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Deicide / To Hell With God

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To Hell With God

To Hell with God is the tenth studio album by the American death metal band Deicide. The follow-up to Till Death Do Us Part (2008), it was originally intended to be released in 2009[1] before being pushed back to a 2010[2] release, and was finally released on February 15, 2011 through Century Media Records.[3]

On January 11th, 2011 the Song “Hang in Agony Until You’re Dead” was debuted on Deicide’s MySpace page in full for streaming.

The Analysis:

To Hell With God—-Picking up and delivering much in the same vein the band has for many years, this song is full of classic Benton blasphemy and incredible Owen riffs. There is a nice bit of melody on this track…allowing you to breathe on occasion during the song. This band never disappoints….if you want dark and brutal, you got it!!!

Save Your—-I love how this track begins…the drums are AMAZING…both in volume and speed. The deep sounds of the bass are incredible and Glen delivers line after line like a machine gun. This lacks the melody part of the song…at times a bit chaotic….but would we really expect anything else. Sometimes, Glen scares the yell outta me!!!

Witness Of Death—-Sounding more Metallica than Deicide at the onset, there is a refreshing feeling to the difference in sound. Once Benton opens his mouth and delivers line after line of anti-religion rhetoric, you are sure you are listening to the right band. I am still surprised at times, after all of these years, that this guy can still sing like this and with such range. The overlayed vocals are fantastic…one of my favorite tracks from this release.

Conviction—-At the onset, this has a much more mainstream feel to it…the lines are pretty crisp from Owen…but the drums kick in and the hyper delivery begins. Benton enters with his vocal and it is delivered in an almost hypnotic and rhythmic feel that suck me in right from the onset. This is another favorite track of mine…and you can actually catch many of the lyrics without help!!! Magnificent…but dark none the less!!! I swear the guitar solo reminds me of Mercyful Fate!!!!

Empowered By Blasphemy—-With little time to catch your breath, this song begins and sounds a bit underproduced to me…the sound of the track lacks a bit of the shine of previous tracks. The band saves the day…this drummer is fucking stellar….delivering minute after minute of hyperactive machine gun speed that blows my mind. The joint vocals or overlays really provide a nice full sound to the song….and when Owen goes off on his solo…you are really reminded of the old days.

Angels Of Hell—-This is really nice….well produced with some good head phone speaker play, the song again reminds me of early Mercyful Fate…until Glen opens his mouth. The marked difference with this track is the nice overlay on the vocal, the almost addictive melody and the drums as ALWAYS. This has a nice ebb and flow to it…building you up a bit and lying low for a moment…definte must have track from this release!!!!

Hang In Agony Until You’re Dead—-The first track to be streamed from this release, it still is less than my favorite from this CD. This is nice, but seems like a re-tread of some material from the last release. I still have to commend the incredible guitars…and the drums which shatter my brain with precision, speed and accuracy!!!

Servant Of The Enemy—-Right out of the gate, this track is delivered with speed, desolation and chaos. One thing that holds the song together is the amazingly clear vocal from Benton…not what i am accustomed to!!! This is brutal…the higher pitched overlay is freaking fantastic and rounds out the song. when Benton delivers his little nursery rhyme at the midpoint of the song….I just sit and smile!!!!

Into The Darkness You Go—-A bit predictable but still delivered with fresh brutality, the song takes a remarkable turn once the vocal enters the fray. This is almost addictive…despite the sometimes chaotic flavor of the music. I am blown away…despite the content and the religious backlash, this is stellar. This has a really nice rhythmic feel to it…just fantastic!!!!

How Can You Call Yourself A God—-Ending this rather generic and predictable release with a song that has a slight 80’s metal intro is a bit of surprise…I guess it is the high pitch lead in that reminds me of this. The drums enter at break neck speed and Benton continues to spew his distaste for anything even remotely Christian…..but the brutality and the force is true and real…you HAVE to love this band…..

**** out of 5