Warpaint / The Fool

The FoolWarpaint is an experimental art rock group from Los Angeles formed in 2004[1] currently composed of Emily Kokal (vocals/guitar), Theresa Wayman (vocals/guitar), Jenny Lee Lindberg (bassist/vocals), and Stella Mozgawa (drums/keyboards). The group has gone through many lineup changes, including actress Shannyn Sossamon and current Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. They released their debut EP, Exquisite Corpse in 2009 and released their full length album, entitled The Fool, on October 25, 2010.

The Analysis:

Set Your Arms Down—-Beginning with a slow plodding bass line that makes me think of slow-core giants Low, the vocal enters and you are transported to a wonderful serene landscape. This reminds me of music that was just emerging in the early 90’s ‘Modern Rock’ movement…this is not a bad thing!!! This is lush, layered and full of wonderful little melodies that are made to be studied and enjoyed for a lifetime!

Warpaint—-Slowly coming out of the darkness, with a lush landscape of bass guitar and a wonderful background hum, the drums enter and give the song a bit more life. This is a sedate and studied band…delivering each and every word like it may very well be their last. The voice is sweet, pure and layered with overlays that give a ghostly and floating feel…this is exquisite Alternative Pop!

Undertow—-Just freakin’ fabulous..from the first note!!! This vocal is so pure and unadulterated…every word is thought out..every nuance is delivered with mastery and precision. This is just fantastic…there are literally layers and layers to these songs..you have to dig down..but the chore is more than worth it!

Bees—-With a slight more aggressive and somewhat electronic sound to the intro of this track, the song is still layered in a deep melancholy that settles through your entire body. This is beautiful..while still maintaining a huge level of Alternative genuity and accessibility. This reminds me so much of classic Alternative bands from the late 80’s and early 90’s….

Shadows—-This is full of slight out of tune acoustic guitar sounds and lyrics that are so real they almost hurt your heart. The track really opens up as it progresses…full of electronic beats, magical instrumentation and a ghost like swimming vocal that will stay in your brain for days..this is pure magic!

Composure—-The varying sounds on this release is incredible…although the music rarely changes pace, the vocal delivery manages to give every song a new and fresh sound. This is one of the exceptions though…the music is much brighter and led off by a really great lead guitar line that literally shimmers through your headphones. This is a remarkably pleasant piece of shiny pop that made me smile from the first note to the last!

Baby—-Shifting gears once again, this is a pure and unadulterated acoustic track that allows you to really sink into the vocal and drift off into the thoughts that these introspective lyrics produce. This is a song that is so damn relateable…seperating but never really giving up the ghost of the past…this is full of joy and incredible melancholy..perfect for a Friday evening all alone!!!

Majesty—-Coming back with a more Low inspired bass line and pace, there is a nice effect that runs through the backdrop of the song that gives it an almost heartbeat sound to it. This is fantastic..the slight electronic sounds are incredibly important…but they never detract from the pure majesty and beauty of the lyrics or the on top music that forms the song. This is great!

Lissie’s Heart Murmur—-Ending this release as sedate as it began, this is not the type of record that you want to venture into if your mood is sullen or displaced!!! This is consistent…the vocal is magical..the arrangements are lush and I wonder what a live experience with this band must be like….I love this release!!!

**** 1/2 out of 5

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