Black Sabbath /Master Of Reality

Masters of Reality

Master of Reality is the third album by the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath, released in July 1971. It is sometimes noted as the first stoner rock album[1]. Master of Reality was certified double platinum after having sold over 2 million copies.

The Analysis:

Sweet Leaf—-Ushered in by the classic cough of Osbourne and the by now familiar deep sludge from Tony, this track has a remarkable melody line and lots of references to what was then a pretty experimental drug. The deep tone of the song is incredible…it is almost impossible to hear any leads in the track at all…this is all Osbourne, bass and huge drums. A classic piece of 70’s Metal.

After Forever—-This is another of those tracks that really never got the attention that it really deserved. This has a great melody line and some of the clearest vocals Ozzy has ever managed to produce. The sludge sound is much lighter on this track and the cymbal taps provide a bit of a lighter feel, although Iommi is all over the track. The lyrics are vivid and paint what was then a pretty damn eerie picture…like only Sabbath could!

Embryo [Instrumental]—-An interesting and fairly bizarre 28 second track that leads right into….

Children Of The Grave—-Coming right out at you with a nice progressive bass line that seems to grow and grow as the song does, this is another of those classic Sabbath tracks that manages to keep my attention for the entire duration. The bass is heavy, but delivered with more momentum and a slight ‘gallop’. Osbourne manages a great vocal…the pictures he painted in the early days with his vocals and lyrics were indeed meant to shock…and they did. This is all pretty tame compared to the stuff I listen to these days, but for its time…this WAS the devil’s playground!

Orchid [Instrumental]—-Surprisingly serene and lead driven at the onset, this has a slight spanish feel to the delivery…as pretty as the Orchid itself. This only proved to show the diversity and talent of this by now legendary band.

Lord Of This World—-Ahh…a nice return to the Bastard Sludge that defined an era! This is intense, dark and classic Sabbath right from the start. Almost all of the melody of the song come directly from the bass and the light vocal of Osbourne. This is almost too catchy, if that is possible. This is a grand tale…whether delivered to the mystic evil entities that drove the band or a message to the world itself or even an ode to the increasing drug use…this is left to the listeners interpretation. Fantastic all the same!

Solitude—-Indeed the sharp and clear intro of the song reeks of Solitude and loneliness. Osbourne must have surprised the hell out of the masses with this vocal…and the flute that enters is a nice Tull impression that I had almost forgotten about up to this point. This is a wonderful track…another that shows diversity and talent from the entire band. Excellent!!!

Into The Void—-Ending this release with a track that could have very well come from the very first Sabbath release, this is deep and dark and delivered with a nice underlying intensity. The leads are much more present on this track, but the bass lines are always. This is fantastic right from the start. As the song begins to pick up speed, the lines become sharper and the drums seem to pound in your brain even heavier. Osbourne enters with a vocal that has an echo at the end of every sentence…giving the song an even more evil tone. This is fantastic…proving to the world that the Sabbath machine was still rolling on.

**** out of 5


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