Cinderella / Once Upon A……

Once Upon A...Cinderella is an American heavy metal band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They emerged in the mid-1980s with a series of multi-platinum albums and hit singles whose music videos received heavy MTV rotation. They were famous for being a glam metal band, but then shifted over towards a more hard rock/blues-rock sound. By the mid-1990s, the band’s popularity declined severely due to personal setbacks and public changes in musical tastes. Nonetheless, after a period of hiatus the band reunited and is still active at present.

The Analysis:

Shake Me—-This is a stellar track for this compilation to begin with….finding the band at its bluesy best, the song also shows Keifer at his best vocally. The gravel sound that this man can produce with his voice leaves little reason to question why he has had such problems singing in the recent past. This is full of classic 80’s sounds…updated to fit into any tiny blues bar in Midwest America…this is great guzzling music delivered with a nice retro sound.

Nobody’s Fool—-One of a number of ballads that managed to put this band in the Top Ten across the world, this has every element that hair bands strove for in the early to mid-80’s. This is brilliant…filled with emotional lyrics, emotional guitars and a feeling that stays with you for quite sometime after hearing it. Not to mention the atmospheric touch to the whole damn thing…this is just classic!

Somebody Save Me—-This has a great Sunset Intro that makes me think back to the first two Crue records…the blues are very intact and Keifer gives his best Joplin impression. this is dirty bar band music that requires fish net, big hair and leather…it rarely ever got better than this. The voice is so strong on this track…Tom sounds like the singing is almost effortless and the band manages to produce a huge sound…this is fantastic…makes me lonely for the old days!!!

Gypsy Road—-Coming a bit later in the band’s career, Keifer delivers a vocal that sounds even more seasoned and abused. the spirit of the song is true to the original sound of the band…this is rowdy bar band Metal that never gets old…no matter how much time passes. This has a blues groove that you are able to adopt no matter how drunk you or [or sober]. This is so nice to hear on a regular basis!

Don’t Know What You Got [Til It’s Gone]—-Perhaps I have a sentimental heart? This still remains a very favorite song of mine from this band…been there done that…over and over again! I love the is clear and full of real emotion…the band is tight as hell, they sound as comfortable with the ballad as they do the barn burner. Maybe that is the whole key….the dedication and determination makes the song even more important!

The Last Mile—-This is another of those classic and defining tracks from this bands career. The drums are damn phenomenal on this song…the guitars come at you in blasts and the vocal is dirty bar room floor filth. This is so nice…the chorus with the whole bands input makes the song even more muscular and important. This is the sound of a band in its prime!!!

Coming Home—-Returning to full on ballad mode, Keifer delivers a vocal that is more accessible than ever. This is another of those songs that was largely ignored and came later in the band’s career, but stands up against anything else they ever released with stellar magnificence. When Keifer really hits that upper register and the gravel comes through, you are left with goosebumps all over your body. The featured piano lends a November Rain feel to the whole damn thing and you will be left weeping on the floor. This is fantastic!!!!

Shelter Me—-Wow, I had almost forgotten about this song…think Black Crowes meets Bon Jovi and you have all the description that you need. This is stripped down and allows you to hear every single instrumentation on the song as well as the rough and worn damn addictive voice. I could never ask for more!!!

Heartbreak Station—-At the onset, this is delivered in a nice acoustic manner…Tom sounds remarkable….his ‘regular’ vocal is pretty damn accessible. Not sure why he did not save himself a lot of wear and tear and sing like this more often. This is remarkable…there even seems to be some strings on this song…a damn bold move considering the time. This is fluid and emotional…just what I needed!

The More Things Change—-Returning to full on mid-80’s blues, this is a power packed sound that is so large you wonder how this band managed to produce such a big sound. At times Keifer makes me think of rough Vince Neil…..Klaus Meine. The instrumentation from this band is incredible…the drums and the bass on this song are stellar and they never got the attention that they deserved…this band played tight as hell…this does not happen by accident!

Love’s Got Me Doin’ Time—-This is nothing short of typical Los Angeles Sunset Strip Blues…complete with big hair, make-up and torn jeans. this makes me very lonely for the burgeoning 80’s Metal scene that was coming alive at the time…this is a remarkable track…dirty, but delivered with remarkable finesse’.

Hot And Bothered—-This track is huge…mixing the best of the ballad acoustics with the raucous blues that the band is so good at. Keifer sounds so rough on this track…makiing it even more attractive…just listening to this makes me want to clear my throat FOR him. This is a huge arena track that the kids probably went out of their minds for. I was never lucky enough to see this band live…but I’m sure it was a spectacle…this is clearly why!

Through The Rain—-Beginning with a huge lonely piano intro, the vocal enters soon after and leaves you in a heap on the floor even before you have begun to experience the entire song. This is a devastatingly beautiful masterpiece of a song. I can’t recall hearing this track…but it is pretty incredible…perhaps the best as far as the bands ballads go. I love this….I love this….I love this!!!!!

War Stories—-Ugh….I really so not care for this at all…..dissapointed!!!

Move Over—-Rounding out this compilation much as it started…reminding us that this band has a deep love for the blues and a remarkable ability to transpose it to the Metal world. Keifer sounds fresh and renewed and the band is even tighter than ever. this is how i choose to remember this band….at the rarest, bluesiest best!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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