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Band Of Skulls / Baby Darling Doll Face Honey

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Baby Darling Doll Face HoneyBand of Skulls are an English alternative rock band from Southampton, consisting of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums). The group formed after meeting in college, although Marsden and Hayward have been friends since school.

The Analysis:

Light Of The Morning—-This begins with such a nice fuzzy sound and quickly dissolves into an almost blues laden delivery. The sound of the band is raw with a nice garage edge to it…at one point the song just stops…and returns more magnificent than ever…..just perfect.

Death By Diamonds And Pearls—-Beginning with nice short bursts of guitars, this turns into yet another great Garage style sound that reminds me of the stripes. This entire song has a certain attitude that makes me smile….at times the track is rather loud…..adding to the atmosphere…this is wonderful!

I Know What I Am—-With no pretense…..this delves into a nice duo vocal track that is breath-taking. I’m not sure where that other magnificent voice came from…sounding so much like Siouxsie Sioux…this is breath-taking!!!!

Fires—-Delivering a bit more of a mainstream sound, this is simply wonderful. The entire track has an almost Alt-Country sound to it that is rather unique when mixed with the female vocal and the intermittent bursts of guitar. This is fantastic!!! The chorus is addictive as hell!!!!

Honest—-Beginning unbelievably quiet and serene, the female vocal introduces the song and gives the band an entire different dynamic….this is a favorite of mine. the sound is quiet, ethereal and beautiful…with exquisite words to match…!!!

Patterns—-Returning to a more straight forward, post-punk sound, this band will always keep you guessing as to what is coming next. I swear this lady sounds so much like Siouxsie!!!! This has great short bursts of energy…making it hard for me to sit still. Nice!!!

Hollywood Bowl—-Becoming rather predictable at this point, it is nice that they mix the vocal back and forth though…it does keep you guessing a bit more. I like the dual delivery…this is a bit darker and offers up short bursts of energy…….mired with some nice fuzz and distortion…I rather like this!

Bomb—-This begins a bit odd, but turns into a rather recognizable song this far into the release. There is some really nice aggressive guitars and drums spaced out through the track…making me smile inside at the energy. This is pretty damn nice!

Impossible—-Returning to a more sedate sound, this band is still full of surprises for me. I rather like the pretty jangly feel of this song…reminding me of the 90’s shoe gaze sound. The vocal is sedate but delivered with a pained feel that almost makes my eyes fill up…that is what music is all about…it is all about the emotion!!!

Blood—-Blues driven and delivered with that by now familiar Garage sound, this is slow to begin and is rather choppy to me. This delves into a rather sexy and sleazy sounding song……bare and stripped down…this is alt-Rock at its best!

Dull Cold Heart—-Delivering another layered and beautifully sedate track, this band is full of surprises. The quiet is intermixed with nice tempo changes, but is led by the sedate female vocal lead…..adding emotion on top of emotion. i rather love this song…..making my mood today even more concrete!

Cold Fame—-Ending the release…far differently than it began, you would be hard pressed to believe you were listening to the same band. This is wonderfully written…the words tear at me and make me think…..the instrumentation is beautiful. The entire thing leaves me with a real taste for this band…..urging me to go out and investigate the 2012 release….it is nice to be reminded of what you love….

**** out of 5


Cannibal Corpse / Bloodthirst

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BloodthirstBloodthirst is the seventh studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse, and the third to feature George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher as vocalist. It was released in 1999 through Metal Blade Records.

The Analysis:

Pounded Into Dust—-Leaving little time to prepare yourself for the onslaught, this track really does live up to its name……from the onset, the classic beatdown is all over the track. George enters and the song takes on an almost demented delivery. This has nice breaks, a fantastic melody,,,,and some screams that are amazing. still a favorite track of mine!!!!

Dead Human Collection—-Relentless drums and a nice guitar squeal introduce the song….George is not far behind. There are huge, nice movements in this track….sklow….fast…slow fast……allowing for an actual melody to form despite the mayhem. this is wonderful…..brilliant and demonic…bloody and beautiful!!!!

Unleashing The Bloodthirsty—-Beginning with a bit more of a dirge, this track in particular, paints a picture of some of the brilliance that is to come with later releases. The slower and bass heavy melody allows even more gore vocals and screams…this was a great recipe to take the band to a higher level….this is a VERY favorite track of mine!!!!

The Spine Splitter—-With 3 seconds to catch your breath, you are smacked once again with the traditional ramblings of CC…this is fantastic. The intermittent growl….mixed wioth the scream makes this monumental. The squealing guitar is nice…but the bass heavy delivery makes it perfect!

Ecstasy In Decay—-Wow…this has a melody right from the opening notes of the song!!!! This is primo stuff……listening to this with headphones, you realize how great the production really is…as the sound travels from ear to ear. George has never sounded better and the bass section of this band is so damn important…this is a classic and fantastic track!!!!

Raped By The Beast—-Nice guitar breaks and squeals right at the start, the vocal is a bit to guttural, but the music rises above it. the instrumentation takes you on a journey all by itself. the drums are incredible and the rhythm section adds layers and layers to the song. the leads come at you almost in waves….just fantastic!!!!

