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Vern Gosdin/Chiseled In Stone

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Vern Gosdin is an American Country Music Singer. Gosdin is known for continuing the golden, soulful honky-tonk style of Country well into the early 90’s. Gosdin sports 19 top ten singles, three of them being #1. The title track to this release Chiseled In Stone was awarded Song Of The Year from the Academy Of Country Music in 1987. Chiseled In Stone, released in 1987 was the 9th of 12 studio releases.

Do You Believe Me Now—-Beginning with that earnest Gosdin guitar, the song is joined by the silky smooth vocal of Vern. Gosdin has that ability that classic country singers have of drawing out certain words that will make you weep. This is pure country…you know, the kind your Grampa used to love. Words cannot describe the purity of this. Fantastic!

Tight As Twin Fiddles—-Sounding like the poppier sounds of Randy Travis, this is modern as could be while losing none of its integrity. This is a fun and sexy song without being that way. The fiddles are magnificent and cement the genuity of the song even more. Gosdin delivers a vocal pure and clear, defying his age and experience. This is great!!!

Is It Raining At Your House—-Barely acoustic at the onset, the vocal enters and sets the tone for the sad country song. This is freaking fantastic. The slide guitar is magnificent and the drawn out vocal adds to the over the top emotional quality of the song. This is fantastic…why am I just discovering this guy……must be all the Death Metal!!!!

Set Em’ Up Joe—-From what I understand this is a remake…original…whatever??? It was also one of Gosdin’s 3 #1 hits. This is great classic Honky Tonk jukebox music. The writer cites the greats from the glory days of Country music and the singer integrates it with a fun beer swilling rhythm that makes everything good!!

There Ain’t Nothing Wrong [Just Ain’t Nothing Right]—-With that sweet Country music swirl you hear in the classic cuts, this is as old school as you could get in 1987. This reminds me of the great old days of country with Bill Anderson. Buck Owens, George Jones and Conway Twitty. This is a perfect and more than adequate homage to the founders.

Chiseled In Stone—-With a gentle interlude, the vocal enters reminding me more and more of George all the time. The timbre is different, but the emotion is more real than you could imagine. This is a true ‘story song’ and is a tender and heartfelt journey. This is classic stuff…the best song on this release by far. It is one for the ages. When Gosdin sings the line “… don’t know lonely until it’s chiseled in stone…” your heart will break.

Who You Gonna Blame It On This Time—-This is a classic Jones styled honky-tonk somebody done me wrong song!!!! The drawl is magnificent, the emotion is real and the honky-tonk feeling is enhanced by both the music and the long drawn out enunciation. Fantastic!!!

It’s Not Over, Yet—-The gentle sound of the slide guitars lulls you right into the vocal…reminiscent of the classic lonely songs of the 60’s. This is huge…the chorus when it really hits you makes you even sadder than He Stopped Loving Her Today. This is good, good stuff. If you thirst for classic country, check this out.

Nobody Calls From Vegas Just To Say Hello—-Where in the world do they get these song titles? This is an awesome one though!!! This is a nice romp…electric enough to break you from the spell of introspective songs. The bass sound of the song is great and the twang of the guitar reminds you where you are. The tempo is great and the tale is awesome.

I Guess I Had Your Leavin’ Coming—-Rounding out the release with an updated country sound, the song in piano based and it is present through the entire song. the vocal is so clear you would never know this guy was in his 60’s at the time of its release. This is masterful country that never loses its true integrity. Really great!

****1/2 out of 5


Deertick/Born On Flag Day

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Deertick are an American Rock Band formed in 2004. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, the band delivers a sound consisting of Folk, Blues and Alt- Country with a nice touch of Grunge. Released in June 2009, Born On Flag Day is the bands second release.

Easy—-Beginning with a somewhat sonic burst, the bass delivery of the band is awesome. The strains of the bass guitar give the song a nice alternative feel that brushes aside all that I have read about the band. The vocal enters the fray with a rough and abrasive delivery that grows on you as the song progresses. The musical delivery really comes alive and produces a wall of sound that sucks you in. This is a wonderful and undiscovered band…check them out.

Little White Lies—-Taking on a much more breezy and back lot Country feel, the voice is incredible…like tires on gravel…the emotion is intense. The feel of the song musically is much more breezy, featuring nice steel guitars and a folksy acoustic in the backdrop. This is wonderfully eclectic…the sound is as good as Wilco, the content better than any Country artist today. A true slice of Americana.

Smith Hill—-With a very quiet acoustic delivery at the onset, the voice has three times the intensity of Springsteen with a nice dose of Creedence thrown in. As the song develops, the swells of the music threaten to overtake the song,,almost overwhelming the gruff and odd vocal. The song drips with emotion and rawness. This is wonderful!

Song About A Man—-The song delivers an almost poppy country feel at the onset…the voice seems to be recorded in a tunnel…giving the track a real and raw emotion. The production of the song fits the lyrical content to a perfect tee. This is truly a un appreciated release…I really look forward to the wonderful future of this band. When the harmonica kicks in, it is better and more chilling than anything Springsteen released on Nebraska. WOW!!!

Houston, Tx.—-Steeping in true Alt-Country feeling, the song takes on a nice rhythmic sound that is familiar to even the casual country listener. The vocal is what sets the song apart from the thousands of Country songs released every year. The voice is so gruff but full of emotion, you can’t help but believe every word. The sentiments are somewhat predictable, but the song shines with a nice silvery feel that makes it a champion. This is really, really great!!!

