Five Finger Death Punch / War Is The Answer

War Is The Answer

Five Finger Death Punch is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2005, the group’s named is derived from classic oriental martial arts cinema.[4] The band originally consisted of Motograter and Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan Moody, U.P.O. guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Caleb Bingham, Anubis Rising and Deadsett bassist Matt Snell, and W.A.S.P. drummer Jeremy Spencer. Bingham was replaced by W.A.S.P. guitarist Darrell Roberts in 2006, who was replaced by Alice Cooper guitarist Jason Hook in 2009.

They achieved commercial success rapidly: their debut album, The Way of the Fist (2007) has currently sold over 420,000 copies in the United States. Their second album, War Is the Answer (2009), sold more than 44,000 copies in its first week of release, and has gone on to sell more than 340,000 copies. They have played many major tours and festivals including Korn‘s Family Values and Bitch We Have a Problem Tours, they played on the J√§germeister Stage (second stage) at Mayhem Festival in 2008 and played the main stage at Mayhem Festival in 2010. They also made performances at Download Festival during both 2009 and 2010.

The Analysis:

Dying Breed—-Coming right out of the starting gate with enough aggression to start a fire just from the sound, this is a band that pulls few punches. the vocal is brutal…only interuppted by the wonderfully melodic clean vocal that surfaces throughout. The music is bass heavy…the drums are monstrous…this will be a brutal trip…put on your seat belts!

Hard To See—-This track carries a bit more melodic overtones right from the onset…the song opens with the clean vocal and I am a bit surprised by this. this is pretty fantastic…delivered with a remarkable passion and an irresistible melody. The deep tones of the band remains firmly intract…the bass and the drums lead the song…but the surprise is how accessible this is. Fantastic!

Bulletproof—-Brutal from the onset, this is fantastic bass driven metal that has more energy than three pots of coffee. The surprise with this band remains the remarkable accessibility of the whole damn thing…this is aggressive yet melodic, brutal yet harmonious. Nice that a band from the US is still able to represent the community so well…move over Hatebreed!

No One Gets Left Behind—-Finally, the leads show up in the introduction of this song with some really nice clarity. the vocal is driven and reminds me of Jasta so much…the only break in the aggression comes form the addictive clean vocal that is delivered from time to time…the voice is clear and damn pleasant. This is really accessible…making me wonder why this band does not manage to sell million of records. This is pretty fantastic!

Crossing Over—-Wow…what the fuck is this? Delivering a ballad that reminds me of Disturbed or Breaking Benjamin, this is fantastic!!! The vocal is freakin’ fantastic…delivered with huge layers of emotions and realism. I am amazed at the versatility of this band every single time I listen to this…remarkable. And the leads resurface…delivering a nice blistering solo!

Burn It Down—-Returning to full on Thrash Metal, this song is about as brutal as you can find in the marketplace today. This is better than modern-day Slayer, more potent than the last Hatebreed record and delivered with a sincerity that makes you believe every single word that is spewed across your speakers. This is high-octane Metal that invigorates, conjures up thoughts and ideas and inspires energy…who could ask for more?

Far From Home—-Again, surprising me with the radio-friendly intro that makes me wonder what the hell, this is fantastic. I love this…i keep checking to make sure I am listening to the right CD! This is incredible…delivered with a backdrop that includes gentle bass and drums, quiet leads and strings, the vocal reminds me so much of Breaking Benjamin. I am really surprised by this release…I’m not sure why I waited so long to actually get this!!!

Falling In Hate—-Returning again to the aggression and power that I am searching for at this moment, this song will not let you down. The band creates these huge walls of sound that will smack you around and leave you crying like a little bitch. The vocal digs deep down inside of you and massages your liver…while you sweat from the pleasure and majesty of the aggression and unbridled energy. This is freakin’ amazing!

My Own Hell—-This has a nice aggressive edge, while still allowing for a remarkable melody line that is provided bu the subtle leads and the drum track. The vocal slips in between a clean delivery and a frenzied and angry pace that begs for attention. This is brilliant…this is one of the best of the Nu-Nu Metal bands that are out there. Get This Record….that’s a damn order!

Walk Away—-Again, the leads appear to kick-start the track…giving me a smile because the song already has a nice melodic quality. The vocal enters and is delivered in the best Breaking Benjamin style that you have ever heard singce…um…well, Breaking Benjamin. I think only the name of the band deters them from having the fan base that they deserve. This is brilliant Metal…delivered with aggression but a remarkable sincerity at the same time. I love this!

Canto—-This is freakin’ amazing!!! Delivered with some blistering and soaring leads, the song is allowed to delve back into the bass heavy delivery shortly after it begins…but the leads rise to the surface again…taking you on a Maiden like epic musical journey. This is remarkable…I could never ask for more…this is aggressive, accessible and a sound for NOW!!! Amazing!

Bad Company—-This band is simply astounding….who would think that covering a band such as Bad Company would please me so damn much. Jesus, I might smile until Tuesday!!! This is true to the original, but with the necessary added aggressive touches that you would expect from this band…I am simply floored by this record…perhaps I need to pull out the first release and listen to it again…sometimes thisngs don’t make an impression on me at first…this is that exception.

War Is The Answer—-Ending the release much the way it began, the aggression is in high power and the deep bass delivery is firmly intact. this is driving and brutal…the voice is remarkable…condescending and filled with a layer of anger and disdain that will leave you breathless. This is just what I needed today…good call!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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