Nine Inch Nails / Pretty Hate Machine [2010 Remaster]

Pretty Hate Machine [2010 Remaster]

Pretty Hate Machine is the debut album by American industrial rock act Nine Inch Nails, released October 20, 1989, on TVT Records. The album was out of print from around 1997 to 2005 due to the much publicized falling out between Nine Inch Nails’ sole member, Trent Reznor, and the original publishing label of the album, TVT Records. Rykodisc remastered the album and re-released it around the world in 2005, effectively putting the album back into print. Pretty Hate Machine is compiled of tracks from the Purest Feeling demo, as well as tracks recorded after the Purest Feeling recording. The album spawned three singles, the most successful being “Head Like a Hole“, which has become a staple in Nine Inch Nails live performances.

On March 29th 2010, the master recording rights of Pretty Hate Machine were acquired by The Bicycle Music Company and on October 22nd 2010, Trent Reznor announced on that on November 22nd 2010, a remastered re-issue of the album would be released by UMe and Bicycle Music Group. The rerelease includes new cover art by Rob Sheridan and the bonus track “Get Down, Make Love”, a Queen cover originally found on the “Sin” single.

The Analysis:

Head Like A Hole—-Really one of the Albums and one of the songs that really opened up the United states to the whole Industrial Rock Movement, this song sounds even better in this remastered version than you could possibly imagine. There were very few of us who at the time were really aware of this magnificent machine-made music…this was a whole new world that expanded even further on bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain. For me, Nitzer Ebb came first but this was running the 50 yard dash right up behind them. this still sounds as powerful and intense, as angry and as driven as the very first time I heard it!

Terrible Lie—-Melding wonderfully from one song to the next, this track has an even more sinister and angry edge than the first track. Reznor has never sounded better, more driven and more pissed off than he did on this first release. This was incredibly relatable music that emerged in a sea of dance tracks and top 40 trash…rescuing the very first Indie Kids from a wasteland of intolerable euro-trash. The clarity on this remaster is remarkable…you hear every word, every nuance and damn near every little noise!!! Stellar!

Down In It—-This has always been my favorite track from this release. this remastered version amplifies the bass to incredible levels…allows for a full vocal distortion and still manages to deliver a melody that will stick in your brain for days. This is literally fantastic…Reznor delivers his vocal fully removed from the music and sounds almost alien at times…just freakin’ remarkable. I could never ask for more…this is a masterpiece of a song!

Sanctified—-Beginning with a nice almost ambient dance beat, there is a ton of atmosphere that goes along with this track…and deservedly so. The vocal is delivered with a level of emotion that allows you to pause and really appreciate the vocal tone from Trent…the slight echo in the recording only adding to the power of the track. There are tons of little noises and lots on lyrical innuendo..all delivered with a angst that is so damn relateable…even today. this is fantastic!

Something I Can Never Have—-Steeped in a beautiful piano laden delivery, Reznor sounds literally beautiful as he continues to lay his emotions bare for everyone to get a glimpse of. The backdrop noises reverberate throughout the song…but never lose the beauty of the original delivery of the song….even when the violence opens up and swallows you inside the sounds that he creates with his magic machines…this is just goose-bump inspiring stuff…I could NEVER ask for more!!!

Kinda I Want To—-Switching gears like a pair of underwear, Reznor returns with an almost funk filled track that makes you step back and take a pause as it is introduced. This is bass driven, but still includes a nice level of noise and sounds that only expert machination can produce. The vocal has more body and echo than the original version…producing one smile after the other from me when i sit here listening…as the memories come flooding back to me. Remarkable!!!

Sin—-Another very favorite song of mine, this track has a nice level of violence that you just have to embrace..once you do, you fall in love with the whole idea of Industrial style music. The vocal is so much better on this remaster…the voice is so clear and the enunciation is remarkable. The energy of the song is even more powerful than imaginable…even though there is nothing like my old vinyl version of this release, this is pretty damn impressive!!!!

That’s What I Get—-The remarkable thing about this first release from Reznor is the clear-cut and bare emotional lyrical quality of the songs. Later releases became really laden in the quagmire of lyric speak where you had to interpret everything based on an idea…here on this release, everything is clear-cut and laid bare for you to experience first hand. This song is no exeption…the meaning of the songs are clear…the mood in bare and the meaning is easily relateable…this is how we all feel!!!

The Only Time—-An Industrialized love song that is delivered with a nice deep sleazy beat, finds Reznor delivering his most intense lyrics in the last few songs..this is raw emotion..true feelings put into a delivery that is understandable by every single human being on the planet…combine that with the blips and beeps of the music..all the little sounds and the remarkable bass, and you have an unforgettable track that is hidden deep in this masterpiece of a record.

Ringfinger—-At the onset, this is a bit of a surprise…the beats that are delivered are so damn pleasant and danceable you take a quick glance at the cover. The vocal begins and you know that you are in the right place…even though the delivery is damn pleasant. Reznor manages to deliver line after line of intense lyrics with a slight sense of humor in his tone…all the while the dance urges you to join in and get involved. This is stellar…I had almost forgotten about this song…really a stellar piece of music!!!

Get Down, Make Love—-This was originally found as a B-side on the Sin CD-5 I believe. to me, this is pretty unremarkable…although I love the noise level of the song and the intensity that all of the added effects manage to produce. I much prefered the cover of Adam Ant over this song, but the sound is really enhanced on this remastered version…so I really can’t complain…I’m sure Freddie would smile!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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