Straight Into A Storm—-With a more Blues inspired delivery, the song is much more raucous and rowdy. The guitars are in full swing and the drum track s recorded at a great pace…the voice is such a contradiction to the music and that alone makes this band unique, You never expect the voice that comes from this guy to be laid to the sounds of the band…it is almost genius…a new favorite band of mine…better late than never!!!

Friday XIII—-This particular song seemed to hit an instant chord with me…it is hard to find proper words to tell you how exactly really great this song is. The voice is joined by a really country sounding female vocal that combines to make the song a grand excursion into the realm of Alternative country that has not been reached by many bands. The steel guitar delivers a classic country twang that will not leave your mind…the rhythmic backdrop of the song forces it to move at a nice pace…this is fantastic…beyond words…masterful!!!

The Ghost—-Again, we are treated to some pretty great harmonica playing that ushers in a vocal that sounds rough and hung over! Freakin’ Genius. The pace of the song is a typical acceptable Country stroll that allows you to relax…the voice is more gruff and worn than David Allen Coe….This is a brilliant release!!!!

Hell On Earth—-Somewhat predictable and mundane, the song is still a listenable track that moves along with a nice guitar delivery that manages to keep it fresh. The voice is a tad bit clearer and less muddled…the steel guitar takes on a more mainstream sound although the country overtones are still present. The lyrical content is a saviour for the song…making you actually envision the words in your mind’s eye. Not bad.

Stay—-From the onset, the song is full of mid 70’s Country twang that takes you back to the days of Owens and Jones. The voice enters the fray and cracks all of the images wide open. The rough delivery is a nice sandpaper effect that allows you to really dig into the lyric and feel the angst and distaste that modern day music is full of. A brilliant end to a fantastic release…I anxiously await the next chapter….

**** out of 5

Charlie Louvin/Charlie Louvin

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Charlie Louvin is an American Country Music Singer/Songwriter from Alabama. Louvinwas born in 1927 and spent most of his younger years playing with his brother Ira, as the Louvin Brothers. The duo specialized in religious/gospel music and became members of the Grand Ole Opry in 1955. Ira Louvinwas killed in a car accident in 1964. Since that time, Charlie has released a steady stream of unnoticed material. He has slowly garnered a large following of younger fans who enjoy Alt-Country. Charlie Louvin was released in 2007, the 18th of 20 releases to date.

Must You Throw Dirt In My Face—-Imagine a gravelly 75+ year old man deliver a line like….”You already put big ole’ tears in my eyes, why must you throw dirt in my face?” This is classic country, the type you don’t hear anymore and delivered by a master! The music is old country that borders on Bluegrass. This is incredible…if you ever get a chance to experience this you must. Louvin is helped along with a soaring tenor back-up singer that gives the song an exquisite sound.

Great Atomic War—-A little late Charlie, but none the less he subjects us to an old man’s fear of atomic fire. Delivered with an almost religious fervor, this is classic and fantastic. Again, some nice harmonies are featured and the delivery is incredible. Look Charlie up on you-tube…..if you like Country Music even a little, you will love this old coot.

Blues, Stay Away—-The beginning of the song features a instrumentation that sounds so fresh and clear. Charlie delivers a shaky, gravel filled vocal that is comforting, there are no words to describe it. Nice vocal harmonies, a fantastic mandolin and slide guitar make this a bluesy classic!

The Christian Life—-A re-release of sorts, this song has been kicked around in the Louvin catalogfor a very long time…as far back to when the Brothers were singing together. The song beautifully espouses the virtues of a spiritual life…albeit somewhat of a southern bible belt delivery, lyrically speaking. The vocals are wonderful with nice harmonies and shifts. Nice!!

When I Stop Dreaming—-Masterful in delivery, think of if you Grandpa was telling you an old story of lost love. The fiddles are incredible, giving the song that lost melancholy country sound. Beautiful! Geez….I like this guy!

Waiting For A Train—-Returning to the more bluesy country vibe, Louvins clear in voice that is filled with character. The voice sometimes strains, but sounds so REAL. You don’t get that much these days. There are no grand production schemes or masterful work behind the boards. And the rawness just adds to the character of Louvin.

Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea—-A bit zealous lyrically, Louvin never has been one to hide his ferventfaith. This is a true Country-Gospel song. The lyrics are intense and conservative. The delivery is one of urgency for the unfaithful. Nicely Done!

Worried Man’s Blues—-Not so much of a blue’s vibe, the song is more honky-tonkin town. Obviously something that has been around for awhile, the song has a nice guitar progression that keeps the song going at a pretty rapid pace. The featured singer with Louvin is unidentified, but it is a nice clear country vocal. The banjo is superb and Louvin makes a re-entrance in great voice.

Grave On The Green Hillside—-A featured female vocal makes the song even more haunting than it needs to be. The musical landscape is a pleasant paced strumming guitar and the vocal harmonies are to die for. Beautiful!

Knoxville Girl—-Full of a near bluegrass feel, this is down, down south Country. Louvin is in great voice and is so good in the storytelling role. The music is a pleasant twang and the whole thing moves along nicely thanks to an almost Spanish sounding guitar in the background.

Ira—-A new song recorded for this release, a tribute song to Charlie’s brother. Musically, the song has a much more modern feel to it. The lyrics are sad and introspective as he explains his love for his lost Brother. This song is intense…the lyrics are heavy and revealing. WOW!!!

Long Journey Home—-A nice romp through Opryland, the tempo of the song just makes you think of a live setting in the bighouse. Charlie sounds so clear, you assume this was recorded some time ago. A pleasant end to an incredible release…..CHECK THIS OUT!!

***** out of 5