Coffin Feeder—-Wow…what a great bass line……..people think that making this type of music is so easy…this stuff has structure and organization….the more you listen to it, the more you appreciate it. This is not thrash mayhem…this is organized melody placed with insanity?!!!!!

Hacksaw Decapitation—-This is different…..the track comes from the fog and builds and builds until it explodes your eardrums……the onslaught is there….but they actually makes you wait for it……this is worth the wait once the hell breaks loose…this is brilliant….layered, fast and exquisite….the guitarts squeal and make me hard….the vocal hits your gut….and the graveyard comes through your headphones……

Blowtorch Slaughter—-Leaving you little time to catch your breath, this track kicks in again with a vengeance. There are overlayed vocals on this track that makes it really unigue….sometimes giving the song a machine feel. This is full of sustained bass…..huge freakin drums and a bit of vocal manipulation that makes it a favorite!!!!

Sickening—-Returning to full on brutal assault, the band sound in this early release much as it sounds today….afterall, consistency is the key!!!!!

Condemned To Agony—-Ending this release in classic brutal form, the music starts right at the onset in a huge barrage followed by George delivering line after line of perverted fantasy….the guitar breaks and the superhuman drums,………that is what keeps me coming back…the words are fantasy…the music is real as hell!!!!

**** 1/4 out of 5



The Human League / Credo

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Credo is the ninth studio album by The Human League. It is their first studio album since Secrets in 2001.[1] It has been produced by fellow Sheffield act I Monster[2] and is released on Wall of Sound.

The first single from the album, “Night People” was released on 22 November 2010. Follow up single “Never Let Me Go” was released on 1 March 2011. “Egomaniac” was the second single in Germany, Austria and Switzerland because The Human League secured a slot on a major German TV show for a performance of ‘Egomaniac’. The TV programme aired on Friday 4 March and the single was released the same day. In those three territories the album itself was released on Friday 11 March in order to narrow the gap between the TV airing and the album being available. In the rest of the EU the album was released on Monday 21 March in order to narrow the gap between the release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the rest of the continent. The third single, “Sky” was released on 25 July 2011.

Credo was digitally released in the United States on August 16, 2011, with a physical release one week later.

The Analysis:

Never Let Me Go—-It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the release of Secrets, but from the opening strains of this first track, it seems now like yesterday! The synth lines are so damn familiar and comforting….Phil sounds ageless and the girls add their trademark vocals like they have never lived 30 years since we first heard them. This has a fantastic melody!!!! Simply wonderful!!

Sky—-This second single from the release, is yet another synth heavy but familiar sounding track that transports you back in time effortlessly. Oakey sounds so incredible with his deep baritone…the overdubs are fantastic and the ladies quip in here and there making it yet another classic track in an endless career of pure pop pleasure!!!

Into The Night—-This is brilliant…layered with nice synth lines that play over each other wonderfully well, but the song seems a bit empty to me…..lacking a true inspiration…..none the less, this is the League and the track is all you need it to be.

Egomaniac—-My favorite track on this release, this reminds me of all the best tracks from all the best releases. This is wonderfully produced…full of a deeper synth line and an energy that makes me want to dance for days. The underlying blips and beeps that are included makes this even more classic…a true return to form!!!

Single Minded—-Another of those tracks that seems more filler than inspiration, this is still delivered with fantastic instrumentation and allowing Oakey to sing in his higher tone which has always really made me smile! This is wonderful!!!

Privilege—-Deep and stripped almost bare, this has an almost mysterious and down trodden feel to the whole damn. The lyrics are fantastic and the overdubs of Oakey’s vocals are outstanding!!! A classic, different but wonderful track!

Breaking The Chains—-This begins a bit slow…making me wonder where this track was going…but once the chorus smacks you in the face, you will have a smile. this is infectious and full of pop hooks running through the whole song…this is brilliant!

When The Stars Start To Shine—-This has a marching vibe to this song….a bit of a muted vocal and a most infectious melody. Combine these together and you have yet another classic League track….I love the chanted chorus…..making you remember it for days after you hear it the first time…..this is magic!

Get Together—-A brilliant synth line begins this track and allows the entrance of Oakey and his melodic baritone. This is wonderfully brilliant…the girls add to the chorus and allows this track to become huge during the main chorus…this is brilliant!!!

Night People—-Although this lead off single never charted here in the States, I’m convinced it is brilliant none the less. This song moves!!! The synth line is delivered fast and at a frenzied pace…..with a contagious synth line that takes you back in time. The straight ‘clean’ vocal is so infectious. This is brilliant!!!

****1/2 out of 5

Sinead O’Connor / So Far…..The Best Of Sinead O’Connor

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So Far: Best of Sinead O'Connor

Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor (play /ʃɪˈnd ˈkɒnər/;[1] born 8 December 1966) is an Irish singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra. O’Connor achieved worldwide success in 1990 with a cover of the song “Nothing Compares 2 U“.

