Type O Negative / Bloody Kisses [Top-Shelf Edition]

Bloody Kisses [Top Shelf Edition]

Bloody Kisses is the third album by Brooklyn band Type O Negative. It marked significant stylistic growth for the band in terms of songwriting and production values, and it is also the last recording to feature Sal Abruscato on drums. The album further established Type O Negative motifs, such as including cover songs restylized into gloomy Gothic metal, featuring sample-heavy soundscapes in between songs, and dry, satirical humor. This album includes a cover of the Seals and Croft’s song “Summer Breeze“.

Bloody Kisses was the first album on Roadrunner Records to achieve gold and platinum certification.

The most successful single from Bloody Kisses was the song “Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)”, which poked fun at (and paid tribute to) gothic subculture stereotypes. A radio edit of the song achieved modest airplay and the song was a staple of Type O Negative’s live show. The video even appeared on Beavis and Butt-Head, where it received a positive reaction from the duo.

The tracks “Kill All The White People” and “We Hate Everyone” were written as a response to the controversy over the bands’ alleged racist sentiments that were born after a tour in Europe and due to Peter Steele’s previous band Carnivore‘s explicit lyrics. They feature lyrics mocking the whole issue. These songs were later omitted from the digipak release of this album since they differ stylistically from the rest of the tracks.

The Analysis:

Machine Screw—-Clocking in at just 41 seconds, this is a classic intro of noise and sarcasm per Pete Steele and his subtle [?] sense of humor….leading into the classic…..

Christian Woman—-At the onset of the song, you get the morose spoken word of Steele and the more than atmospheric swirl of music…slowly building amidst the quiet and dark vocal from Pete. The tempo of the song was to set the mark for almost all future Type O songs, the plodding bass and deep baritone painting the darkest picture possible. this is brilliant if only for the deep and tense nature of the whole damn thing. This is a piece of history…a truly unappreciated and de-valued band, this was really the beginning of the band and the direction that would set a landmark for everyone who followed. The end of this track is acoustic and different from anything I have EVER heard…incredible. When Steele proclaims Jesus Christ looks like me, it causes you to take a moment to step back and think…..

Black No. 1—-Clocking in at a remarkable 11:oo minutes in length, I’m not sure I have ever heard the full version of this song in this manner. The intro to this song is very different from what i have heard before…the very first vocal is almost spoken word and delivered in a breathy manner that carries even more emotion. When Steele finally gets in his groove, he reminds me more of Danzig than Glenn himself. this has a much nicer and more progressive bass delivery and the words are much clearer and easy to understand. I love this…just when i thought i could get nothing better from Type O than I had, I discover this release…where the hell have I been. this is phenomenal…full of plodding bass, powerful drums and most of all that unforgettable voice from Pete…we miss you so much in this community. This is a stellar example of why you had so many followers!!! 

Fay Wray Come Out And Play—-In total contrast to the previous two tracks, this minute and 4 second track is full of a slight silliness and latin undertones that are disturbing if you are not in tune with Peter and his sense of humor,,,,it is all to be taken lightly!!!

Kill All the White People—-Meant to be taken in humorous light, this is much more in the vein of Steele and his earlier band Carnivore…this has a vocal distortion that has aggression written all over it and an electric feel to it that seldom raised its head in most of Type O’s future music…in the ‘family tree’ of the band, it is historic none the less.

Summer Breeze—-A magnificent Goth cover of the sunny Seals And Croft’s classic, you could never ask for more than you get from this track. The song is dark and dense but still manages to maintain a bit of the ‘brightness’ that it was originally recorded with. This is contradicting, hilarious and damn fantastic!!!

Set Me On Fire—-This is odd as the previous song develops into this track which is really a very short and rather pleasant song built from the last. the remarkable thing about it is the pleasant singing voice that Steele manages to deliver the ‘song’ in. this release is an absolute adventure!!!

Dark Side Of The Womb—-At just 28 seconds, this is a regular feature of the band…those odd little snippets that upon first listen mean nothing but develop into importance after years of listening to them.

We Hate Everyone—-Another track that really reminds me of Steele and his earlier band Carnivore, this is perhaps one of my favorite tracks from this release. The voice is delivered with an incredible melody…the music is fast and delivered with a punk rock venom that sticks in your brain and sounds like an old friend after you re-visit it. This is energetic…reminds me of a few things on later releases but is still mostly contradicting of the majority of material on this release….gosh how I love this band!!!!

Bloody Kisses—-Again, we get one of those monumental 10 minute tracks that helps to formulate every single piece of material ever released from the band after this. this was the founding ground of the future and the band made great efforts to cement the direction in which they planned on going. These dark and plodding masterpieces were the cement that would land them in my own private Goth-Metal Hall Of Fame. This plods at such a slow pace and delivers line after line full of death, despair and darkness that you are sucked in…the remarkable thing, as always, is the fantastic harmony and melody that the band managed to produce despite all of this darkness. Do I gush….well, I guess I mean to…I just adore this stuff!!!!

3.O.I.F.—-This has nice layers to it, lots of little effects that introduce the track, but it never really seems to go anywhere. The song has a nice atmospheric feel to it…it would have been interesting to see the construction of this ‘song’ in the studio. This is just a lot of sound effects all pulled together and producing a typical Type O soundscape…just classic!

Too Late: Frozen—-Another of those songs that Pete & Co. played right up until the end, this combined the more aggressive nature of the band set up against the darker side in a masterful way. This has nice ebbs and flows…switching between that ultra darkness and then becoming more driving. When the whole band combines on the vocal, it shows the true direction of the future. This is a fantastic track, and it only got better from here!

Blood & Fire—-Beginning in typical fashion, there is a nice share of feedback and deep, dark bass that allows you without a second guess as to whom you are listening to. Pete enters and delivers a remarkable vocal….singing in a tone that is a bit higher than usual, he still sounds comfortable and at ease. this is a dark love song that also allows for the backing vocal from Silvers to enter into everything…something that would become commonplace in later days. This is a fantastic track…catchy as hell despite the darkness of it all…this band truly had a way with melodies!!!

Can’t Lose You—-This is interesting at the onset if only for the subtle Asian sounds that introduce the song…very different than what you would expect. the feedback that is provided by the bass is remarkable….and the vocal from Steele is more like a low and mournful moan than a vocal. this is almost a pretty song…only that deep plodding funeral march keeps it from being such and keeps it on the edge instead. This is just fantastic!!!

Suspended In Dusk—-Beginning much like Christian Woman proper, this track takes liberties and crosses the corner with no stop lights in the process. the track is a literal wall of sound…the feedback screaming at times and damn near plodding to a standstill at others. Steele sounds like he is delivering a mantra on life from his death-bed as the song goes further and deeper than anything Ozzy and co. could have ever dreamt of producing…this is groundbreaking, earth-shattering and will leave you feeling dark and lonely…just what the Dr. ordered. Thanks Pete!!!!

Christian Woman—-This differs little from the original…it is shorter and the more acceptable version of the song that we have all become more familiar with….why it is necessary to include this on here is beyond me…it only robs the original of it majesty!

Blood & Fire [Out Of The Ashes Mix]—-This alos offers little new…the only added benefits are nice organ intros and a bit more of an Industrial Metal sound…the vocal remains as it was intended….Classic Pete.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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