Gavin Rossdale / Wanderlust


Gavin Rossdale (born 30 October 1965)[1] is a British musician, known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Bush. Following Bush’s separation in 2002, which lasted for eight years, he was the lead singer and guitarist for Institute, and later began a solo career. He continues to perform both Bush and Institute songs during his solo concerts.[2] Rossdale is married to fellow musician Gwen Stefani.

The Analysis:

Can’t Stop The World—-From the onset, this sounds so much like a bush track, there is almost little differential. the wonderful thing about this track and this release in general are the huge choruses and the magnificent accessibility of the whole damn thing. It is amazing to me that Rossdale can remain so introspective and intense, despite his current ‘happily ever after’ state of life. Perhaps this is a tortured man that we really do not know!

Frontline—-Beginning rather bombastic and aggressive, the band plays a really tight set on this entire release. Of course, the music ebbs to allow for the entrance of the vocal. this is nice though…the layers of over dubbed vocals give the song this really nice full sound and the chorus really comes alive. I love the tone of Rossdale on this entire release…there is an untouched pain that I….. find so easy to relate to. This is remarkable….reminding me of …….?

Forever May You Run—-This is one of those tracks that again make me question what is going on in Rossdale’s mind. The song is full of tortured lyrics and an overwhelming sadness that settles deep into my bones…allowing me to be comfortable and calm with the feelings i have my own self. This is brilliant….just what the Dr. ordered!

The Skin I’m In—-Although there is a remarkable introspection to the delivery of this song, this still reminds me of early Bush material. This has a wonderful orchestration that runs through the underbelly of the track…filling it and filling the listener with emotions. The words are intense and biting…this is not a release to listen to if you are not in a great frame of mind…but it still manages to awaken a feeling…just when you thought you had none! Fantastic!

Drive—-Rossdale delivers line after line full of heartbreak and disenfranchishment…..where does this all come from…his life seems so happy from the outside. the chorus on this song fills me with tears and an emotion that is almost impossible to contain. this is what i have been begging for the last few weeks….an intense record to just let me feel.

Future World—-Beginning with a really nice deep and morose bass delivery, this is another of those tracks that will allow you to feel things that are better left alone. Rossdale delivers line after line that makes and allows you to question everything that runs through your mind on any given day. The lines are delivered with an urgency and a need for immediate attention…where does all of this emotion come from…this is magnificent!

Love Remains The Same—-The single and the centerpiece of this record, Rossdale delivers a song that will stab you, tear off your skin and leaves you naked and bleeding in your own emotion. this is not a song for a dreary day…this is devastating, beautiful, real and as honest as anything any artist has ever produced. I remain…wrecked!

If You Are Not with Us, You Are Against Us—-Full of an aggression that has not yet surfaced on this release thus far, this takes me back to the days when Alternative Rock really meant something. Of course, this song has many ebbs and flows but overall, this is a biting and bitter track that calls us forward and loads us with huge doses of lyrics that actually mean something. This is stellar!!!

This Is Happiness—-This is a clear de;livery of contradictions! The song is not happy, nor are the lyrics…but some of us find happiness in our own sorrows and never quite dig our way out of them. The vocal on this track is biting at times…Rossdale sounds more raw than I have ever heard him sound before….the instrumentation is all over the place…this is all i could ever ask for!

Another Night In The Hills—-With a nice almost Industrial intro, the song just seems to grow and grow with urgency as it continues. Gavin shoves word after word into every single sentence…the music is noisy and rauccous…lleaving you with the feeling that you have heard the best Bush track ever!

The Trouble I’m In—-Full of classic Vedder ebbs and flows, this is power packed like much of the record, in the emotional vein. the lyrics develop and deliver a sad sense of loneliness and insolation…again begging me to question where all of this comes from. this is emotionally charged…power packed with huge instrumentation and loaded with enough lyrical snippets to keep you morose for days……fantastic!

Beauty In The Beast—-The track begins with a deep and sad feeling that is slight and interjected with random electronic sounds as it forms. You can tell from the intro that this is heavy and morose and you are not disappointed as the song develops with a slight Linkin Park reference that plays in the instrumentation. Rossdale enters with his vocal…sounding even sadder and more alone than you ever thought imaginable. this is stellar…one of my favorite tracks on this release, this is loaded with lyrics that make you feel and music that feeds them with gasoline!

This Place Is On Fire—-For me, this is a bit of a wasted space….perhaps this is the direction of the next phase…but to me, it is oddly out-of-place on this record!

****3/4 out of 5


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