Oceano is an American deathcore band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2006. The band signed to Earache Records in 2008 and subsequently released their debut album, Depths on April 7, 2009. Their upcoming second album, Contagion was released on November 9, 2010.

The Analysis:

Precursor To Enslavement—-Giving you very little time to gather your senses, once this onslaught begins, you are in for a journey of brutality that is unrelenting. The drum delivery from this band is pretty freakin incredible…..once the guitars and the vocal joins in on the onslaught, you are left in a huge sloppy mess on the floor. This is brutal…intense and delivered with an intensity that is rare these days. The guttural delivery gives way to screams at a moments notice and the energy is remarkable…this far surpasses the debut release!!!

Viral Re-Antimation—-One of the other remarkable additions to this secondary release from this band is the inclusion of a huge sense of melody. This is brutal….have no doubt, but the rhythm section of this band provides a nice melodic delivery that makes this even more acceptable than you ever imagined. The vocal is unrelenting….making you wonder how the hell this guy can shift gears so quickly…this is stellar freakin Death….not many US bands are making quality stuff like this anymore!!!!

Regulated Disposal Of Life—-This is incredible…the vocal delivery is so layered that it almost sounds like there are three different people singing all at the same time…I wonder how the band manages to produce this live…and I missed the live show that they had here a few weeks ago. This is brutal…the highs are incredible and the lows are so guttural that george needs to watch out…this is new generation Death and it is shining like a mother fucker!!!!!

Quarantine—-This brings a HUGE smile to my face…this is full of brutality, speed and threat…makiing me wonder why there are not more bands like this around today…what the hell has happened to the death scene in the US???? This is delivered with a ferocity that allows you to live in the past and look forward to the future…all the while delivering a sense of melody and anger that fits the times we live in…this is stellar shit!!!!

The Contaminated—-Beginning with a bass heaviness that only sets you up for the onslaught that is to come, this is incredible. How the hell can this guy sing like this? This is an art…whether people really want to accept that or not…not everybody can do this kind of thing. The movement between the deep bellows and the metallic highs are incredible and precise…I love this. The melody that pervades the song is contagious as hell and it almost makes this a relaxing and acceptable listening experience for the seasoned music fan…this is quality shit!!!!

Exist In Confinement—-Wow…..this is a surprise at the onset…the almost acoustic style guitar is a shock after the previous 4 songs or so…allowing your brain a magnificent deep breath before the bass delivery kicks in. Again, this shows so much growth in the band…allowing you to see the talent that has accumulated,..this is just not an all out thrash Death adventure, but rather a nice excursion of sounds and moods. I am so impressed with this….fantastic!!!!

Persuasive Oppression—-Returning to a much more familiar and brutal style that you are accustomed to, this is a band that is growing and delivering some of the best midwest metal that is available to fans. This is incredible…the short machine gun style guitar blasts are freakin amazing…the drums are huge…delivered at hyper speed and the vocal is unrelenting…I am smiling my way through this release…happy as a freakin lamb being led to slaughter!!!!

Sadistic Experiments—-This track more than lives up to it’s title…the delivery is in short and fast blasts of incredible aggressive music that leaves you breathless…the voacl is incredible…switching between deep growls and huge screams that leave you gasping for oxygen….this is a trip…this song makes the entire release worth the purchase…this is a band at its creative peak…I have to catch this experience live…I can only imagine the reaction of the crowd as it moves to this aggression….shoulder pads and protective mouth guards!!!!!

Remnants Aflame—-This track never leaves you a moment to catch your breath…the music comes at you in these short and machine gun styled blast that makes you gasp for air…this is incredible…the voice is a fresh as at the very beginning of the release…the brutality is just as real and the dedication in more than you could ever ask for…these are my new heroes!!!!

Ending Intellect—-This track, more than almost anything on this release. makes me want to punch things and destroy that which is around me. This is aggressive to a fault….making me boil over with aggression and pure musical excitement. I love this band!!!! This is stellar stuff….other up and coming bands in the US better sit back and take notice!!!!

****3/4 out of 5


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