Since then, while maintaining her singing career, she has occasionally encountered controversy, partly due to her statements and gestures such as her ordination as a priest despite being female with a Roman Catholic background, and her expressed strong views on organized religion, women’s rights, war, and child abuse.

In addition to her nine solo albums her work includes many singles, songs for films, collaborations with many other artists, and appearances at charity fundraising concerts.

The Analysis:

Nothing Compares 2 u—-Perhaps one of the most stirring videos of the early 90’s , Sinead takes this Prince penned saga and turns it into a tear jerker even all these years later. The incredible orchestration, combined with the melancholy delivery of the voice…come together and create a memory for every single person that has ever heard this song. The stirring video with the teardrop…makes it even more iconic……unforgettable!

Mandinka—-Delivering a remarkably different track from the same release as a single, O’Connor showed her diversity and mass appeal with this song. This has been masterfully remixed numerous times and never seems to lose the energy that it had the very first time I heard it. The vocal is incredible…the instrumentation incredibly contagious and the memory….neverending.

The Emperor’s New Clothes—-From her second release, this is perhaps my favorite release from Sinead……it has depth and growth…although she derailed her career a bit during this time period with her Saturday Night Live Fiasco…..none the less, the music speaks for itself. This track is able to move you…gives you a nice edge and allows you to really think about the words you are hearing….fantastic…..I love this!!!!

The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance—-Probably my second favorite track from O’Connor…you cannot deny the anger…the emotion and the hurt…..all which are real and heartfelt. The vocal is displayed with full histrionics…..never has she sounded better or more genuine…the range is perfect. The music is in line and just feeds the emotion…this is pretty much a masterpiece!

Fire On Babylon—-Yet another track that allows for a huge and fantastic vocal…..there have been some great remixes to this track as well. Sinead is able to be quiet and accelerate so effortlessly…it is simply amazing. I’m flabbergasted by the voice and the content….most all of these tracks really mean something…that is incredibly important!

Troy—-Venturing back to the debut release, this is perhaps every fans favorite track….except mine…lol! None the less, this is an extraordinary song…filled with emotion, vocal stylings that only hinted at the future and an underlying mine field of talent that was to be yet unleashed…this was the beginning….and unforgettable!!!

I Am Stretched On Your Grave—-Returning to her second release, O’Connor delivers a track that really tends to rip my heart out. when you have been close to death or experienced death after death…..I have lived through the AIDS epidemic……lost about 60 friends…..these songs take on a whole new meaning…I have had these very moments that are expressed in this song….so this is very real to me……I understand…..and the instrumentation…full of a nice Celtic flavor adds to the atmosphere!!!!! Very nice!!!!

Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home—-Written by Johnny Mullins and recorded by Loretta Lynn, O’Connor gives a nice twist to this song that was also covered by Elvis Costello on his Almost Blue release. This loses almost all of the Country edge and instead takes on a big Band feel that fits Sinead’s voice remarkably well. This is fantastic…but I think it surprised many people at the time of the release!

John, I Love You—-Without a doubt, my favorite released single from O’Connor… is easy to replace the name John with any other and carry the sentiment in you pocket with you the rest of your life…which I have quite successfully done! the song has a bit of stripped down feel…but the vocal adds layers and layers to the song…it becomes huge when O’Connor really opens her mouth…this is beautiful…magical…mystic…forlorn and REAL!!!!

Empire—-One of the few tracks on this release I was not really familiar with, the electronic delivery resonated with me right away. The track has a nice Reggae feel to it that makes it very easy to digest….i really like the ‘World Music’ feel to the song….it is no wonder it is included on this compilation…it is a triumph…I really like this!

I Want Your Hands On Me—-Another throwback track that still sounds fresh at this very moment I listen to it…sometimes there is music that is made that is timeless…..this is one of those tracks….there are some great remixes to this song as well…the breaks in the song are incredible…the energy is never ending…..when Sinead hollers…it is real and stays with you….a classic track!!!!!

Heroine—-Just remarkable…..leaving me aghast everytime I hear this…….truly a masterful interpretation!!!!

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina—-Taking on the most famous track from Evita, O’Connor has the advantage of huge orchestration…..a flowing symphony that matches the emotion of her vocal to a tee. This is a masterful delivery…..I know it has been done before…but this is special….although I love the Donna Summer version more…..this is a damn close second!!!!

You Made Me The Thief–Another of those songs I’m not entirely familiar with, I greeted it with open arms though…I have missed a few releases here and there……shhhhh….don’t tell!!!! Sinead sounds a bit thin here…..the vocal lacks the full feel of her usual delivery….it is pushed way to the back of the mix and the electronics threaten to take over the song…not bad…but not a favorite!

Just Like You Said It Would Be—-Ending this collection much as it started…with an older emotional track, this is another real favorite of mine. Sinead sounds so pure….so concise…so perfunctory and solid. The swan way of singing makes me almost excited…this is a brilliant track…the overlays are extraordinary…the emotion is what i live with everyday……truly magnificent!!!!

