Cage The Elephant / Thank You Happy Birthday

Thank You Happy Birthday

Cage the Elephant is an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that formed in mid-2006. Since their formation, the band has gained a massive following in the US as well as the UK for their sound and their high-energy live performances.

The band’s second album Thank You, Happy Birthday, was released on January 11 , 2011.[5]

On November 26, 2010 Cage The Elephant released a special edition Record Store Day Black Friday 7″ Vinyl w/download card called, Shake Me Down for independent record stores.

Thank You, Happy Birthday was released to high critical acclaim, and on its first day charted as #1 on the top ten album downloads on iTunes.

The Analysis:

Always Something—-Don’t let the slight electronic sounds at the onset of the song fool you, this is a rock song! The vocal enters and is remarkably comforting…the drawl is far removed from the typical English sound, this band might reside in London but they are American all the way. Per most of their material, there is a slight Bluesy Rock lean to the music, the static and the attitude remain in full effect!

Aberdeen—-This is much more like it…the intro to the song has a nice dirty feel to it…exactly as i expected the release to start. The vocal is full of a snotty attitude…delivered with a sneer that you can feel even through your speakers. This release, thus far, is even more accessible than the debut release. The music is full of nice metallic guitar reverb, the vocal is full of attitude and the drums are much more pronounced. The chorus of the song will land in your brain….good luck finding a competent surgeon to remove it…this will play for a while!!!

Indy Kidz—-This is loud, raucous and full of attitude. The sound of the band is so much tighter than the last time i saw them with SSUP’s. The tracks on this release are full of a new-found melody and a remarkable accessibility while losing none of the bands hard-fought Indie cred. This record is going to go along way….this is a clear example why. This is snotty, full of attitude and played with a dedication that is hard pressed to find anymore!

Shake Me Down—-Now, this track perhaps belies the fact that the band is now residing overseas…this is full of classic Indie English sounds…Oasis is alive and well and goes by the name of Cage The Elephant….to me, this track is a huge surprise…really sounding like a band that cut their teeth on 90’s British Rock. This is breathtaking and fantastic!!!!

2024—-This is incredible!!!! Noisy and fast as hell, this is classic…full of a British sound that belies the Southern upbringing of the band, This is delivered with an urgency and mania that you will not forget anytime soon. This is FANTASTIC….probably my favorite release on this record, this is full of the best Indie sounds from the US with a British attitude…go figure!!!!

Sell Yourself—-This is another of those songs that begins with a slight electronic sound, but quickly becomes a track that sounds like it was probably left over from the first record. This matches the energy and the delivery of most of the songs on the first record…this is full of snot, attitude and venom. This is fantastic!!!!

Rubber Ball—-WTF….this is a surprise…a slow track from the hyper-kinetic children of Kentucky….yey…you got it right. The delivery is full of sincerity and the placement on the release is masterful…allowing you a cool down period…placement is key in production and this is masterful. The lyrics are surprisingly insightful and the delivery is damn right pretty. this is the surprise of the New Year…and damn welcome at that!!!!

Right Before My Eyes—-This is so damn melodic and harmonious you wonder if this is the same band from three songs earlier. The vocal is crystal clear, you can catch every insightful word…the chorus is so full of melody you wonder if the british scene might not be making an imprint on this band. I would expect that this band is going to do VERY well overseas with this release…it is much easier to be huge in Europe than it is in the US…we will catch on eventually. This is a superb song…I can’t stop listening to this one!!!!

Around My Eyes—-Seriously, it sounds like a kazoo begins this song…how fabulous is that? The vocal is delivered with a low almost southern drawl that sucks you in from the very first listen. The song is HUGE…this is fantastic!!!! The melody of the track is everything that is necessary to propel this band to super stardom…if the listening public does not buy into this band there is more wrong with the Music market than I ever imagined…this record is a pure triumph!!!

Sabertooth Tiger—-This is phenomenal…..a huge throwback to the best 70’s Punk rock, the energy level on this track has not been repeated since the Sex Pistols introduced themselves to the US. This has feedback, reverb and a baseline that plants itself in your head forever. This is real, current and delivered with just enough nostalgia to make us old people fall in love with these guys.

Japanese Buffalo—-this is another HUGE surprise for me…beginning with a bit of a nostalgic doo-wop sound, the song escalates into a Punk rock vibe that just begs to be played live. I have seen this band live and it is always a spectacle…some of this material, played live, may very well cause a melee…but the song itself is pretty incredible! Switching between an R N B influenced sound and a hyper kinetic Punk delivery, this is something for everyone…all the while maintaining a melody that in grains in your brain and begs for 100 constant listens…this is just what I needed!!!!

Flow—-Ending the release with this almost 8 minute release, the band again reminds you that they are now british residents. this is full of that old Glastonbury sound that made the Roses and The Smiths so huge…the sound is relaxed and delivered with an almost nostalgic feel that none of these kids are old enough to remember. The lyrics are insightful and the bass line that runs through the song is keyed a bit higher…allowing you to really feel the emotion in the song…this is damn stellar….it is almost impossible to pick a favorite track from tis release, so I choose to embrace the entire think with open and loving arms…a wonderful experience!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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