Weezer / Christmas With Weezer

Christmas With Weezer

Christmas with Weezer is a Christmas album by American rock band Weezer. It was released through DGC / Interscope on December 16, 2008.[1]

The six tracks were originally recorded for the previously released iPhone OS video game Christmas with Weezer.[2] The Tap Tap versions of these songs lack the background vocals found in the released versions and are different mixes.

The Analysis:

We Wish You A Merry Christmas—-Beginning rather traditional, once the classic Weezer backdrop hum is entered into this song, you are almost instantly in the spirit. there are some great harmonies on this song and a classic sound that automatically allows you to know who is singing this. this is pretty fantastic for Yuletide Music!!!

O Come All Ye Faithful—-This is, from the very first note, so damn addictive you will almost forget that this is a traditional religious song. this is delivered with a joyful abandon and a sentiment that you can actually believe in. Cuomo delivers a nasally vocal that sucks you in and leaves this an instant classic Yuletide track in your CD player. Just wonderful…and the way the guitar transports is incredible…magnificent!!!

O Holy Night—-One of the last songs that you would expect that this band would cover, the slight metallic sound is magnificent. The slow and plodding melody line that runs through this classic, ancient sound is so full of the Weezer sound that this is another that you can not get out of your brain. This is just fantastic!!!

The First Noel—-This is not your traditional First Noel….delivered with a nice slow and plodding Weezer delivery, Rivers delivers a crystal clear and damn pleasant vocal…I was sucked in from the very first note. this is delivered with a sincerity and a truthfulness that allows you to think that the song choice on this EP was very careful and meaningful. This is just brilliant!!!

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing—-Wow…this is just fantastic. Making you think almost instantly of the diner from Happy Days and the song Buddy Holly, this is a nice retro sounding track that still manages to capture the spirit. The vocal is fantastic, but the drums and the slight fuzzy guitar makes the song even more fantastic…this is a piece of brilliance…listen to this twice!!!!

Silent Night—-Only this song seems a bit uninspired to me, perhaps there are too many layers to the song. None the less, it is once again the genuine vocal that reminds me of why I love this band and this mini-release. This is nice, but a bit of a let-down.

****1/2 out of 5


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