Murderdolls / Women And Children Last [Bonus Tracks]

Women And Children Last (Special Edition)(CD/DVD)

Murderdolls is an American horror punk supergroup, founded during 2002 in Hollywood, California.[1] The band line-up consists of core members Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison. Former members include Ben Graves, Acey Slade, Eric Griffin & Tripp Eisen.

To date the band has released two albums, the first in the form of Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls which was released in 2002. The band had limited initial success in the United States, though their album and singles charted well in the United Kingdom and around the same time they picked up a strong following in Japan. Their second album, Women and Children Last, was released August 31, 2010.

The Analysis:

Chapel Of Blood—-This intro sets the tone for the release….right out of the gate, the music is fantastic. The guitars are have that classic goth-Metal sound….the vocal that is delivered invites you into the Blood Red Chapel…Wednesday is fantastic…Marilyn who? But damn, that bass delivery is fantastic..the drums are huge and Joey is really the star of this dark and gory show!

Bored Til’ Death—-Right out of the gate, you are smacked in the face with a great Zombie style delivery that is fresh yet familiar. the vocal comes at you fast…delivered with a certain mania that makes you uncomfortably comfortable. this is fantastic..aggressive yet remarkably accessible…the guitars make me think of classic, early Motley Crue….yes, it is still that raw. Fantastic!!!

Drug Me to Hell—-Seriously, this is another track that has that raw Los Angeles Sunset Strip sound to it…I love this stuff. The music is retro enough to conjure up memories of days gone by, the vocal from Wednesday is fresh and new enough to keep you interested. This is fantastic Goth Metal….Seriously….Manson should pay attention.

Nowhere—-Damn….this is so accessible…right from the first note. the guitar sound is so damn addictive, only the deeper than usual vocal disrupts this from mastery…until the chorus kicks in. this is freakin brilliant…this could be a really huge hit…I really believe that. This is a huge song with really strong pop overtonmes…on purpose or not, the recipe is firmly intact on this one…look to hear this song a lot.

Summertime Suicide—-This is another song…dark in nature but so remarkably accessible you wonder what the hell this band is thinking. the words to a lot of these songs prevent them from mainstream airplay…but the melodies and chorus are guaranteed hit material. This is freakin’ brilliant…this song is huge!!! The chorus will wake you up in the middle of the night despite the dark and morose lyrical content. This is brilliant!!!

Death Valley Superstars—-Returning to a more straight on and hard edge Metal delivery, the sound on this record is just huge. This is really well produced Heavy Metal…I’m so impressed by the clarity of the recording…you can hear every single nuance perfectly and the power chords that are delivered are POWER CHORDS. The song is dark and humorously dark…this band is a lot of fun. It is a good thing they don’t take themselves to seriously!!!

My Dark Place Alone—-Wow…this is just fantastic. Wednesday delivers a vocal that makes me think of Phil Anselmo and makes me reach for some classic Pantera. this is really aggressive and delivered with an almost thrash style musical delivery. I love the aggression, the lyrics and vocal…which are crystal clear for the most part…and the brutal drum and bass delivery. This is stellar!

Blood Stained Valentine—-Delivering more of what you expect at this point of the release. this is consistent, somewhat blues oriented Metal that sounds so much like early Vince Neil that you shake your head in wonderment and enjoyment. This is freakin’ fantastic…this is Sunset Strip Metal circa 1985….this is so retro that it sounds brand new. Brilliant!!!

Pieces Of You—-Damn, this record is so well produced. The sound of the band is fucking huge…the sounds come out at you through the headphones…the chorus of the song…delivered in short and brutal punches move the hair behind you ears. This is fantastic…the drums on this track are just incredible…the bass guitar literally sings and the added handclaps at the end of the track give it that right amount of cheesy B-Movie humor!

Homicide Drive—-This track, although consistent, feels a bit stale to me. This crosses over to the sterile Rob Zombie horror feel to me. The music is a bit to stale and safe, while the vocal relies on lyrics that are peppered with profanity instead of content. Still rocks, but lacks the genuity of much of this release.

Rock n’ Roll Is All I Got—-This, and I hate to keep referencing it, is a knock off of the early Sunset Strip days of early Motley Crue. This has such a raw and blues oriented delivery that you can’t help but think of the bands that cut their teeth on that Los Angeles club circuit. Here, is where the band separates itself though. There is no other band right now making this kind of music…I hope that this group gets the attention that it deserves!

Nothing’s Gonna Be Alright—-Wow…I love this stuff. this has a guitar effect that runs through the song that will have you addicted from the very first moment. This is extra-ordinary!!! The chorus is this huge affair that reminds you of the glory days, while the vocal is just brutal enough to remind you of your current listening proclivities…fantastic!

Whatever You Got, I’m Against It—-This is a nice track with a retro feel that reminds you of classic Alice Cooper. The hook in the chorus is pure Cooper style delivery. The leads are noisy and in your face…the drums come right out of the speakers at you. The message of the song is pure LA…go for it…rock out!

Hello, Goodbye, Die—-Right out of the gate, this song is delivered in that remarkable zombie style with a few added extras! The drums on this track are incredible…in fact they seem to be the star of the show. The vocal is higher in tone and more brutal than anything on this release. This song is delivered with huge layers…literally sending you head spinning and waiting to start the entire damn thing all over again. This is fantastic!

Bonus Tracks:

Motherfucker, See Motherfucker—-Going back in time and delivering his best Vince Neil impression, Wednesday does deliver his own style of attitude that is remarkable. This track, delivered at such a hyper speed that it comes across as a pure post-punk track is really pleasing to me, I have zero complaints about this band.

The Funeral Ball—-Wow….the intro sounds like classic Guns N’ Roses!!! The vocal enters and dispels that though from you in a moments notice as Wednesday delivers vocals that are more classic Alice Cooper than Axl Rose. This is nice…delivered in typical style, but a bit unremarkable.

A Moment Of Violence—-Introduced and led by drums that really matter, the song is layered with huge guitar sounds…a heavy bass  and drums that leave a dent in your brain. The vocal is classic Neil style…but the growl you get on occasion only proves to you what you already knew….Wednesday can sing with the best of them. The band manages…very successfully to end the release ans great as it began!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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