****3/4 out of 5

Cannibal Corpse / Gore Obsessed

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Gore ObsessedGore Obsessed is the eighth studio album by American death metal band Cannibal Corpse released in 2002 through Metal Blade Records.

The Analysis:

Savage Butchery—-In the last ten years of releases, this is still one of the most brutal and unrelenting from this band. George is masterful…..he was born to be the vocalist for this band. His growls are monumental….and his ability to rise to a scream is phenomenal……..a classic track!!!!

Hatchet To The Head—-With little time to catch your breath, we enter right into the next track……Greorge sounds even more drive…..delivering line after line that match the dual guitar sound so incredibly well…..timing is everything with this band…….and yes, they have this down to a science!!!!

Pit Of Zombies—-Relentless and driving from the first notes, the bass lines on this track are amazing…there is a groove and a melody that you can not ignore even if you want to. George is stellar…rising from the gut to the sky……pretty amazing…..

Dormant Bodies Bursting—-Brutal from the very first note, this track never lets up or allows you a moment to catch your breath…there are some great, great chord changes during this song that make it even larger….but it is the VOICE….that drives the delivery!!!!

Compelled To Lacerate—-This track is a surprise to me…the kyrics are almost crystal clear….and there is a remarkable melody that runs through thew underbelly of the song….this is almost a real song….the drums are incredible….and the voice…as always…….fasntastic!!!!

Drowning In Viscera—-This is classic CC……the deep bass is all over….the maiona from the drummer is well in tact and the guitar squeals are everywhere. Who could ask for more…….well….I could….but……

Hung & Bled—-Beginning with a bit more sludge and sabbath style slow playing, this track takes quite sometime to get off the ground….eventually the drums dio into overdrive and introduce the manic vocal… of my favorite tracks from this release!

Sanded Faceless—-Coming seamlessly from the previous track, this is a death fest if there ever was one!!!!! The power of the music is just incredible….the song builds and builds and then just smashes your forehead like a  brick…..another favorite track of mine….because it carries lots in instrumental power!!!!

Mutation—-Filled with an intense power and speed, again…the drums stand out so strong….they seem to match the vocal intensity beat for beat. The leads are nice, because you get some slight squeals……but to me the changing tempo is the thing that makes the song a standout…..

Death Replaces Life—-Again, much darker……slower and drudge driven, you actually catch vocal literation from line to line…..amazing. This track is so much more understandable and seems to have an actual message…….one of my favorite tracks on this release…incredible~~~~

Grotesque—-Ending the release with the intensity that we have all come to expect, this is a fine round out to a mix of tracks that really showed where the band was going with future releases…..that is why this release is importand….can you say foreshadowing?

*** 1/2 out of 5



The Rapture / In The Grace Of Your Love

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In The Grace Of Your LoveIn the Grace of Your Love is the third full-length album by dance-punk band The Rapture and the first without former bassist Mattie Safer.[8] The album was released on September 2, 2011.[9] The album marks their return to DFA Records after leaving Universal Music Group.[10] The cover features a picture of band member Luke Jenner’s father.

The Analysis:

Sail Away—-At the very onset of the track, that familiar voice comes out of the silence and comforts you….the beats add layer upon layer…becoming a magnificent solemn dance track that is full of emotion and a remarkable underlying energy. This is a magnificent start…..this has an EPIC synth line!!!!

Miss You—-Beginning a bit more sedate, the bass line that leads in the track sets the tone for the entire track. This is a bit more of a punky track at the onset…..the attitude is incredible. The synth line enters and travels me back in time to the 80’s with little effort. The vocal is amazing…sounding much thinner than the previous track…but conveying the sentiment wonderfully well!!!!

Blue Bird—-These tracks seem to start so suddenly…..little or no introduction!!!! This has an even more energetic and fast tempo than anything thus far on this release…the beginning drums are wonderful. the track takes a wonderful spacy turn that reminds me of beginning Stone Roses…..this is really a favorite track of mine…the layers and layers of sound are incredible….it makes the song small……but HUGE!!!!

Come Back To Me—-This really has never resonated with me….it is not a bad track, but it offers to much of what I have heard before. I like the vocal…but the stripped down instrumentation leaves me a bit hollow……

Grace—-returning to a nice 80’s inspired synth lead in, this resonated with me right away!!!! I love the vocal….this is incredible…the histrionics give me chills…there is an almost laid back reggae beat to this track……got in my head months ago…and has never left…..this is a favorite band of mine…so versatile and real!!!!

Never Die Again—-Energetic…..with a slight punk influence…but full of 80’s style synth lines….can a human being ask for more or try to write more? I think not……marvelous!!!!

Roller Coaster—-Yet another amazing track…full of rather mundane lyrics…but the energy and the feel of the song are incredible….as the song progresses. the words sink in a bit and the track becomes more meaningful to me…this is exquisite…I love the mood of the song…amazing…..I really like this band!!!!

Children—-Rather laid back and with a slight retro feel, this is a fantastic track. There are nice layers to this song as well…..the synth line leads the song…but the vocal overlays makes the song much larger. The drums are present and the cymbal taps make it extraordinary…..this is energetic…fun and also though provoking…….I love this!!!

