Abominable Putridity / In The End Of Human Existence

In the End of Human ExistenceThe band formed in 2003 by Alexander (Drums) and Pavel(Former Guitarist). Material for full-length album was actually done in 2004 but the band had some serious line-up troubles and even were about to break-up. The fixed line-up was formed only in 2006 and 8 tracks material were recorded. Now they are signed with Lacerated Enemy Records (Czech) and released their debut full-length album ”In The End Of Human Existence” in January 2008.

Now they’re signed with Brutal Bands records (for multiple albums). Former vocalist Vladimir left the band and Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon (Disfiguring The Goddess, Burning the Masses, Misericordiam, Malodorous, …) is now the vocalist.

The Analysis:

Intracranial Parasite—-This IS NOT your everyday run of the mill, typical Grindcore….this is perhaps one of the most intense bands that I have ever heard!!! This is noisy…full of aggressive sounds….and a complete bass fest!!! The vocal is so deep and intense that it is an almost straight line  guttural puke…this makes me happy as anything you could ever imagine…this is about as intense as it ever gets.

Entrails Full Of Vermin—-Leaving you ZERO options and no time to catch your breath, you are pulled even further under by the death dirge that this band manages to produce. Trust me…this is not for the weak at heart…this is perhaps Cannibal Corpse magnified by 500%!!! I finally found this on-line and wish that i knew what the hell this guy was even trying to day…the vocal is so deep and intense that it is barely distinguishable from one line to the next…only the occasional note change allows you to know he has moved on…this is not for the weak or easily offended!!!!

Blindfold Surgery—-Despite the literal Death Rattle that this band manages to produce…the remarkable thing to me, is that underneath the entire damn thing, there is a slight sense of melody and direction. The vocal is a trip…but it only serves as another instrument is the deep, dank, dirge that the band manages to deliver. this is so intense…I just want to explode!!!!

Skin Removal—-What the hell would you expect from a song with this title and delivered by a band with this name?  The onslaught of sound is freakin’ amazing…you will be left on the floor…drowning in your own snot and wondering who the fuck just punched you in the face and why…this is a total body experince…..savor it…you will likely never hear anything like this again!!!

Dissected From Within—-This is driven, from the onset by an army of parasites that are literally eating away at your headphones….you feel them crawling and you ask that they leave you alone…only the onslaught drives them away as you are transported to…..

Throat Fisting Abortion—-This leaves you little room to catch your breath or to interpret the meaning of such a song. The guitar squeals are freaking amazing…and the vocal histrionics are something that perhaps even the master George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fischer could learn from. The delivery is controlled and never delivered without finesse. This is a remarkable landscape of pure noise and aggression…..I SMILE !!!!

Intestinal Putrefaction—-This is aggressive, this is brutal…this IS GRIND….almost leaving me disappointed…because i assume that there could really be nothing more dramatic or intense than this spectacle that we are witnessing with this record. this guy hits some low notes that will just leave you gasping for reath…you find it hard to imagine that anyone could deliver a vocal like this…this is pure brutality!!!

Victims Stuffed With Nails—-This is great….the music is a bit clearer and not quite as bass driven at the onset. When the vocal enters the mix, the song is transported to a whole different area though,….the deep and menacing tone never leaves you and actually echos in your brain for quite sometime after you hear this. This is not for the weak, the puny or the playful….this is grind at it’s very freakin’ best.

Sphacelated Nerves—-Perhaps the best known song from this band, this is a literal tour de force of the Grindcore Nation…..I thought that when I discovered the most urbane Cannibal Corpse, that I had found my perfect setting…this release begs me to rethink that whole conception. This is another of those tracks that defines the flat-line vocal theory of mine…the voice is so deep, intense and consistent that only the littlest differential allows you to believe that the voice is truly alive…i remain literally amazed that this kind of delivery is possible….I want to sing like this!!!!

In The End Of Human Existence—-Ending the release with a short  1:40 track of almost Industrial noise, this is nothing less than brilliant and exactly what you would expect. Will there ever be another release from this band….the question remains open….should there be…the answer is about 175,0000%!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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