effects, synth lines that are gigantic and of course a nice dose of funk. This is fantastic!!!

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?  [Ferry Corsten Remix]—-I have countless remixes of this song…but somehow this one managed to escape me. This is full of swirls and synth lines that would make a midnight club crowd go insane. The basic elements of the original track are very in tact, but the added bass and the speed of the remix takes the track to an entire new level. This is freakin’ brilliant!!!

Natural Blues [Oakenfold Perfecto Dub]—-I’ll be the first to admit that I am really not a fan of dub remixes, this is a prime example of why. Regardless of how much I love Oakenfold, this is just a repetive echo of a song that is stripped and has nothing new to offer. I remain disappointed with this.

South Side [Pete Heller Park Lane Dub]—-I’m sorry….just wasted beats in time and space. The song has no structure, it never goes anywhere and just repeats the same synth line over and over nad over and over. And NO vocal at all!!!

We Are All Made Of Stars [Timo Maas Vocal Remix]—-This track takes a bit of time to get going…the intro is too long, but obviously designed to help DJ’s mix into the song. The beats are nice…and when the vocal finally does appear, it is tried and true…the track looses a bit of the magic with all of these added beats, but there is a nice harmony that is added that makes the song more unique than the original…not a favorite, but a nice change of pace.

Extreme Ways [DJ Tiesto’s Vocal Remix]—-Beginning a bit odd, once the familiar strains of the song come into play and the added bass really begins, you are swept up in the huge feel of the song. This is pretty magnificent…Moby has a vocal that sounds much beefier than the original and the added synth lines makes the song far more danceable than the original…this is a winner!!!

Jam For The Ladies [Nevins Club Blaster Mix]—-Nevins is a master at remixes and this track has his distinctive sound all over it. The original version of this track is pretty incredible…Nevins takes thew track to the nest level and makes this a huge rave stomper that brings about euphoria and energy. This is freakin’ incredible…I could never ask for more…and it is wonderfully easy to mix in and out of.

Lift Me Up [Mylo Mix]—-This is FABULOUS!!! Combining some real classic Disco sounds put in place with a modern underlying synth line, this can and does appeal to everyone. It is easy to mix in and out of with the original..allowing you to really supply a huge track to a floor full of dancers. This has some nice robotic sounds…typical of Mylo and his remixing technique. I love everything about this…just fantastic…energetic yet still containing some true elements of the basic track.

Raining Again [Steve Angello’s Vocal Mix]—-This falls a bit flat for me, Angello delivers a remix that is self-indulgent and allows for little of the originality that this tracks deserves. There are some trademark synths that allow you to recognize the basic elements of the original, but this comes off for the most part as being a bit to foreign for me. This is nice, but this could be any late night filler…where is the trademark sounds that made Moby a king.

Dream About Me [Booka Shade Remix]—-this has a nice mellow bass and synth delivery at the onset…the problem is that it goes on forever before getting to the meat of the song. The vocal is so manipulated, that you would have problems really realizing who this was and what song it was. There are some nice high points to the song, but the indulgence clouds those parts of the song. Sometimes these remixers make the song a bit too much about themselves and their own style….I’m just sayin’.

Slipping Away [Axwell Vocal Mix]—-Ugh….another self indulgent track that takes a lifetime to really get started…this is full of blips and heavy bass beats that please me, but I’m bored by the time the vocal finally does materialize. This is nice…the build up to the bass intro is huge but it crashes down and leaves me feeling empty.

**** out of 5


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