Find A Way—-Really not a favorite track of mine, it is a bit erratic for me…the saving grace is the almost Duran Duran inspired synth line that runs through the track and adds energy to the delivery. The vocal is nice…the double style really appeals to me…..I like this…but it has been done many times before…..

How Deep Is Your Love?—-The lead off single for this release…..and a damn magnificent song….this is a favorite and will be for a very long time! This is energetic….danceable and has a synth line to die for…..I am amazed at the talent of this band…eventually people will wake up and catch on…..this is an amazing band!!!!

Take Time To Be A Man—-Interesting at the onset, this has a slight jazz edge to it that includes the Blues and a Orleans style of slow delivery…..not sure what that is all about…but the lyrics are outstanding… it makes the song a triumph for me!!!! Wonderful.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


Bon Iver /Bon Iver

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Bon IverBon Iver (play /bn ˈvɛər/ Bone ee-VEHR) is an American folk band founded in 2007 by indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. In addition to Vernon the band includes Michael Noyce, Sean Carey and Matthew McCaughan. Vernon released Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago independently in July 2007. The majority of that album was recorded while Vernon spent three months in a remote cabin in northwestern Wisconsin. Bon Iver won the 2012 Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album for their self-titled album.[1][2][3] The name Bon Iver is derived from the French phrase bon hiver (French pronunciation: [bɔn‿ivɛːʁ]), meaning “good winter” or “have a good winter”.

The Analysis:

Perth—-Wonderfully layers and filled with a nice winter silence at the onset, the double tracked vocal enters and delivers a melancholy sound that sets the tone for the rest of the release. The marching drums are magnificent, and the slight Alt-Country sound is brilliant. I love the voice..the layers…the actual textures!

Minnesota, WI—-Although the track picks up the pace a bit…a nice jangle runs through the backdrop, there is still a quiet about this whole release that is phenomenal. the vocal is SUPERB…..I love the mood change, the tone change and the utter display of diversity. This is phenomenal…I have not listened to this is quite sometime…and for the moment I’m so sorry for not doing so…..

Holocene—-Many of the opening strains on this release take me back to the most classic Simon & Garfunkel records that I loved so much as a yuongster…this track is no exception. The vocal is ghostly, sad and haunting…the content is real as fuck and the music is damn serene! This is and remains one of my favorite tracks on the is release…because it is so real. I love this guy…..

Towers—-Building up the tempo and changing the mood a bit, production is outstanding on this release. The double tracked vocal is amazing to me…..Vernon has the voice of an angel and when you combine two or three of them together it becomes a choir. This is fantastic……the instrumentation is simple…alloowing the music to take the spotlight…outstanding! When the track picks up the tempo and adds some strings……wow!

Michicant—-From the very opening strains of this song, it is as depressing as the situations in Michigan. This has great strings that run throughout and a shifting beat that makes me smile despite the melancholy of the whole damn thing. I believe this just might be brilliant!

Hannon, Tx—-Full of reverb and instrumental emotion, Vernon returns to his baritone voice and makes the song even more intense. It is amazing to believe he recorded this almost by himself in a far away cabin. This track is pretty damn contagious….reminding me of the best Alt music available to a more sedentary audience…one that prefers to think rather than necessarily move. This is brilliant!!!

Wash—-Returning to full on depressive introspection, perhaps this is what was needed today and thus the reason for my revisitation….this is again…remarkable. The violin is so haunting…the single strands from the piano…lead me to a deeper thought. the gentle shift of the music only prevents it from becoming suicidal music…but instead beautiful and though provoking…..

Calgary—-Again, layered and full of beautiful instrumentation, the voice just naturally becomes a part of the instruments used to deliver serene story…one after the other. This is a remarkably beautiful release….never doubt the wonder of a man who is driven to deliver his thoughts and feelings to the world….just beautiful!

Lisbon, Oh—-This track begins in a rather sonic and slight electronic way….surprising even me…this is brilliant!!!! This sounds like a robot gone wild…all the time clinging on to an Alternative feel to carry it through to the finish….just wonderful!

Beth/Rest—-Ending this incredible release with another track that has become my favorite, Vernon returns to his deeper vocal and carries with it an emotion that permeates my entire being. this is haunting….beautiful and magically joyous!!!! What a nice revisit this has been!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


Fear Factory / The Industrialist

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The IndustrialistThe Industrialist is the eighth studio album by industrial metal band Fear Factory.

The Industrialist marks the band’s return to the concept album.[4] Burton C. Bell said about the album, “the protagonist (The Industrialist) is the incarnation of all industries in the form of an automaton. The mechanical, technological, and scientific advances through the industrial age led to the creation of The Industrialist. In the story, the automaton becomes sentient as it collects memories with each passing day. Through observation and learning, it gains the will to exist. What was meant to help man, will eventually be man’s demise.”[5] According to Cazares, the title was taken from a documentary the band saw about the people who developed “the engines for war machines”, and God Eater was a name Bell saw on a toybox while traveling.[6]

The album was recorded with Bell and Cazares as the only two credited members of the band, while Rhys Fulber once again produced and received additional writing credits. No live drummer was used on the album, with the band instead opting for programmed drums with help from John Sankey of Devolved, who was also credited.

