Nitzer Ebb / That Total Age

That Total Age

That Total Age is the debut album of the British EBM group Nitzer Ebb. After its release, it spawned the hit single “Join in the Chant,” which hit #9 on the US dance chart in 1987.

The Analysis:

Fitness To Purpose—-This band, really was my first introduction to what has come to be known as Industrial Metal….I was amazed and intrigued from the very first notes of this release. The music still remains to this day abrasive and annoying…making it all the more intriguing. I knew from the first moment that this was going to be something important…even now, this early recording still excites me and causes me a great deal of excitement.

Violent Playground—-Delivering an aggressive dance oriented abrasive metal track, the band had me from the first notes of this song. The vocal is remarkable…barked at you from the speakers and delivered with an irritation that resonated with me right away. This is remarkable…although tame compared to many of the releases that you get from the genre today, this was the continuation of the founding sounds of aggressive dance music that was started back with Can and Throbbing Gristle…this still sounds wonderful to me…..

Murderous—-God I love this song….this is like part one on Join In The Chant…just getting you ready for the more aggressive nature of the oncoming single. This is delivered with a fantastic barking vocal that brings me goose bumps and overwhelming streams of energy. I never get tired of this…even though I have not listened to this in some tme….as i re-visit it, it still sound electrifying to me. I am in love all over again……

Smear Body—-This is so full of early day Industrial aggression… just have to love this shit!!! This is one of the bands that really opened up the underground clubs to the whole sound that was emerging from Germany. Trent took many lessons from this I’m sure….this is fantastic…full of driving bass…aggressive drum machines and the most annoying German sounding vocals to emerge ever. Rammstein owes this band millions!!!!!

Join In The Chant—-One of the first songs that I ever heard that convinced me that this was a viable and emerging art form, I still return to this track all the time. The aggression and the energy that it produces makes me smile…fills me with purpose and renews the love that I have for music. This has so many underlying messages to it…you have to embrace the entire song as an ‘experience’….I will ALWAYS love this stuff….fantastic memories and still very viable today!!!

Alarm—-I like this almost more than anything else on this release because it is full of incomprehensible vocals and incredible energy. The conclusion is yours and the process of getting there is full of Industrial Machine Styled sounds that fill you with vigor and energy. This is classic stuff….delivered with a bit of a dub style, this is still aggressive and new.

Let Your Body Learn—-Fresh and exciting, this has a machine progression that is delivered at a frenetic and fast pace that makes me want to almost jump from my chair. This is incredible…the vocal…although a bit removed from the song and all of the machine sounds, still delivers an aggression that brings goose bumps to my arms. this is full of slight and subtle sounds that are all over the place…this is incredible…a true dance track that allows you to be aggressive and much less of the fag you really are!!!! Remarkable!!!

Let The Beauty Loose—-Full of machine generated rhythms that are as addictive as DM and accessible as Kraftwerk, it is amazing to me that this band did not find a huge click in the US? This is short and sweet, but still true to the identity of the band.

Into The Large Air—-Although I like this, this is usually something that I do not listen to as far as the complete release goes. The music is a bit hollow to me…the saving grace being the remarkable and aggressive vocal. I love the vocal from this guy…it is unmistakable and classic…you can never confuse Nitzer with any other band.

**** 3/4 out of 5


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