Cannibal Corpse / Torture

TortureTorture is the twelfth studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse. The album was produced at Sonic Ranch Studios by Hate Eternal guitarist Erik Rutan.

Bassist Alex Webster said about the record: “After having spent the past seven months writing and rehearsing new material, we’re very excited to finally begin recording. We’ve had great success working with Erik Rutan on our past two albums so we’ve decided to work with him again, but to keep things fresh we decided on a change of location — we’re returning to Sonic Ranch studios in Texas, where we’ve recorded several albums in the past. We are psyched to see how this combination works out — we feel it’s pairing that could result in our best album yet.”

It is the first Cannibal Corpse record in eight years (the last being 2004’s The Wretched Spawn) to feature a morbid cover. Although unlike other Cannibal Corpse covers where two would have to be illustrated – one censored and the other featuring the usual graphic violence – Torture includes a flap over the cover that depicts its graphic violence, which can only be opened once the product’s plastic seal is removed. The Japanese version comes in a standard jewel box with a slip cover case to mimic the Digipak version of the uncensored international release.

The Analysis:

Demented Aggression—-There is little new or shocking that CC can do at this point that has not been done by them already…all we can ask for is quality and consistency and this opening track really delivers. The music is as you would expect….amazingly fast and full of shreds…all the while George delivers growl after growl of disgusting suggestions to the listener. All in fun, this is also a huge stress reliever. Long live the grindcore kings!!!

Sarcophagic Frenzy—-Leaving you little time to catch your breath, this track comes in as heavy as anything the band has managed. With a bit more of a down-tempo, this allows George to tell a bit of a demented story. The musical interchanges are incredible going from ultra fast to a slower dirge like magic…the only thing missing for me are the magical guitar squeals this band is known for.

Scourge Of Iron—-The drums on this release are showcased so well on this track….as the heavy bass guitar produces a death march to the gallows…this is extraordinary and manages to make me smile. CC have turned their Deathcore into an art…that no one can do better. Who would think they would stand strong after 20 plus years? This track is full of melody and a damn catchy refrain…truly…believe it or not!!!!

Encased In Concrete—-Probably my favorite track on this release, it contains all I have ever needed from this band….aggression, speed, gore, ghastly vocals and a magical cohesive sound. the cymbals crash all over this track and the lead guitar is much shinier…allowing the track not to sound as deep. the intensity level is amped and the vocal is delivered at ultra speed. This is a huge combination of everything I love about this band…except the occasional guitar squeal……can’t have it all.

As Deep As The Knife Will Go—-Returning to full on aggression and thrash, the lyrics are a bright return to the gore-iffic escapades of the past…..reminding me of the true glory days of the band. The vocal is pushed away a bit…..making me wonder why? It is almost impossible to catch every word….but you just know this is brutal and ugly….and… is!!!! Classic!!!

Intestinal Crank—-Delivered deep and full of dirge at the onset, the song picks up a tempo that seems almost superhuman…I’m never sure how George manages to keep his vocal in time with the music coming at him in all directions. This is so aggressive and gory…you have to laugh…and shudder at the same time. Extraordinary!

Followed Home Then Killed—-The intro to this track is rather surprising….setting a melodic mood that lasts for quite sometime. George delivers line after line that you can actually understand and shake your head at. The speed is interspersed and the track switches from mood to mood..there are even some slight guitar squeals here…this is another favorite track…for the melody, the energy and the predictability!!!

The Strangulation Chair—-Returning to full on death mode, this is classic CC…..full of interchanges and growling vocals that make me shake my head and wonder how the hell George can sing like this year after year…all while whipping his head around at 40 miles per hour. This has that nice CC deep sound and you will not be disappointed…predictable but needed!

Caged-Contorted—-One thing you have to give this band credit for….they are true to their art form and they never leave it far behind them. No new sounds for them…this is classic and expected but welcome and brand new. the aggression makes me feel new…the energy gives me purpose…the lyrics make me smile sardonically…….everything I need from a band! Besides….this has a great vocal melody to it!!!

Rabid—-Another classic sounding track, George has a way of singing that carries a melodic edge to it despite the full throttle growl he delivers. This is a well versed band that knows how to construct a track…this is another favorite of mine from this release…just for the barrage of instrumentation and the great underlying melody that accompanies the damn thing! some vocal overlays here too!!!! WOW!!!

Torn Through—-Ending the release as brutal as it began, the energy level never takes a break. The dirge is magnificent and there seems to be some nice overlays on the vocals on this track as well…live, I suppose it really has no bearing! This is a great recording…another nice stepping stone in the foundation of Cannibal Corpse…..I will re-visit this often….

**** 3/4 out of 5

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