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Angels & Airwaves / Love Album Parts One & Two

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Love Part One & Part Two

Angels & Airwaves is an American alternative rock supergroup led by Blink-182 guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge. Other members are guitarist David Kennedy (from Over My Dead Body, Hazen Street and Box Car Racer), bassist Matt Wachter (from 30 Seconds to Mars) and drummer Ilan Rubin (from Lostprophets and Nine Inch Nails). Former original members are bass guitarist Ryan Sinn (formerly of The Distillers), who left the group in 2007 for reasons which are still unclear, as well as drummer Adam “Atom” Willard (formerly of The Offspring), who amicably parted ways with the band in fall 2011 after completion of their fourth album.

Formed after the break up of Blink-182 in 2005, the band has continued to record and tour despite DeLonge reigniting his career with Blink-182 in 2009. For the five years cade of the band’s existence, they have established themselves as extremely prolific artists, having released four studio albums We Don’t Need to Whisper (2006), I-Empire (2007), Love (2010) and Love: Part Two (2011). The project also resulted in the documentary film Start the Machine (2008). In 2011, accompanying the two Love albums, the group scored and produced the science fiction drama film Love by director William Eubank in 460 theatres nationwide during their multimedia event, Love Live. Tom Delonge has said in an interview that the band is working on two new films with accompanying studio albums.

The Analysis:

LOVE Pt. 1

Et Ducit Mundem Per Luce—-My favorite band on the face of the planet does not dissapoint….even with the few opening strains that begins this epic journey! If you are at all familiar with this band, the opening strains allows you the knowledge that you are home again and that this not intend to disappoint. The sound is huge and epic…the strings and keyboards move with little effort…..and causes me a smile within the first 30 seconds of the track…the smile only continues as we move into…..

The Flight Of Apollo—-The slight blips and beeps that introduce this track are so exciting….delivering an amped up feeling that I can’t ignore. Tom enters with his vocal…a bit muted and displaced but soon comes out with a full force and the majesty of the band is right in your face. The melody of every track on this release is incredible…but this…the epic beginning is so important to me….tom delivers line after line of love forlorn and yet sounds hopeful……my band of the future…I am sure there is much more to come!!!!

Young London—-Never losing the energy or the melody of the previous track, Tom continues to weave his magic story of love and the search for it in a magical and seamless way. The entire release never once loses a bit of energy or intensity…this is simply magical…the drums on this track are outstanding……and the emotion blows me away!!!

Shove—-Many could complain that this track is rather predictable in it’s beginning….but none the less, this is just what i expect and demand. There are certain bands who give you everything you need with the same delivery…this is one of those. when Tom enters with his slight whine and laments on love and distant girls, you feel his feeling and his need. When the melody and the chorus kicks in, you are on a beach with a magnificent sunset…reminding you that you should never see such a site alone….magnificent!

Epic Holiday—-With an almost seemless segue, this is another of those tracks that I tend to listen to over and over and over. tom has a clear and concise vision for this band and he has never faltered from it…in fact the newest release from BlinK 182…..sounds much more like an AVA record than ever! It takes a few moments for this to really pick up and start…but the bombast is there from the very onset….there is an underlying melody and energy to the music that this band produces and you never get lost in the layers and layers of different sounds that come at you from a million directions…this is not happy music…per se….but it makes me feel so damn good!

Hallucinations—-Perhaps one of my favorite releases on this entire double disc, this shows Tom and the band at their very best! This hearkens back to the earlier days of the band…when the music was less epic and more heartfelt….not to say that this is any less epic!!!! The guitars are huge…but there is so much going on in the backdrop of the entire thing…I’m just amazed at the versatility of the band…Tom leads but is empty without all of this magnificent sound…and the sound IS magnificent. This is incredible…I can listen to this 100 times in a row……no problem!!!

The Moon-Atomic [Fragments and Fiction]—-Another epic, almost 7 minute track that is full of bombastic beats and a vocal that almost makes me weep. Some of my friends complain about the whiney mode of vocal delivery from Tom….I call it emotion. you really seem to feel that this guy is singing about stuff that is important to him and in a way that allows you, the listener, to really feel it! This is exquisite!

Clever Love—-Evolving seamlessly from the previous track, this is a bit morose and pretty damn intense. I don’t know who tom is singing about in some of these songs…..I only wish I had someone who felt this way about me. When the chorus hits, I have goose bumps all over my ENTIRE body…this is real and not contrived…if tom & Co. is pulling a big trick on us…consider me fooled as hell!!!

