Combichrist / Making Monsters

Making Monsters

Combichrist was formed in 2003 by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua (founder of the band Icon of Coil) as an aggrotech project.

In 2003 Combichrist released the LP The Joy of Gunz. On Halloween 2003 the limited edition EP Kiss The Blade was released, and sold out in weeks.

In 2004, The second EP, Sex, Drogen Und Industrial, spent 7 weeks at number one in the DAC charts. The same time Sex, Drogen Und Industrial was released, a limited edition white-vinyl 12″ for Blut Royale was produced, and sold out quickly. 2005 saw the release of Everybody Hates You and it was at this time that the band began labeling their music as “Techno Body Music” or TBM. The band released a song called “This is TBM” on the Out-of-Line compilation Techno Body Music volume 1. The release of Get Your Body Beat in 2006 turned out to be a commercial breakout for the band. In 2007 What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People? was released, becoming a best seller for both Metropolis and Out of Line records. Combichrist released Today We Are All Demons on Jan 20, 2009. They have a new percussionist, Trevor Friedrich, formerly of Eighteen Visions and Imperative Reaction, for the tour who was temporarily replaced by Mark Jackson of VNV Nation for part of the 2009 European tour. The band had been selected to support Industrial Metal band Rammstein for their 2009 European tour and continued to support them during the 2010 part of the tour.

Combichrist’s song “Shut Up and Bleed” featuring W.A.S.T.E was featured in the horror movie The Collector.

The new album, Making Monsters, has had full tracks available for streaming on the website, each track being rolled out for a new one. Combichrist will be undertaking a tour in support of the new album in late 2010, with Aesthetic Perfection and iVardensphere as the support bands.

The Analysis:

 Declamation—-This minute and a half intro track only allows you a brief glimpse of the electronic power and mayhem that is a Combichrist release….and sets you up for…

Follow The Trail Of Blood—-Featuring the vocalist of Bleeding Through, the introduction music to this song is fantastic. This is the kind of music that Trent Reznor used to make..full of emotion and anger…vigor and energy, hate and disgust. The track is rather sedate until the full vocal enters…giving you a huge cross EBM and Metal. This is not a favorite, but it does prove that this appeals to just about everyone.

Never Surrender—-This is freakin fantastic…from the first notes of this song! The bass is so heavy that it moves your inside even if you are wearing headphones. The programming is magnificent…the vocal enters and you are in a world full of intense and dark lyrics that seem to be written for you. This is a nice mixture of pure dance beats and an aggressive delivery that leaves you shell-shocked. This is Assemblage 23 X’s 4!!!

Throat Full Of Glass—-Entering my headphones with this huge aggro-beat, the manipulations and machine generated noise really challenges your ears. The vocal is introduced and the result is magnificent…with a slight more aggressive sound than Tom Shear, it is obvious why these two bands have a kinship. This is the kind of music that I easily lose myself in and become addicted to in a heartbeat. this is fantastic…the chorus is so damn catchy…I wonder why this band is not much larger than it is!!! Fantastic!

Fuckmachine—-Beginning rather quiet and building slowly, it is only a matter of seconds before this song literally takes over your headphones and transports you into a dark club full of pulsing beats. The energy is remarkable…you can’t sit still as you listen…when the manipulated vocal enters the sound scape, you are enveloped in a post-modern NIN sound that is a nice mix of Trent and KMFDM. This is freakin’ incredible!

Forgotten—-The beginning atmosphere is nice, but you are just left waiting..a bit too long…for the muscular beats that you know are going to lead the song right into the center of your cerebellum. The scape that the band produces are mind numbing…this is huge machine-made music that leaves you gasping for breath. I love this band!!!

Just Like Me—-Beginning with a perverted version of Jesus Loves Me, it is only seconds before the huge electronic sounds blow out your eardrums. The vocal is straight up and delivered without manipulation…allowing you to realize that the lyrics are accessible to anyone person that might choose to listen to this. This is remarkably aggressive, but so damn honest that you can’t ignore the sentiment.

Slave To The Machine—-This is pure 90’s era NIN revisted….the beats are huge and aggressive…the lyrics are full of feelings of alienation and the inability to relate to other human beings. Combine this all together in a blender and you have the continuation of a genre that many people consider to be dead. Make no bones about it…EBM is alive and well and it lives in Norway??? Indeed.

Through The Eyes Of Pain—-The intro to this surprises me…from the title I expected this to be much more aggressive from the onset. When the vocal emerges, you have a composition that is so will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is incredibly brilliant…full of words, thoughts and delivery that seems to be written for me at this moment in my life. this is intense, personal and put on full display for everyone to enjoy…remarkable!

Monster:Murder:Kill—-Wow…this is freakin magnificent!!! Beginning with some old school manipulated lyrics that remind you of the 80’s, the beats that hit you are intense as fuck. the melody that runs through the underbelly of this song is magnificent…the machine made vocals are like classic sounds from old 80’s old school rap…this is a journey through a life time of musical references. I love this….without a doubt, my favorite track from this release…this has something for everyone!!!

They—-Beginning with that rhythmic machine generated sound that this band makes so wonderfully well, the vocal is delivered pure and unadulterated and allows you to fall into the dark emotion with little problem. The voice is a nice solid delivery of Manson meets Reznor and is intermixed with some nice vocoded sounds as well. The bass always comes back to smack you in the face though and the synth beats are pure Assemblage 23…this is the future of EBM…listen, enjoy…listen,digest…listen,fall in love!!!

Reclamation—-It is with huge disappointment that I come to the end of this release…this has been a pure enjoyable romp through some sounds that I had given up on. this band makes music that is personal and seems tailor-made to my personal tastes…I have developed a real kinship for the output. This last song leaves a wonderful taste in my mouth and makes me so hungry for more…this is a classic rendition of so many of those EBM songs that live forever…this reminds me of NIN/Prick in only the best of ways. This is huge…full of abrasive sounds yet lyrics that are incredibly personal and revealing. What a great journey this has been!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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