The Analysis:

The Industrialist—-I’ve so been looking forward to this release, so my expectations were really high when I finally got this…..from the opening strains, I will not be disappointed. The opening opus begins rather slow but takes on the familiar FF sound after just a few bars….this opening track is almost epic…making me hard with excitement! The familiar vocal enters and the further tales of demise ensue…sit back and enjoy……the fun is about to begin!

Recharger—-Returning to full on aggression at the onset of the song, it is hard to believe there is not a human drummer on this release!!!! The vocal is so familiar, it feels like I’m home after being gone for a long time. this is fantastic. The squeals from the guitars are incredible and when that clean vocal enters…I’m just amazed….it makes me feel warm and fuzzy!!!! Imagine that!!!! This is an incredible track….a favorite for sure!

New Messiah—-This track, upon the intro, seems to actually come out at you from a distance….and just builds in aggression from there. This is remarkable…the lead guitars just soar. The vocal is like being transported back 8 years or so…to the glory days. The clean vocal enters and the song takes on a magical melody that will have you playing this in your brain for days and days. This is just classic!!!!

God Eater—-Beginning at the onset like a Linkin Park track, this quickly comes alive and reminds you what you are listening to. This is Industrialized Metal at its finest. The song is slow to begin…but comes alive with an intensity that is worth the wait. This is incredibly intense. I love the deep feeling of the song…and the slight manipulations you hear in the backdrop of the song. This is different…but fits in with everything in a masterful way……I love this band!!!!

Depraved Mind Murder—-This is classic FF from the very first notes and just progresses as the song does. I freakin love this….the drums are incredible for being machine made…the vocal is like it has always been…sounding the same as the very first release….the clean vocal sounds even better than ever….providing the much-needed melody to this song…this band would not be the same without it….incredible….!!!!

Virus Of Faith—-With super human drumming, that is not even human, the song begins with a huge BANG!!!! The interplay between aggressive and clean vocals make this track a favorite of mine…you travel between mayhem and calm so quickly…I feel schizophrenic…and in headphones…the track moves from ear to ear magically….this is just fantastic!

Difference Engine—- Drum driven and really aggressive from the very first note, this is another really favorite track of mine on this release….this is incredible…there is so much energy and vehemence. I love the slow ebb of the song and the sudden bursts that follow…this is incredible. I really can never find fault with this band!

Disassemble: Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed—-There are some really great guitar squeals throughout this song that really get me going…I love that shit. This is aggressive and full of religious venom…..I cant deny the disbelief…but i still love the band as an entity. this is remarkable…even the rough vocals are almost clean….this is fantastic…another very favorite track!!!

Human Augmentation—-This huge….epic last track on this stellar release…will leave you thirsty for more…begging for another quick release and listening to this one over and over for the next 6 months. this is extraordinary…full of effects, Indutrial style noises and an almost soundtrack style to the delivery. This is masterful….and that is before any singing even begins! Which it never does!!!! This ambient style closure is an excercise in patience…but a display of talent!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]



Cattle Decapitation / Monolith Of Inhumanity

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Monolith of Inhumanity

Originally founded in 1996, Cattle Decapitation’s songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals as well as the abuse of the environment. Lyrics may also focus on subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based on putting humans in the situations that animals are subjected to (animal testing, slaughter, etc.). Only two current members are vegetarian: Travis Ryan and Josh Elmore.[citation needed]

Their 2002 album To Serve Man saw controversy in Germany, where distribution company SPV refused to handle the album due to its graphic cover.[3] The cover of the 2004 album Humanure, featuring a cow excreting human remains, was reportedly censored without permission from the label in some outlets. Record store owners did not display the album, making it difficult for customers to find and buy it.[4][5]

Former member Gabe Serbian is a member of the band The Locust.[6] Former member Dave Astor was also a member of The Locust.

Metal author and journalist Garry Sharpe-Young once acknowledged the band as “one of the few metal bands whose message hits as hard as their music”.[3]

In August 2009, Cattle Decapitation parted ways with long-time bassist Troy Oftedal because of “musical and personal differences”.[7]

Their latest album, Monolith of Inhumanity, was released in 2012. It received positive reviews upon release.[8][9]

Cattle Decapitation has toured with many death metal bands including Suffocation, Cryptopsy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Deicide, Behemoth, Hate Eternal, Krisiun and Job For A Cowboy[citation needed]. The band is touring in May 2012 with Fear Factory, Voivod, and Revocation.

The Analysis:

The Carbon Stampede—-Coming out of silence with a low hum that builds and builds, it is not long before the predictable hell breaks loose. The deep growl from this vocalist is incredible…as well as the speed of the music. Most of this band’s lyrical content is very positive and filled with a message…..I just wish I could catch a word or so here and there. what I love most about this band is the aggression and unrelenting speed! And….believe it or not…there are some exceptional guitar melodies on this track!

