Insect Warfare /World Extermination

World ExterminationInsect Warfare are a grindcore band from Houston, TX, known for their unbridled ferocity and studious dedication to perpetuating this radical extreme music subgenre in its most undiluted and least accessible form. Originally founded in 2004, the band quickly made a name for itself by releasing a string of solo and split EPs between 2005 and 2007 while embarking on tours as far afield as Japan and Australia — such was the positive word of mouth preceding their inexorable advance. Their first “full-length album” (such things being relative in a genre where songs tend to last between 30 and 90 seconds each), the 20-track World Extermination, was released independently in 2007, but it only took another year before the disc was given worldwide distribution by Earache Records. At the time of its recording, Insect Warfare consisted of vocalist Rahi, guitarist Beau, touring bassist Alex Hughes, and drummer Dobber Beverly.

The Analysis:

Oxygen Corrosion—-At just over 50 seconds, this little intro serves to warn you that the journey you are about to embark on is not pleasant of for the faint of heart or hearing…leading right into…

Self Termination—-One of the best most well produced Grind release that I have ever heard, the sole intent of this release is to leave you ears bleeding and your body reeling. This is brutal, loud, brash and freakin amazing.

Enslaved By Machinery—-Literally engulfing you in noise and a pure unadulterated journey into hell, it is amazing that this band is even capable of keeping track of the songs…they are short…brutal and mind numbing.

Manipulator—-Layered with walls of guitar sound and drums that are freakin blistering, this will leave you flat on your back and wishing that someone would throw you a HUGE life jacket. This is not for the faint of heart or the easily distracted. This is brutal, ground breaking and literally a wall of pure vomit….BRILLIANT!!!

Zone Killer—-at just 20 seconds, this is a barrage of sounds that leave you shaken to your equilibrium core…magnificent!

Decontamination—-With lyrics that are a mess, and a vocal that is driven and maniacal, this is the kind of stuff I would play on my porch on Halloween night….if this does not scare you…nothing will.

Street Sweeper—-Delivered in 14 seconds!!! This track manages to give you full undecipherable sentences that assure you the message is not good or for the timid. This is literally the BAND FROM HELL!!!

Dead Inside—-Giving you zero time to collect your composure, the drums from this band are freakin amazing…the vocal is pure vomit…coming out of the speakers and landing on your chest…reeking of the foulest odors of Grind you could imagine…this is ecstasy.

Human Trafficking—-One song literally blending into the next. this is one long masterful excursion into the most extreme Metal that i have ever heard. I am like a kid at Christmas…give me another present Fuckers!!!

Hydraphobia—-With just a slight tonal change, you are given a slight hint that the song has changed into another. The vocals on this record are descended from hell and driven by Satan himself…to try to decipher this would take a lifetime…the intent though…is crystal clear!

Mind Ripper—-Even though these songs travel at hyper speed and are delivered with alarming intensity…believe it or not…there is a slight feeling of melody underneath all of the compositions…that aves this release from being a wall of pure shit and vomit…instead it intertwines and makes a nice…HUGE fucking mess.

Armored Virus—-With intermittent deep vomit and a squelch that rivals Dani Filth, this is one of the best examples of extreme Metal that i will ever be able to play for people…this is where I’m coming from…always trying to move to that next level!

Mass Communication Mindfuck—-The drums on this release are absolute mind numbing. I will never understand how someone human can play like this…nor can I ever imagine what the recording process for a release like this must be like…work for 30 seconds…then give a six pack…repeat for an hour!!!

Nuclear Deterrence—-With some of the clearest and most guttural vocals on this release, this song really resonates with me. The song has some nice deep guttural sounds that make me yearn for a new Cannibal release…this is noise personified…and I am so fucking happy about it!!!

Paranoia—-Blending right from the previous song. there is no separation or distinction…I can only imagine the level of venom being spewwed….my imagination works overtime!!!!

Neccesart Death—-At just 50 seconds, this is a lesson in noise barrage, intensity and hidden melody. This is freakin amazing…..drums…give me more drums!!!!

Protection Maze—-And drums are what you get….along with brutality and a driven vocal that comes directly from the underworld…revel in this…there is nothing like this on the planet Earth.

Lobotomized—-This is awesome…there is a brief second long pause where the vocal delivers one of those Cannibal grunts that I keep listening to over and over again…the downshift in the guitar is masterful…this is a melodic grind excursion that leaves you begging for more of this masterful instrumental control…this is not easy music to deliver!!!

Internet Era Alienation—-At 40 seconds you only get a taste of this treat…but you can serve it up over and over again…anytime you want it.This is as extreme as it gets!!!

Evolved Into Obliteration—-Ending the release as it began, this delivers with the same intensity and brutality. I can only imagine what it would be like to see this band live….OMFG!!! This has a nice melodic twist to it that surprises me…this guy can not sing like this forever. My throat hurts already!!!!

**** out of 5


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