Erasure / Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrow's World

Tomorrow’s World is the fourteenth studio album by English synthpop duo Erasure. The album was released through Mute Records[2] on 3 October 2011 in the UK, and 11 October 2011 in North America.[3]

Tomorrow’s World was written in New York, London, and at Vince Clarke’s cabin studio in Maine, between January and June 2011, following Erasure’s short break, which found Andy Bell recording and releasing his second solo album Non-Stop, and Vince Clarke reuniting with former Yazoo partner Alison Moyet for the Reconnected tour. Clarke used his vintage collection of analog synths for the final touches. All songs are written by Bell and Clarke.[2]

The album was produced by Frankmusik and mixed by Rob Orton, who has previously remixed other well-known electronic artists such as Lady Gaga and Pet Shop Boys.

The first single from the album was “When I Start To (Break It All Down)”, which was released on 23 September 2011.[4] It received its first UK airplay on BBC Radio 2’s Ken Bruce show.

The Analysis:

Be With You—-Despite the time-lapse and the separate projects this duo are involved in, it is obvious from the first listen that this is a partnership that separation cannot separate. This is a lead off track that makes you feel comfortable and warm all over…as if the band has never been apart. Andy delivers vocals that are classic and the synth power of Clarke is in full form. This is a masterpiece of a track!

Fill Us With Fire—-Reminding me at the onset of a track that belonged on the Erasure release, the tempo magically changes when Bell open his mouth. this is driving and full of the classic dance.disco sounds that made this band HUGE. The sound is a bit more sedate and matches the lower register that Andy has taken on, but still manages to maintain the magic that this band has always had. this is perhaps one of the best Erasure releases in the past 10 years….very nice!!! And this will play live like magic!

You’ve Got To Save Me Right Now—-Vince Clarke has the magical ability to wrap his driving synth around the vocal of Andy Bell in a masterful way…much like he did with the blues driven vocal of Moyet. This is a surprisingly wonderful song….not one of my favorites. but it manages to break up the release with a fantastic differential that is always needed…..great production I think!

What Will I Say When You’re Gone?—-Another of those tracks that you wonder how this duo manages to create into a masterpiece so well…the synths are unique and all over the place while Bell delivers a rather sedate vocal…but when it comes together it is a landscape of emotions and energy. The bombast flows in and out…quiet at times and very loud at others…all the whole delivering a melody that sticks in your brain and refuses to leave you alone…yuet another masterful and unforgettable Erasure track!

A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot—-Kudos for the title of the song alone!!!! This is a building track that comes from the quiet and seems to get bigger and bigger…this is phenomenal and remains one of my favorite tracks on this release…if this does not remind you of the old days, there is something wrong with your memory. Bell has never sounded better and the driving synths from Clarke reminds you that he is true to his sound and vision and that it has never diminished from the Depeche days…..this is fantastic!

I Lose Myself—-This is another of those songs that seems to be built around the sometimes blues vocal tones that Bell manages to deliver ala Moyet. How funny for this band to even mention something about Rock N’ Roll……this is layered and full of deep house sounds that you have not heard from this band in quite sometime…a true return to form, it is nice to know that despite his status Bell has managed to keep his voice….I am still amazed that he tours the way he does…makes me feel a bit inadequate!!!

When I Start To [Break It All Down]—-From the very onset of this single, the lead off from this release, you know that this is a true return to fame. There is no doubt that this duo is very in tune with each other. Bell delivers a vocal that is as good as anything on chorus or other ensuing release. The falsetto is very much in tact as to where it was 10 or 15 years ago….this is magnificent and could not be a better lead off single!!!

Then I Go Twisting—-Once again, from the very onset, Clarke makes himself heard loud and clear. There may be talk of sickness of Techno…but the sound is very much alive and delivered with finesse. Andy says he does not want to let us down….and he does not! This is high energy that allows for both an emotional feel and a dance floor stomper that will play very well tomorrow or in 10 years from now…..a classic that I appreciate now…some might appreciate later!!! Tremendous!

Just When I Thought It Was Ending—-Ending this rather short release…clocking in at just 31 minutes, Bell delivers a more sedate a deeper tone to his voice. The emotive quality is pretty fantastic though…there are some fantastic overlays that make me smile…reminding me of some of the glory days. This will play so well live with the entourage of live singers that the band manages to carry with them…a nice cool down track, this is perfect!

**** out of 5 [For Length Only]

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