Gary Numan / Dead Son Rising

Dead Son Rising

Dead Son Rising grew out of a set of demos Numan had left over from previous projects, but as he explains: ‘The original ideas that sparked off these songs are now barely visible. It’s grown into another animal, something more experimental.’[citation needed]

The album was co-written and co-produced by Numan with Ade Fenton (Numan’s collaborator on his 2006 album Jagged). The tracks “We Are The Lost” and “Dead Sun Rising” both contain elements from a sci-fi fantasy story Numan has been writing over the last few years. The album also includes two instrumentals, “Resurrection” and “Into Battle”, showcasing some of the soundtrack-type material that Numan and Fenton have been working on recently.

The Analysis:

Resurrection—-The excitement and distinct sound are here from the very first notes of this track…..anyonee familiar with latter-day Numan finds this quite comfortable and as wanted. The distortion is slight…but the energy is complete….the darkness is huge and the noise is sublime…..yet another masterpiece that produces chills in my soul!

Big Noise Transmission—-Del.ivering much of the noise that is expected, this also has a throwback sound for me…reminding me of the glory days of Numan before the Industrial rebirth. The hints are minute and momentary…the noise is overwhelmingly comfortable….right down to the whispered vocal. This is angry…melodic and full of the catchy, damn irresistible whine that Numan is known for. this is dark, intense and damn catchy….I listen over and over and over….

Dead Sun Rising—-Returning to much of the same sound from the previous 3 releases, Numan at once makes me smile and feel quiet at the same time…I have yearned and thirsted for this sound for quite sometime. The crescendos of the song are incredible…there are layers and layers of sound here……I discover a new sound everytime I listen….the vocals are incredible….the lyrics are dark and welcoming…I’m at home once again….this man is a GOD!!!

When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come—-Another track that hearkens back to the very installation of the Numan Industrial Movement, this is so comfortable and happy for me. there are so many levels of noise and emotion involved with this track….Numan delivers his British whine and aggressive holler…you at once are quenched…even if only for a moment….This is an incredible track…..perhaps a favorite!!!!

For The Rest Of My Life—-Again, this is another really incredible track. with a predictable yet comfortable driving track, Numan delivers yet another masterpiece that propels forward the sound he has finessed in the past few releases…the sound of the music is as important as the voice!!!! The content is less God oriented and more love centered…a bit of a surprise…but a relief as well…the familair strain is there and I am in love all over again…masterful!!!!

Not The Love We Dream Of—-Sedate and piano driven, there is a nice underlying tone that still gives credence to the misery and sadness of the song. The bass heavy sound and the very sedate vocal draws you into the sadness…but you are never lost…the emotion is relateable…no matter where you are in your life!

The Fall—-Another very favorite track of mine from this release, it is much more aggreessive…..perhaps the most on this entire CD. The noise level explodes in your ear and the energy and anger are palatable. The heavy bass and instrumentation makes you think NIN right away….but the vocal fits in like it is a piece of the puzzle. The refrain and chorus match up to produce a huge song….Numan has never sounded better. numan and Fenton are unstoppable….this is a driving Industrial track that makes me smile for at least 3 days……

We Are The Lost—-Again, musically aggressive and much more like the former release Jagged, this has a really dark tinge to it that allows me to smile from ear to ear…..There is little i have ever found to fault with this man…this is no exception. The repetitive musical notes and the heavier bass noise allows you to imagine a dark, dark world……because Music mattters…this man is a GOD!!!!

For The Rest Of My Life [Reprise]—-Filler that kind of pisses me off…but it is as dark as I would imagine it to be…I only wish there was something else beside a redux!!!! Just reminds you how great of a composer this man is……!

Into Battle—-Seeming to meld from the previous track, the tempo increases and increases as extra effects are added. The energy slowly builds and you are wrapped inside another classic Numan track. the piano becomes a hinderence…but the deep sounds rescue your brain at the right moment…perhaps genius!!! This is fantastic…..

Not The Love We Dream Of [Piano Version]—-More unneccessary filler, but Numan has been known for this before. I am disappointed, but the quality songs make up for the indifference…..this is nothing new…but still allows you moments of solitary introspection…..not a bad thing!

**** out of 5





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