Absence / Enemy Unbound

Enemy Unbound

The Absence is an American death metal band from Tampa, Florida. Their style has been described as aggressive thrash metal with Scandinavian metal influences.[1] They are currently signed to Metal Blade Records. The band released an eponymous EP in 2004 and followed up with their debut album, From Your Grave, in 2005. The band’s second album, Riders of the Plague, was released in 2007. The album was praised in a review for finding an “interesting balance” between the genres death metal and thrash metal.[2] The band is also notable for its highly technical lead work between its two guitarists. In 2007, bassist Micheal Leon joined the band. Drummer Jeramie Kling left the band that same year and was temporarily replaced by another drummer from the Tampa death metal scene, Chris Pistillo. The band recruited Justin Reynolds as their new drummer in early 2008.

The Absence stated in late 2008 they would be entering the studio to record a new studio effort in March of ’09. Due to time constraints and touring duties, the band said they would enter the studio on September 10 since the original date “wasn’t the right time.” However the band delayed studio entrance time once again and recently stated that they entered Mana recording studios on November 2, 2009 to record Enemy Unbound, their third studio album. Enemy Unbound is scheduled for a September 14, 2010 release. On September 27, 2010 The Absence release the music video ‘Enemy Unbound’ from their 2010 album Enemy Unbound.

The Analysis:

Vertigo—-This introduction leads you to believe that you are about to be treated to a nice mainstream melodic Metal record….don’t be led astray because you are soon smacked right in the forehead with…

Erased—-Led off by the trademark blistering twin guitars that the band is known for, the vocal follows shortly after and is delivered with a classic evilness that reminds you of classic bands like Exodus and Testament. This is a huge song…the bass guitar is incredible…the drums are in your face but still seem to be the weakest part of the band’s repertoire. All in all, this picks up where the last record left off and finds the band just where they should be.

Deepest Wound—-This is just incredible…layered with huge bass sounds but nice electricity at the same time, this really makes me think of classic Testament….making me want to grab Practice What You Preach for a quick listen. The vocal  has a bit more menace, but overall the music is a perfect throwback sound to the glory days of when I was first discovering the Thrash movement. When the leads are given a spotlight, the song develops such great melody. I love this stuff!!!

Maelstrom—-Delivering more predictable but fantastic instrumentation, this release will not let you down if you are a fan of dark Thrash. This has a spectacular vocal…I’m amazed by the melody that the band manages to hold on to while still delivering a ferocious attack on the senses. This is a new favorite band…the chorus is this huge…dare I say…infectious affair that will have you returning again and again!!!

Enemy Unbound—-The title track to this release is perhaps my favorite track on this release. This is huge…delivered with a masterful lead guitar intro and peppered with remarkable bass guitar. the vocal is stellar…exciting me more and more with every single word that is uttered…this is an aural assault that leaves you satisfied in every sense of the word. I think my only complaint with this release is that the vocal does seem to be moved to the back of the band a bit. This sounds so much like Arch Enemy!!!

Solace—-Nice…right from the onset, you know that this is going to be epic…and you will not be disappointed. This is huge, dark and delivered with a remarkable melody line that will plant in your brain and grow exponentially with every listen. I could not love a band more right now…who gives a fuck if I am the only Gay metalhead on the face of the planet…I rock hard and I rock RIGHT!

The Bridge—-The drums sound so much better on this track…perhaps the best thus far! This is again a track that really reminds me of Arch Enemy…and I thought that sound was unique to them alone…oops! This is fantastic…I only wish that the vocal was louder and more in your face…none the less, this is delivered with masterful aggression and pure melody…quickly becoming a favorite release of mine…of all time!!!

Wartorn—-Delivered with machine gun accuracy, the lead guitars enter and form the entire basis for the song in the first thirty seconds…the melodic component of this band is undeniable. This is delicious aggression delivered with a nice overdose of brutality and a surprising vocal that you can really grab a hold of…even without the lyric sheet. I am so impressed with this release….highly recommended.

Hidden In White—-This begins rather slow…intermixed with disturbing soundbites that set the tone for this incredible release. The drums smack you in the face and the twin lead guitars manage to form the basis for the entire song. This is a masterful track…almost bordering at times on progressive Metal. Once the vocal enters the fray, you wipe all of that from your though process and give into the aggression. This is fantastic…I hate to keep making the Arch Enemy reference…but geez!!!!

Vengeance And Victory—-Yet another surprise as the song enters with a pleasant and pleasing acoustic guitar delivery…that is suddenly shattered by the aggressive bass and drums. The vocal soon follows and reminds you that you are listening to one of the most important up and coming Thrash bands of our time…I have huge, high hopes for this band….giving Florida a whole new name. This is a fantastic track…the guitar squeals that show up from time to time make you realize this is real stuff…the vocal eats at your brain and the pace of the song invigorates you and makes you feel like a new person….because music matters!!!

Triumph—-I feel huge sadness that this release is coming to an end…secretly wishing that it was about 100 tracks longer. The song begins with a nice guitar sound that is full of teasing from the bass line…when the track finally opens up into a full on assault, you look to make sure that this is the final track. the lead guitars literally soar above the aggression…making your blood boil and allowing you to feel more alive than you have in days. This is a brilliant display of talent and masterful instrumentation. Clocking in at almost 12 minutes in length, you are taken through huge riffs and then complete silence  for about 8 minutes…then a nice acoustic guitar….this is bizarre, but unique and admirable….wow!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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