Soul Survivor […..2012]—-The intro gives a nice nod to the 80’s……and as the song progresses, it just grows larger and larger. This is a bit morose…via the vocal. but the music in the back drop is huge and moving. When Tom really comes forward, the track just gets even larger…speaking of love….but on the downslide…love is not always grand…sometimes it hurts damn bad….and this is a good example of that feeling!

Letters To God Pt. 2—-With some really fantastic guitar riffs, this song moves at a really nice pace…….Tom enters with his vocal and again takes me some place that I don’t often visit….emotion. I try to hide the fact that I feel anything….but this guy makes me realize how deeply I do feel…..this band makes me want, makes me need and makes me lonely…..and happy!

Some Origins Of Fire—-Ending Part One with incredible energy….AND ……MELODY. this band never disappoints me…only leaves me so hungry for more. Although this is pretty reminiscent of other things the band has released, the energy makes it new and fresh…..I love this band……..

LOVE Pt. 2

Saturday Love—-Kicking off Part 2, it is like a constant continuation…..that is what i love about this band…you can listen from the first release to the last…and never skip a page or lose your place. This is a huge song…epic and reminding me of U2 or such…there is such energy and intention. tom has never sounded better and the harmonies and melodies carry from Pt. 1 to Pt. 2 with ZERO effort!!!!

Surrender—-Feeling much more 80’s oriented than the previous part of this release, there seems to be much more keyboard influence on this record. this takes me back to the energy of the very first release as well….tom seems to be invigorated and further propelled by his Blink influence…this song is simply fantastic!

Anxiety—-The mood…..the music…..the urgency…the vocal….the words…..the entire thing reminds me why I take so many drugs…thanks for the huge validation Tom…..someone, somewhere…is like me…..! THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!

My Heroine [It’s Not Over]—-Delivering a rather morose vocal, tom manages to deliver a song with little or no whine!!!! Instead, the song is full of huge emotional words and intense vivid imagery of sadness and despair. Tom reminds me that I’m not the only desolate person in the world…my emotions are ok…and others feel like me….I could never ask for more…EVER!!!!

Moon As Witness—-Creeping up on you, yet still congealed with the previous track, AVA manages to agin create a landscape that is brilliant…like a blank canvas being met with 20 paintbrushes at once. This is full of deep synths that seem to get louder with every measure, but never grows in sound…just emotion….I fuckin’ love this band!!!!!

Dry Your Eyes—-Tom falls a bit on familiar territory…..seemingly repeatind some of the stuff we have received in previous release…..the beauty is that the lyrics are new and the energy is still as intense…so who am I to complain….I would never. This track has a rather nice tempo…moving along at an incredible pace….nice all the way around!

The Revelator—-A bit more bass heavy, the band still manages to keep the original sound they have always had. The drums are monumental…..right up in the front of the mix and in your face. Tom never let up…delivering line after line that makes you think, reflect and question….all the while trying to escape the melody that will be with you for the next 48 hours…this IS music!!!

One Last Thing—-A bit of a surprise. the song starts rather drum heavy and continues that way throughout!!!! Even when the vocal enters, the synth and the drums are in the very front of the mix…this is melodic and another catchy as hell track…thanks to the vocal overlays and the melodic quality of Tom’s voice. When DeLonge reaches for that upper register…you feel pain, emotion and feelings I wish he never disturbed…fantastic!!!!

Inertia—-This seems to me, yet another retread with a fresh and new sound though. I love the way the vocal manages to creep up on you….emerging from the back drop. the band freakin’ rips at times on this song…sounding even better than the full on Blink….the only thing that separates them are the emotions in the lyrics and the vocal…..the new Blink 182…..melds these two rather nicely!!!!

Behold A Pale Horse—-Returning to a more morose sound at the onset, I pause and wonder if I can think about feelings that much in one day….but Tom comes through with lyrics that remind me that it is not all about me but the world in general. this is epic…full of energy and reminding me of the synth from classic Asia songs….really a retread….but this song really works for me right now!!!! Phenomenal!!!!

All That We Are—-Rounding out and ending this collection, the band only leaves me thirsty….almost parched……wondering when I will get the next release! This is typical…but special…..piano laden with wisps of synths and morose sounds…you just wait….and Tom enters and delivers yet more sentences that leave you questioning and asking and wondering……BECAUSE MUSIC MATTERS!!!!!!

***** out of 5 [Perfection]