Low / C’mon


C’mon is the ninth full-length album by indie rock band Low. It was released on 12 April 2011 (11 April in Europe) on Sub Pop records. The album was recorded at Sacred Heart Studio, a former Catholic church in Duluth, Minnesota where the band previously recorded 2002’s Trust[13]. The album features guest contributions from Nels Cline (lap steel, guitar), Caitlin Moe of Trans-Siberian Orchestra (violin) and Dave Carroll of Trampled by Turtles (banjo)[14].

“Try to Sleep” and “Especially Me” were released by the band in advance of the album; “Try to Sleep” was made available through the band’s mailing list in February 2011, while “Especially Me” was premiered on Pitchfork on 25 March 2011. A promotional video for “Try to Sleep” starring John Stamos and Melissa Haro and directed by Travis Schneider was released to coincide with the release of the album.

The Analysis:

Try To Sleep—-As a very long time Low fan, deprived of new music for such a long period of time, I was so anxious to get my hands on this release. This lead off single really could never disappoint…the slow and sludge is well in tact…..the vocal harmonies almost lead me to orgasm and the intricate sounds that lie in the backdrop of the music are more reminiscent of recent releases but still reminds you of the genius of this band. There remains a beauty in this band…one you cannot ignore…it lies in the words….the layers of music and the gentle delivery that takes you paces you had no intention of going.

You See Everything—-Allowing an intro vocal from Mimi almost promises a wonderful outcome!!!! The beginning chords remind me of a long forgotten smiths song….as the music progresses and grow stronger, it becomes their own. this is wonderfully different, but very much the same. The band never has lost it direction…only progressed as the lives of members have done so…and that is what life and music is all about. This is fantastic..perhaps even brilliant…rememinding me of the best of the ‘old’ Low combining magically with the ‘new’ Low…and I am elevated to heaven!!!!

Witches—-Literally beautiful from the onset, this track REALLY takes me back to the very early days of the band. Alan delivers an intro vocal that is a bit more mature, but with even more finesse’. When the two voices come together…admidst the sometimes annoying noise, I am almost taken to an entire different world. This is fantastic, wonderful and literally genius. I think I even detect some banjo in this song…brilliant!!!!

Done—-Again, Alan begins the song…delivered with a wonderfully plodding musical sound that slowly becomes and almost beautiful Country style ode that tends to make me weep! This is pure 100% magic for me….the slow and deliberate delivery is literally fantastic. The magic that is produced from the sound of the steel guitar is long overdue…the huge pounding drum hits you in the middle of your heart and by the end of the song…you are left weeping on the floor!!!

Especially Me—-This is exquisite…..Mimi and Alan combine voices like no one i have ever heard…how did this magic ever happen…that is what i would like to know? The gentle and intricate musical sounds combine with the voices and create a sound that is as joyous as a christmas overture and as sedate as a bright lazy summer afternoon. I could never ask for more…I could never pray for more beauty and I could never expect anything near as perfect!!!!

$20—-Alan enters with the most minimal music I have heard in a very, very long time! This is fantastic and has quickly become one of my favorite Low releases in a very long time. When Mimi joins in the fray, this takes you back to the stark beauty of Curtain Hits The Cast……this is beautiful, heart shattering and goose-bump inspiring…….go and get this record!!!!

Majesty/Magic—-Again, beginning rather minimalist and naked, this band has really recaptured my psyche with this record!!!! Alan begins with his vocal, but Mimi is not far behind and without the joint voices it would never me the same. The timbre of the drums are magical…..allowing you to sing in the gentle sounds of the band…this is A++++++. Where did this ‘Slo-Core’ resurgence come from…..I should not ask..this is stark, beautiful and a dream come true!!!!

Nightingale—-Combining the best of both Low’s, this is from the onset a nice landscape of sound that gets in your brain and stays there. To me, this should have been the first single! The layers of sounds are wonderfully delivered, the harmonies are perfect and Alan’s high voice is perfectly matched to the almost psuedo-jazz delivery. This is fantastic!

Nothing But Heart—-Falling back into the Guns N’ Drums style at the onset of the song, this is a bit noisier and abrasive than you would expect, but still evolves into a rather beautiful song! The Spearhawks manage to deliver a vocal that melts your entire soul…this is magical. when the couple exclaim that they are nothing but heart……you better damn well believe it!!!!

Something’s Turning Over—-Ending this stellar release with another slight Country Ode, the band still manages to leave a taste in my mouth that onely craves more and more. This is stellar….delivered with a slight almost bluegrass feel…and a bit of a poppy feel, this is my favorite track on this release!!! I love the gentleness, the sincerity and the genuity. I could never ask for more…except for more!!!!

***** [!!!!!] out of 5


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