Kings Of Leon / Come Around Sundown

Come Around Sundown

Come Around Sundown is the fifth studio album by American rock band Kings of Leon, released in the Republic of Ireland, Australia and Germany on October 15, 2010, followed by releases in the UK on October 18 and North America on October 19.[1][2]

The official album covers and track list were revealed on 3 September.

The lead single, “Radioactive“, along with its accompanying music video, premiered on 8 September on the Kings’ official website. The following day, it received its official radio premiere on Australian radio.

The Analysis:

The End—-Seeming to wonderfully pick right up from where the last release left off, this is ushered in by a nice bass intro and the clear and magic vocal. The chorus runs into you head-on, giving you a taste of some of the finest Alternative Rock music being made today. The vocal is exquisite….expressive and delivered with strength and a huge presence. Brilliant.

Radioactive—-The lead-off single and video to this release. This track has a nice sound, but the choice of it as the first single is still a bit of a surprise to me. I would imagine the band did not want to sound to familiar as related to the last blockbuster release, so they delivered a single with a bit of a different sound. The chorus is a huge catchy affair…I love the vocal and the chorus reminds me of Peter Gabriel. This is typical of the last release in the sense that it is huge and overblown…just what I have been aching for.

Pyro—-From the very first notes of this track only one word came to mind…WOW! This has a nice Alt-Country feel to it that plays so well with the vocal. the delivery is slow and lazy but none the less larger than life. The guitars at times remove themselves to this gentle delivery of chords and slowly explode back into life with the classic Kings Of Leon grandiosity. This is one of my favorite tracks from this release…hands down!

Mary—-Returning to a nice slight noise fueled guitar delivery and an even more alt-Country feel, this is pretty damn fantastic! I love the vocal…the tone is consistent, but the slight vocal inflections display so much emotion and feeling. This is brilliant…the guitars have a wonderful fuzz to them…providing the necessary huge stadium sound that you are accustomed to. Excellent!

The Face—-This track makes me want to reach for ‘mid-career’ Kings Of Leon. The instrumental delivery is quiet yet powerful…the voice is delivered in the magical lazy way but still carries so much emotion and power just from a really good production mix. This is rare…you actually catch every single word and fall into the mood of the song within the very first few seconds. I love this!

The Immortals—-The jangly guitar intro almost has a starry feel to it…the bass line is huge and pronounced. The vocal is a bit more driven and urgent…although the lyric remains crystal clear and concise. the mid-point of the song becomes much larger..the chorus is huge and epic…playing well in big magnificent arena all over the world I’m sure. This is brilliant.

Back Down South—-I’m officially in LOVE!!! This is fantastic…this has a nice slow guitar sound that seems to be accentuated by effects peddles or a real slide guitar that delivers a huge throw-back country sound. This is just magnificent…add to this the remarkable vocal and the energy that rides underneath of the sound and you have a huge track that should have been the first single from this release. This is tremendous…

Beach Side—-Still leaning a bit on the Country side, this seems to center more on a nice lazy blues sound than anything else. The song and the pace of it is driven by the drum delivery…which is pretty damn magnificent. The way the vocal is dragged out and peppered with emotion makes me smile throughout the entire track. this is brilliant…and possible even better than the last blockbuster release!

No Money—-Returning to a much more propulsive sound and driving guitars, the underbelly of this song has an urgency that rides through the entire track. I love this…the band joins in on the backdrop the song an even larger feel. the lyrics are magnificent…this remains one of the most expressive bands around these days…simply because of songs like this. This is a return to pre-stardom days and it works incredibly well. Song placement is everything people!!!

Pony Up—-Resplendent with a nice bass line and a backdrop cowbell, this song has a fun feel from the opening notes. The vocal misses the mark for me a bit on this track…it remains a bit unremarkable and ordinary…but you have to expect such things on a release. this is not a throwaway track by any means…but it is not the strongest either.

Birthday—-Beginning with a rather quiet intro, the sound none the less has KOL all over it. The vocal enters and the music quiets so much..the only sure constant is the drum that taps along in the backdrop. As the song really begins to open up, the sound gets bigger and bigger. Kings are my new U2 and they makes music even more impressive than they have made in years. Move over Bono…there is a new man in the house and he is fabulous!

Mi Amigo—-Beginning rather simply, but growing and growing as the song progresses, this is superb. Again the band seems to be caught up in this Alt-Coutry thing…but it works for the band wonderfully well. It is nice when a band has the courage to take risks and actually pulls it off in such a splendid way. This is magnificent!!!

Pickup Truck—-Ending this release as brilliantly as it began, this is a nice return to the jangly alternative Pop/Rock that put this band on top a few years ago. I just love this comforts and excites me at the same time. This is wondrous…driving and incredibly well thought out music. This is a triumphant release!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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