Cattle Decapitation / Monolith Of Inhumanity

Monolith of Inhumanity

Originally founded in 1996, Cattle Decapitation’s songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals as well as the abuse of the environment. Lyrics may also focus on subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based on putting humans in the situations that animals are subjected to (animal testing, slaughter, etc.). Only two current members are vegetarian: Travis Ryan and Josh Elmore.[citation needed]

Their 2002 album To Serve Man saw controversy in Germany, where distribution company SPV refused to handle the album due to its graphic cover.[3] The cover of the 2004 album Humanure, featuring a cow excreting human remains, was reportedly censored without permission from the label in some outlets. Record store owners did not display the album, making it difficult for customers to find and buy it.[4][5]

Former member Gabe Serbian is a member of the band The Locust.[6] Former member Dave Astor was also a member of The Locust.

Metal author and journalist Garry Sharpe-Young once acknowledged the band as “one of the few metal bands whose message hits as hard as their music”.[3]

In August 2009, Cattle Decapitation parted ways with long-time bassist Troy Oftedal because of “musical and personal differences”.[7]

Their latest album, Monolith of Inhumanity, was released in 2012. It received positive reviews upon release.[8][9]

Cattle Decapitation has toured with many death metal bands including Suffocation, Cryptopsy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Deicide, Behemoth, Hate Eternal, Krisiun and Job For A Cowboy[citation needed]. The band is touring in May 2012 with Fear Factory, Voivod, and Revocation.

The Analysis:

The Carbon Stampede—-Coming out of silence with a low hum that builds and builds, it is not long before the predictable hell breaks loose. The deep growl from this vocalist is incredible…as well as the speed of the music. Most of this band’s lyrical content is very positive and filled with a message…..I just wish I could catch a word or so here and there. what I love most about this band is the aggression and unrelenting speed! And….believe it or not…there are some exceptional guitar melodies on this track!

Dead Set On Suicide—-From the very first notes of the intro, this track really resonated with me. Although the lyrics bash God a bit more than I prefer, the track is freakin’ electric as hell….exceptioinal drums…..outstanding bass and a huge melody line. Vocals….brutal as always!!! The double tracks and overlays are incredible…is there someone else singing on this track?

A Living Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat—-Returning to song content that first attracted me to this band, the lyrics also contain a few words against God as well….which rather surprises me. The vocal on this track is outstanding…I’m not sure what has changed here, but this is much more friendly to my brain…there are nice breaks and a bit of melody! Fantastic!!!!

Forced Gender Reassignment—-Kudos for the band for deciding to write a song about such a controversial issue….even bigger kudos for coming off sounding almost exactly like Cannibal Corpse. This track moves….and the effects are incredible…again…the double tracking is incredible. The deep vocal at times makes me think of Oceano…but there are bloody screams as well…remarkable!!!!!

Gristle Licker—-Beginning with lightning fast drums, this is by far the most aggressive vocal thus far on this release. I am amazed at the depth that this guy can reach with his voice…he goes so deep sometimes it is like he is bubbling underground…othertimes there is an almost Satanic squeal to his voice…loving this band right now!

Projectile Ovulation—-Once again, the drums lead off this track at an incredible pace…the melody of the song falls into place immediately and floats in and out as it progresses. The vocal is as you would expect, but the bass guitar is the surprise here….giving the song a huge groove over the gravesite depth of the vocal…just amazing…..

Lifestalker—-Seemingly coming right out of the previous track, the music is very consistent. The high cymbals throughout this release is a surprise to be…as are the vocals on this track…almost puking with vehemence and horror. I love this band…this week….my new favorite aggression release. When the track suddenly shifts tones….I sit with my mouth hanging open…an incredible surprise to me…and makes the track almost…..supernatural!

Do Not Resuscitate—-This begins with a nice almost thrash feel to it, but becomes the MONSTER track of the release…this is so aggressive and fast that it is almost maddening. I wonder how the hell this guy can sing like this for song after song….but it is done and done incredibly well. This is another favorite track….angry, energy filled and fueled by fire!!!!

Your Disposal—-This track has a really great intro…..from all the instruments involved…giving you an appreciation of the band before it rapidly dissolves into more of what you have come to expect from this band…and there is that magical clean vocal again…making me smile and wonder what the hell. This track speaks to the level of trash we leave in the environment…both physical and mental and really resonates with me. this is another VERY favorite track of mine.

The Monolith—-Beginning in a rather odd vein, the track is slow to light up…there is a lot of doom serving as the intro……the guitar enters almost at a ghostly pace….and I shake my head in amazement…knowing that the familiar is not far behind. This is a rather incredible track…there is no mayhem…but instead an intense vocal that makes me think of all things…Pink Floyd……masterful!!!!! This is interesting…good track placement and production!!!!

Kingdom Of Tyrants—-Melding perfectly from the previous track, this is a true return to the mayhem that you have come to expect and serves as an excellent end to this release. The brutality is as real as the very first track…leading me to smile even wider. This will be in my rotation for quite sometime…the added clean vocal is extraordinary….I love this new direction…..

****3/4 out of 5

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