God Dethroned / Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross

Under the Sign of the Iron Cross

God Dethroned is a blackened death metal band from the Netherlands.

The New God Dethroned album ‘Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross’ was released through Metal Blade on November, 22nd 2010 and met rave reviews. It marked the first time God Dethroned became ‘Album Of The Month’ in Holland’s Aardschok magazine.

Sattler announced that 2011 will be the last year of the band and their final show will be in December.

The Analysis:

The Declaration Of War—-This short yet powerful instrumental introduction only lends a hand at preparing you for the melodic yet brutal onslaught that is about to smack you in the face and leads into……

Storm Of Steel—-Once the onslaught begins, there is very little time for you to catch your breath. the music hits you hard and heavy…reminding me of the classic Dimmu of the past. The lyrics are hard to understand…yoet you catch bits and pieces which put the track together for you. the drums are literally incredible…the most impressive part of the band outside of the vocal…this is exceptional…I have to get some of this older stuff!!! There is an underlying melody through the entire thing that makes you an instant fan…STELLAR!!!!

Fire Storm—-The drum onslaught that welcomes the intro to this track is only eclipsed by the subtle death growl that is almost buried in the noise. This is melodic, intense and brutal as anything you could ask for. the track is loaded with dark lyrics…huge energy and a pummeling bass.drum delivery that puts you on the edge of your seat…gosh…where have I been?

The Killing Is Faceless—-You are given very little time to catch your breath as this ‘concept CD’ moves from idea to idea….centered around the chapters of World War I, the music is a ruthless and brutal as the war itself. the vocal is incredible….this guy can sing like nothing I have heard in quite sometime. This is layered with drums, bass and an underlying melody that sucks you in and comes back time after time. There are some leads on this track that are incredible…please dont tell me this is really the end?

Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross—-Almost…at the onset…reminding me of Iron Maiden, this quickly dissolves into a classic death rage that brings an ever bigger smile to my face. The drums on this track are like nothing you have ever heard. The vocal is very acceptable…understandable and clear…but the barrage of musical noise is almost orgasmic….this is incredible!!!! Perhaps the best track I have heard in this bands catalog!!!!

Chaos Reigns At Dawn—-Beginning much as you expect, a complete progression from the previous track, the drums…again…are just stellar. the voice is clear yet full of guttural admonitions that urge you to pay attention to the mistakes we have made in the past. this is a natural story…you can feel the progression without a history lesson…the concept is well in tact….war kills people…brings about horror and cause damage that last forever!!!!!

Through Byzantine Hemispheres—-Again, this is much more Metal influenced at the onset….onlyu the vocal causes a pure differential from the mainstream. the drums are incredible…but the3 leads are even BETTER….this is exquisite. the energy is all encompassing…the song has these slight mood changes that wrap around you like a huge electric blanket…all the while tighter and tighter  by the drum propulsion and the bitter voice. This is fantastic…perhaps my favorite track on this release!!!!

The Red Baron—-Leaving no time for introduction or sedate musings, this is right out of the gate pure and brutal. the vocal is stellar…this is classic black metal…delivered with a genuity and commitment. the guitars that emerge as the track progresses are huge…this is just incredible…this reminds me of Satyricon…..even more every time I listen to it. This has melody, brutality and a real delivery that you can’t walk away from….stellar!!!!

On Fields Of Death & Desolation—-Winding up the release with a rather sedate beginning to the last track, this is not to last for long. Although the entire thing again makes me think of classic Maiden, this is superb. There is a heaviness in the track that pulls you in…and you find yourself entranced by the ‘end of the war’……but the eclipse of music reminds you it was not the end for many…as far as Black Metal goes…this is stellar…as far as concepts go…this is stellar….if this is the swan song for real…well done my friends!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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