Dead Set On Suicide—-From the very first notes of the intro, this track really resonated with me. Although the lyrics bash God a bit more than I prefer, the track is freakin’ electric as hell….exceptioinal drums…..outstanding bass and a huge melody line. Vocals….brutal as always!!! The double tracks and overlays are incredible…is there someone else singing on this track?

A Living Breathing Piece Of Defecating Meat—-Returning to song content that first attracted me to this band, the lyrics also contain a few words against God as well….which rather surprises me. The vocal on this track is outstanding…I’m not sure what has changed here, but this is much more friendly to my brain…there are nice breaks and a bit of melody! Fantastic!!!!

Forced Gender Reassignment—-Kudos for the band for deciding to write a song about such a controversial issue….even bigger kudos for coming off sounding almost exactly like Cannibal Corpse. This track moves….and the effects are incredible…again…the double tracking is incredible. The deep vocal at times makes me think of Oceano…but there are bloody screams as well…remarkable!!!!!

Gristle Licker—-Beginning with lightning fast drums, this is by far the most aggressive vocal thus far on this release. I am amazed at the depth that this guy can reach with his voice…he goes so deep sometimes it is like he is bubbling underground…othertimes there is an almost Satanic squeal to his voice…loving this band right now!

Projectile Ovulation—-Once again, the drums lead off this track at an incredible pace…the melody of the song falls into place immediately and floats in and out as it progresses. The vocal is as you would expect, but the bass guitar is the surprise here….giving the song a huge groove over the gravesite depth of the vocal…just amazing…..

Lifestalker—-Seemingly coming right out of the previous track, the music is very consistent. The high cymbals throughout this release is a surprise to be…as are the vocals on this track…almost puking with vehemence and horror. I love this band…this week….my new favorite aggression release. When the track suddenly shifts tones….I sit with my mouth hanging open…an incredible surprise to me…and makes the track almost…..supernatural!

Do Not Resuscitate—-This begins with a nice almost thrash feel to it, but becomes the MONSTER track of the release…this is so aggressive and fast that it is almost maddening. I wonder how the hell this guy can sing like this for song after song….but it is done and done incredibly well. This is another favorite track….angry, energy filled and fueled by fire!!!!

Your Disposal—-This track has a really great intro…..from all the instruments involved…giving you an appreciation of the band before it rapidly dissolves into more of what you have come to expect from this band…and there is that magical clean vocal again…making me smile and wonder what the hell. This track speaks to the level of trash we leave in the environment…both physical and mental and really resonates with me. this is another VERY favorite track of mine.

The Monolith—-Beginning in a rather odd vein, the track is slow to light up…there is a lot of doom serving as the intro……the guitar enters almost at a ghostly pace….and I shake my head in amazement…knowing that the familiar is not far behind. This is a rather incredible track…there is no mayhem…but instead an intense vocal that makes me think of all things…Pink Floyd……masterful!!!!! This is interesting…good track placement and production!!!!

Kingdom Of Tyrants—-Melding perfectly from the previous track, this is a true return to the mayhem that you have come to expect and serves as an excellent end to this release. The brutality is as real as the very first track…leading me to smile even wider. This will be in my rotation for quite sometime…the added clean vocal is extraordinary….I love this new direction…..

****3/4 out of 5

Jay-Z/Kanye West / Watch The Throne

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Watch the Throne

Watch the Throne is a collaborative studio album by American rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West, released on August 8, 2011, by Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc Nation, and Def Jam Recordings. Recording sessions for the album took place at various recording locations and began in November 2010. It was produced by West, 88 Keys, RZA, Swizz Beatz, Jeff Bhasker, and Mike Dean, among others. Prior to the album, Jay-Z and West had collaborated on their respective singles and with West as a producer on Jay-Z’s work.

Expanding on the dense production style of West’s 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Watch the Throne incorporates orchestral and progressive rock influences, unconventional samples, and dramatic melodies in its sound. Jay-Z and West’s braggadocio lyrics on the album exhibit themes of opulence, fame, materialism, power, and the burdens of success, as well as political and socioeconomic context. Music writers interpreted the album’s subject matter to concern the rappers’ plight as African Americans struggling with financial success in America.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 436,000 copies its first week. It produced seven singles, including the international hits “Otis” and “Niggas in Paris” and Billboard hit “H•A•M“. Upon its release, Watch the Throne received generally positive reviews from music critics, who commended its production and the rappers’ performances, although some criticized its subject matter and cohesiveness. It was one of the top-ranked albums in year-end lists by critics and publications. Jay-Z and West promoted the album with a concert tour that spanned October to December 2011. The album has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America and, as of March 2012, has sold 1,421,000 copies in the United States.

The Analysis:

No Church In The Wild—-From the very first strains of this track, you know that you are in for an epic journey of two huge personalities coming together to make a possible masterpiece. When Jay opens his mouth and begins to rap over the dar beats of West’s production, you know this is a match made in heaven. there is no ego here…just the urge to make something magnificent……few can match the easy flow from Kanye….this is magnificent!

