She Wants Revenge / Valleyheart


She Wants Revenge is an American musical duo, based in San Fernando Valley, California. The group’s debut album She Wants Revenge was released in early 2006, with three singles to follow (“These Things,” a video for which features Shirley Manson from Garbage, “Out of Control,” and “Tear You Apart” for which the video was directed by Joaquin Phoenix). The band has sold more than 300,000 records in the US. The band’s second album, This Is Forever, was released on October 9, 2007.

The group’s third album, entitled Valleyheart, was released on May 23, 2011.

The Analysis:

Take The World—-The one remarkable thing you notice at the onset of the release is the missing trademark bass line that has always led the band…have no fear…it is not forgotten or left behind. This has a bit of a more experimental sound, but it is so damn pleasant. When the vocal begins you are at once comfortable…the speak/sing delivery is in full effect and the song is much more dance friendly than anything I have heard from this band in some time. Reminding me so much of classic Human League!!!

Kiss Me—-Returning in glory to a more predictable and ordinary sound, it is not to be construed as a disappointment. I love how the vocal is pushed so far to the front of the mix and sets right in the center of your forehead. This gains a lot of momentum as it develops and turns into quite a fantastic pop song…perhaps the most accessible thing the band has ever done. Just remarkable…this is a favorite!!!!

Up In Flames—-This is yet another surprise! Beginning with a sound that reminds me of classic Gary Glitter, this has a nice sleazy and dirty feel to it. The vocal reminds you without a doubt whom you are listening to, but the musical backdrop is a nice display of new sounds and textures…I rather like this!!!

Must Be The One—-This is just classic stuff…hard to believe you are listening to the 4th release rather than the first, this could have fit perfectly on the recipe driven debut CD. This is a nice track…full of lament, regret and a longing for the past. The vocal is outstanding and the energy is so damn contagious. This is the lead off single…and for a good reason….fantastic!!!!

Not Just A Girl—-This begins in a rather grand musical manner, but settles a bit…becoming at times an almost tender song. There are vocal overlays and a really huge growth in the sound of the band on this release. This is not ordinary and as you would expect music from the duo…this is new and fresh…accessible and a bit mainstream. This track is HUGE……I could hear this on the radio and I can hear this playing wonderfully well to a booze sodden club as well…..marvelous!!!!

Reasons—-Although there are predictable moments in this track, there are also new sounds that manage to keep my attention and make me excited about this band all over again. There is an incredible New Order sound to the band….but also a great homage to the synth sounds of the 80’s magically woven underneath it all. The vocal is trademarl…the speak/sing formula is masterful…but this is new and fresh all at the same time…think Human League meets Soft Cell!!!!

Little Stars—-Returning to a more predictable sound, this is not a disappointment by any means. This is a bit abrasive at times and reminds me on numerous songs from the band’s past Part II. This is fantastic and full of energy…the deep sound and the rhythm section makes you wonder how two people make such a big sound…..

Suck It Up—-Wow…..WTF!!!???? This is so large, fresh and new, you have to wonder what Executive talked to this band about updating and changing their sound? This is brilliant…the music is much different but fits with the vocal from Justin like a home-made recipe that actually works. there is a nice darkness to the song, but a huge brightness as well…..this is schizoid but so addictive!!!!

Holiday Song—-Again with the huge drum intro…but here comes the bass…making me hard at the first listen!!!! This has a swarming darkness that sucks me in and makes me smile like you can’t imagine. this is bass heavier even than new Order on the first release….Justin delivers line after line that makes you ponder, think and examine your life…perhaps to a fault…..ahhhh…because¬† music matters!!!!

Maybe She’s Right—-Laden with heavy synth sounds that makes you think again of The Human Lague in their heyday, the vocal even fits in as perfectly. I love this new direction….the band has produced a fantasic release…I only hope that many people get the chance to hear it!!! This is a triumph!!!

**** 3/4 out of 5


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