Jenny And Johnny / I’m Having Fun Now

I'm Having Fun NowJennifer Diane Lewis (born January 8, 1976[1]), is an American singer-songwriter musician, and actress. She is a member and primary vocalist of the indie rock band Rilo Kiley,[2] and has released three solo albums. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is of Jewish descent.

In 2010, Jenny Lewis released the song “Scissor Runner” with her boyfriend Johnathan Rice under the moniker Jenny and Johnny. The song was made available for free download from the duo’s official website, and is taken from their first studio album I’m Having Fun Now.

The Analysis:

Scissor Runner—-Right out of the gate, you are wrapped in this brilliant pop sound that is inescapable and incredibly joyous. These two voices come together and make harmonies that are so sweet you will fall into a slight diabetic coma with each listen. This is a magical moment…that I hope will be repeated over and over again. This is so warm and contagious….I think I may be in heaven!!!

My Pet Snakes—-Beginning with a bit more jaunt and attitude, Jenny enters with a vocal that makes me think of Josie Cotton!!! The layered magnificence that makes up the music on this release is pure magic…when the voices come together…singing different verses, you are elevated to a magical place that very few bands can put you. This is pure magic…even if the lyrics are a bit dark and biting…this is magic!!!

Switchblade—-Right from the start, the gentle acoustic guitar and gentle airy synth sound makes you aware that this is another pop masterpiece. Johnny delivers a vocal that is amazingly familiar…reminding me at times of Paul Simon. When the two voices come together, you are wrapped in a salve of sweet serenades that will last you through the entire week that is about to come. This is magical…a moment caught in time and delivered with pure perfection.

Big Wave—-From the onset, this has a bit of noise quickly falls away to allow for the vocal of Jenny…a vocal that reminds me of the beach pop bands that seem to be everywhere these days. This is retro in sound…reminding you of days far gone by…but incredibly modern and fresh. The song content is a bit dark, but is amazingly pushed aside thanks to the damn pleasant music that accompanies them. This is just fantastic!!!

While Men Are Dreaming—-With a dense intro, full of a low and menacing hum, you are surprised when it all falls away to allow for a remarkable display of vocals working together like well oiled pistons of a huge engine. This is freakin’ beautiful..delivered with brilliance and masterful beauty. This will be on my playlist for quite sometime.

Animal—-Beginning with a gentle guitar that grows as the song continues, this is a track that is loaded with religious references and Jewish landmarks. This is delivered in the same remarkable beauty as the rest of the release, despite the song content. It is amazing that such discord can be delivered with such ease and beauty…things are not always as they seem.

Just Like Zeus—-Gosh….this is just a brilliant record….I really need to investigate Rilo…I’m not really familiar with them. This is a brilliant track…full of an acoustic guitar that jumps out of the headphones and plants a new life in your brain. The vocal harmonies are like syrup on a huge stack of your favorite pancakes…making you want to take one taste after another. This is just wonderful!!!

New Yorker Cartoon—-OMG….this is so classic 60’s inspired pop that you are in a whole new place when you listen to this. The Simon & Garfunkel references pop into my brain again…the harmonies are that beautiful. the instrumentation is bare and minimal…but you really do not need anymore…the song stands huge and erect just as it is. This is damn near perfection!!!

Straight Edge Of The Blade—-This has 80’s Alternative written all over it. the pop hooks and melodies are so beautiful that you catch your breath over and over. This is stripped down and relatively bare…but the voices provide all of the sound that you need to feel complete. This has a haunting melody that is only accented by the sweet and masterful harmonies. This is brilliant!

Slavedriver—-From the onset, the layered music is fantastic…although much of the pomposity falls away for a much more simple beat, the joined voices come together to take the place of the swirls, that magically appear again once the track in underway. Lyrically, this is not light listening…but the gentle presentation allows the dark images to be much easier to swallow. This is a moment in time that is to be savored and revisited time and time again!!!

Committed—-Johnny again delivers his best Paul Simon impersonation and creates a huge blank canvas for Jenny to add her wistful backdrop vocals to. The song is pure Alternative Pop mastery…enjoy this one…it is likely to be a long time before you hear something this majestic again.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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