Lift Off—-When I first heard the opening strains to this track, I just knew….it was going to be EPIC!!!! When they included Beyoncé in the mix, that made it even more magnificent….there is an aggression to this track that Beyoncé herself is responsible for……her vocal combined with the music makes me feel really hyped! Kanye enters with some magnificent robot vocals that are fantastic…and delivers some lines in a higher tone that is so becoming…this is a magnificent track…..not sure why it did not get mass air-play….perhaps everyone feared nepotism…but it deserved to be heard everywhere!

Niggas In Paris—-With a sound that hearkens back to the earlier days of Jay’s solo music, this is not that different from the very first few singles he released. The piano in the backdrop is irritating…but it would be a different track without it. this is magnificent…these two work so well off of each is like a marriage made in heaven. The interplay between the two vocals are as natural as spring and summer…..this is brilliant!

Otis—-The lead off single to this release and a fantastic video, the sample becomes annoying after a bit…but it never gets tired. The video and the premise is fun…and you can tell these guys have a relationship between the two of them that was begging to be expanded upon. The throwback soul vibe is freakin brilliant…..the vocal play between the two MC’s are incredible and leaves you breathless…..this is a match made in heaven…who knew!!!!

Gotta Have It—-Again searching back into the old school souls sound, Kanye delivers an opening vocal that is magnificent. The switch back and forth between the two is almost seamless…even over the heavy sample…this is practised and perfect…there are no errors…but pure perfection. Jay is laid back as always….Kanye still carries his anger…it drives this entire lp…..

New Day—-Returning to the Robo-Voice of his previous releases, Kanye begins this whole show with a nice vocal introduction……with just a tad bit of reverse racism thrown in for fun? Sometimes I get offended…but I try not to let it get in my soul…..I’m the most open-minded person in the world…sometimes the fact that people feel this way hurts my soul…..but that is what music is for…to discuss and reveal….

That’s My Bitch—-With a nice throwback hyped feel, this reminds me a lot of old school rap from the late 80’s!!! The sample that runs through the song is incredible and Kanye delivers a flow that is just incredible….words piled upon words….making me smile. This is fun, misogynistic and predictable…but needed in the flow of the CD….the backdrop singing makes the track even larger…this is fantastic…..Jay can go fast to…who knew!!!!

Welcome To The Jungle—-Another sample filled track that just adds to the hype-ability of the song….makes it even more incredible. So often through this release, Jay sounds almost breathless…like he caught the excitement that this whole thing was going to become. This is line after line of classic wordplay….lyrics that make you think and require time to digest…this is incredible…almost a year out and I still listen to this most everyday!!!

Who Gon Stop Me—-Again sample heavy, but with some really aggressive sounds in the backdrop, Kanye almost manages to outshine the master on this track. There is a real distortion that runs through the backdrop…as well as the vocal distortion that gives a hyped energy that is impossible to ignore…this is one of my favorite tracks on the CD.

Murder To Excellence—-This is rather run of the mill… appeals to me, but is not a stand out track to me…I know the content is important….Blacks are killing Blacks at an alarming rate…so perhaps we should pay attention…I understand the frustration…but what about the sympathetic White guys dudes? We do exist…..

Made In America—-A track full of empowerment and references to the greatest that stood for equality, you have to give the guys credit for including those things that make credence to the advancement of human beings! this is a poignant song…with many references to Kanye’s mom…while Jay sits in the back for most of the song. The interlude that runs through the back drop gives me shills…this is epic!!!!

Why I Love You—-Another brilliant track…..with fantastic manipulated samples and an energy that makes me want yo jump up and get rowdy from. The vocal from Jay is still almost breathless……wondering what that is all about. The energy of this song…even though it ebbs…never lets you alone…this is hyper active…built around an ADD nation!!!!

Illest Motherfucker—-Not a favorite of mine, but it is still a classic track…..I will leave most of my comments to myself…..sometimes Kanye and his words cause me hurt?

H*A*M*—-Stripped down and very raw, this is kind of surprise to be…I guess just because it is so graphic. This is raw and sexist…I guess that fits in the whole rap game…right? The ‘chorus’ opens up the song really nice…but you have to wonder whether Jay was really on board with this whole thing…especially since his verses are totally different from anything Kanye delivers…but, somehow it works…amazing!!!!

Primetime—-CLASSIC… of the few tracks that seems to allow Jay control from the very onset, this is like old school Jay….I love this. I like the stripped down NY style music…this is a first on this release thus far….even Kanye sounds a bit different on his delivery……I love this track……fantastic…and one of my favorites!!!!

The Joy—-Damn I love this sample…..wish I knew where it came from. Kanye enters the scene and delivers a rather dry vocal…full od nastiness and things that really do not fit on this release which has been full of empowerment and expression. I dont hate this, but to end it like this makes me wonder. I see more stuff from these two…and I can’t wait…..I love Jay and Kanye together…without the reverse racism please!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]